Professors probe the power of the blog

By Susan Guibert ’87, ’93MCA


If you’re a regular visitor to the land of blogs, then you’re familiar with its vast and varied citizenry: mad moms and money managers, political activists and poodle aficionados, all finding an audience and a niche online. Not surprising, then, that some Notre Dame faculty members regularly chime in and offer their own specialized expertise in the blogosphere.…

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A place to call home

By Susan Guibert '87, '93MCA


For senior Calleen Jones, Notre Dame has redefined the word “home.”

In 2005, the only home Calleen had ever known was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. “The University waived tuition and fees for students affected by Katrina,” she says. “My mama lost her job after Katrina struck and had to move first to Texas then to Baton Rouge.”…

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