Classic Molarity 21-27

Author: Michael Molinelli '82


Cartoon 21: I suspect that getting into Saint Mary’s dormitories has not gotten easier in the last 30 years.


The newspaper staff that would soon take over The Observer after the March break assured me I would be in daily. I began to do strips in series — stretching an idea into a skit. These all ran in the same issue before the break. I cartoon 22 we see Cheryl for the first time and hear from Doug, Mitch’s roommate who we saw just a couple of times and who soon disappeared from the strip



If you are over 40, cartoon 24 is hilarious. Believe me, please. At the time and for generations before, male Notre Dame students were required to use the laundry service. It meant sewing a name tag with your laundry number on all articles of clothing like you were going to camp


Cartoon 25: Returning from break for a three-day week, I was now in The Observer daily. The character Sam was based on my good friend Steve Riese from Kansas, who recently retired from military service a Colonel-Ranger-Combat Engineer-Professor at West Point and other accolades. At school he had an old Ford pickup which he had restored, although I remember he frequently had to park it on a hill so he could jump start it.



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