On Top of the World Summer 2010

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Destination Everest

by John Collins Rudolf

John Rudolf ‘70 had summited the highest peaks on six of the Earth’s seven continents. Next on his list was the seventh and highest of all. Here’s the story of the 62-year-old’s adventure at the top of the world.
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From Mountaintop to Global Health
Seven Summits

New Horizons

by James Wensits

Notre Dame and South Bend have been braided by geography, history and a relationship that has been at times distant and knotty. But real change is coming as these neighbors see how badly they need each other.
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Mutually Beneficial
Father Malloy paves the way; web extra
State of the Commons 2035; web extra

Forward Motion

by Elizabeth Redden

For decades doctors thought nothing could be done about Down syndrome. The latest research promises otherwise, and the Flatley family is working toward that day when research changes lives.
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by John Nagy ’00M.A.

Step by step, the Haitians rebuild, and Notre Dame is very much a part of it.
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Haiti slideshow
Haiti panorama

My leap into tomorrow

by Lawrence S. Cunningham

Life has a certain way of sneaking up on you.
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