Could you find this coin?

Author: John Nagy ’00M.A.

Each spring, the Morrissey Medallion Hunt dispatches campus scavengers to find a wee wooden wafer tucked away in some hidden-in-plain-sight corner of the University. Obscurity reigns in the clues, released daily on the Manor’s website and Twitter feed. No one has more fun than the clue writers — this year Morrissey seniors Dan Courtney and John-Paul and Austin Zebrowski — except maybe the team of hunters who claim the $250 cash prize . . . and blow it all on Chipotle.

photo by Matt Cashore ’94

Now, a taunt: This year’s winners needed only three clues. What about you?

Clue 1: If the Medallion you wish to find,
My tangled clues you must unwind.
Here the treasure finds its home,
perched with a view of the top of the dome.

2: dECodE TheSE CluEs oR DiSCOVeR It, NEvEr.
TO BeAt thE CrOwds yOU muSt Be CLeVEr.
it’S NoT whAt YOu SEE, it’S WhaT yOu KNoW.
THE cIPheR WilL teLL yOu WHiCH WAy TO Go.
gOod LUck. MaY tHE best SeEKEr WiN.

3: The week’s half over; you’ve yet to close in.
You’d better get started, commence, go, begin.
Two priests, two professors, a saint, and a sinner
Are not far from the prize awaiting the winner.

4: A degree of uncertainty, a shadow of doubt
Reversed once before on a man so devout.
A long time ago and a long ways away
The king gained some hours back onto his day.

5: The time is up, the sun has set
If you haven’t found the Medallion yet.
Sitting quietly in a tree,
Follow the line, it points to me.

photo by Matt Cashore ’94

John Nagy is an associate editor of this magazine.