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Out of the office: A&L career night

By Kerry Temple ’74

They have come in the night, in the dark, crunching through snow, faces strafed by the wind. And now they sit in a LaFortune meeting room, long tables arranged in a big square, to hear a panel of people speak and answer questions, give pep talks and offer advice.

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What I’m Reading: Parched, Melanie Crowder

By Stacy A. Nyikos ’90

When I was at Notre Dame, apartheid was in full swing, which makes me feel both incredibly old . . . and hopeful. Old because, let’s face it, the 1980s was a long time ago. And hopeful, because that kind of discrimination was overcome. By humans. In my lifetime.

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Global Doc: Quarantine

By Dr. Vincent DeGennaro Jr. ’02

Quarantine for patients or health care workers was not considered a valid option during the swine flu epidemic, but now with one imported case of Ebola in New York City, quarantine has been implemented in several states in direct opposition to experts at the CDC and World Health Organization (WHO). Fear and politics, not science, are the reasons behind these contrasting policies.

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