Molarity Classic: 530-534

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

Hey, it’s the spring of our senior year! Let’s not bicker and argue about whose future matters more than whose. 


8182 530

530. Speaking of politics, this edition of The Observer and many others over the previous year reported on an array of experts who spoke on campus about how President Ronald Reagan’s new federalism would not work. 


8182 531

531. A front-page story reported on a Keenan Hall project to renovate four homes for the needy in South Bend.  In sports, Pangborn Hall won its first game in the interhall hockey league. What always impresses me about Notre Dame is the energy and ambition of so many students. At times it made this arkie, varsity fencer and cartoonist feel a bit lazy.


8182 532

532. The University dismissed 19 students in Angers and Innsbruck due to hashish charges, according to a front-page story. Dean of Students James Roemer ’51, ’55J.D. cited the movie, Midnight Express, in his comments, but did not cite Molarity cartoons 201- 214 from 1979, in which Chuck is caught smuggling hashish.


8182 533

533. The sports page reports Gerry Faust signing 24 high school seniors — probably the beginning of the perennial Notre Dame lament, “We had a great recruiting year!” which is akin to the old Brooklyn Dodgers fans’ “Wait ’til next year.”


8182 534

534. In a Molarity cartoon that appeared in Notre Dame Magazine in 1990, Mitch is indeed a househusband, although he has a part-time job washing towels for the football team.


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