Molarity Classic: 351-355

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

The witching season, 1980. Just one shocker after another.

351. A small item in The Observer noted the imminent opening of the Snite Museum. A Frank LaGrotta article on Blair Kiel, the starting quarterback and punter, noted that being Notre Dame’s quarterback is the second toughest job in the Catholic Church.

352. In the “more things change” department: On the eve of the 1980 election, the Observer’s front page noted that Iran was willing to return its American hostages if four conditions were met, one of which was the United States unfreezing $8 billion in assets.

353. Election Day, 1980. Ronald Reagan wins the White House with 489 electoral votes over incumbent President Jimmy Carter’s 49 electoral votes.

354. Given my current politics this might surprise some of my readers. While my values haven’t changed I was convinced that, having sourced multiple mainstream media venues such as The New York Times, Time magazine, my local Gannett newspaper and the CBS Evening News, Ronald Reagan was not very smart. This was before I realized that MSM spoke essentially with one voice and thought all people with my values were stupid. Then I lived in the booming Reagan economy and while my values still did not change my politics did. I have lived trickle-down every day for 30 years despite what the MSM tells me. P.S.: I voted for John Anderson.

355. In a locally famous incident of journalistic suicide, Tim Sullivan writes a scathing review of Bruce Springsteen’s The River.

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