Monk Winter 2004–05

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The Pastoral Presidency of Monk Malloy

by Walton Collins ’51

For almost two decades the Holy Cross priest has shepherded Notre Dame through one of its most auspicious eras.
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A Family at War

by Tom McMahon ’69

A son goes to fight in Iraq, and his father wages battles of his own.
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Monkeys on the Rocks

by Ed Cohen

A Notre Dame research team has gone to Gibraltar to study the symbiotic relationship of two primate species — the venerable but sometimes pesky macaques and their human counterparts.
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A Brief History of Gibraltar

Preparing the Way of the Lord

by John Monczunski

Notre Dame’s M.Div. program has heeded the call by training the ministry for tomorrow’s church and by educating them to both serve and lead.
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I Will Hear God

by Nancy Mairs

My body was carrying me further and further away from the life I had intended to live.
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Anyone and Everyone, It Seems, Can be Famous

by Andrew Malcolm

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Into Thin Air

by David Devine ’94

On assignment with the Peace Corps in Bolivia, Walter Poirier ‘00 mysteriously vanished, leaving no clues, a pall of unanswered questions and a wide circle of love ones who cannot believe he’s gone.
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University News

Boys’ Night In: Gaming
Letter from campus: Boys in Disguise
A death in the family: Jack Mooney
Seen and heard
Seen and heard: web extra
Hall portrait: Farley
Determination, ‘Dad,’ helped alumna succeed
ND 13th best in new study
$3 million to combat brain drain
Domers at the helm
Irish tongue becoming talk of campus
Name these Domers
Student International Business Council: The great unknown of campus groups
Bush-Kerry: The student vote

Online checkback:

What’s the status of the judgment that declared government financial support of the ACE program to be unconstitutional on the grounds of separation of church and state?


Seminar: Should you fear and loathe your teenager?
Quick like a cockroach
Too sweet for your own good
The ND drain brain


From print issue
Web extra letters
Comments on autumn issue’s "A Question of Conscience."

Cafe du Lac

Goodman Theatre’s Rock of Stages
Musicians mix it up from New York to California
Books in Print and Books in Brief
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Alumni Affairs

Alumni profile: The Transportation Wiz
Domers in the News
Alumni briefs

Bonus copy: Reflections

Notre Dame offers international study programs in places from Austria to Australia. Mary C.S. Feilmeyer, a 2001 ND graduate, traveled to Jeusalem in 2000, just before the University put the program on hiatus because of the rising level of violence in the area. In A Year in Jerusalem, she reflects on her stay and the pull she still feels for the area.

In Irish Grudges, 1962 Notre Dame graduate Tom Walsh writes about his conversation with Los Angeles Times sportswriter Jim Murray, who talked about his meeting at Notre Dame with Father Ned Joyce, CSC.


A Look at the New World

by Robert Schmuhl ’70

The Tightly Wrapped Gifts of Father Thaddeus

by Sue Marquette Poremba

The Woman in Me

by Heather King

The Task at Hand

by Margie Davis ’94M.A.

(Cover photo by Heather Gollatz)