Molarity Classic: 495-499

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

Sometimes the truth can be awkward or painful. And sometimes it tastes good with butter and salt.

8182 495

495. This is the last of the Football Saturday “Sunday” cartoons. For some reason it’s not a fan favorite, although a few female Domers and SMC students expressed their satisfaction with the sentiment.


8182 496

496. I regret to say, the kind of disconnect in communication portrayed in this cartoon is all too common today.


8182 497

497. Even though I was an architecture major, I kept Jim’s major vaguely liberal arts as arkies were outliers anyway. Jim needed his personality to be a bit more accessible.


8182 498

498. And if the was the class before lunch, we were even less likely to retain anything.


8182 499

499. This cartoon began the start of Molarity’s longest running storyline up to this point, spanning several weeks. It is fair to say from the feedback I received that I managed to build interest as the story unfolded.


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