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Far afield: Edge of allegiance

By Jason Kelly '95

When Notre Dame lined up for a last-second field goal against USC in 1986, I couldn’t watch. A second-half comeback built to such a nerve-fraying crescendo that I had to leave the house.

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The Playroom: Duct tape

By Maraya Steadman '89, '90MBA

As I hear the familiar sound of my son falling down the stairs, my first reaction is not one of concern or even a shred of the protective instinct found in your average ant colony. My first reaction is one of defeat. “Damn, we are going to miss our portrait-sitting again.”

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Keeping the New

By Lyn Relph ’61

One of the answers to an eternal question I stumbled across in the course of my undergraduate experience at Notre Dame goes like this: with age we get more timid and conservative because we suffer from hardening of the categories.

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Networthy ND 6

By Notre Dame Magazine staff

Our offerings this week range from a peek at football coach Brian Kelly’s favorite painting to a professor’s defense of Catholic higher education. There’s lots more, including something about coach Mike Brey in a kilt.

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Echoes: Who Knew? The New Lou

By Ted Mandell '86

Why am I talking to Lou Holtz? Like every other Notre Dame fan, I’m trying to wake up the echoes. Trying to map a direct connection from the uncertain present to the glorious past.

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Buy my book, please

By Sean Callahan ’87

These days, authors are learning they have to be marketers as well. “It really behooves the authors to promote the hell out of their books,” says a literary agent..

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Far afield: Commercial interruption

By Jason A. Kelly '95

The Heisman Trust requires little of its winners beyond eligibility, which explains why certain notorious former winners still have their stiff-arm statue. Banishing Bush alone from USC history still seems gratuitous.

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Unbalanced: Doctor, doctor

By Carol Schaal '91M.A.

After surviving a morning of teeth-rattling chills, I checked WebMD to see what illness my symptoms might indicate. I was expecting a list of flu, strep throat, bronchitis. Normal stuff. Instead, the first thing I saw was: Plague.

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Soundings: A whole new game

By Kerry Temple ’74

Sometimes you get blindsided.There I was, happily getting ready for the season opener. Notre Dame-Purdue. Launch of the Brian Kelly era. Then my wife reported the weather forecast. That’s when it happened.

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