Snite Moves

As the University prepares to open the Raclin Murphy Museum of Art, a Notre Dame Magazine series documents the staff’s meticulous, labor-intensive transfer process.

Author: Notre Dame Magazine


Snite Registrar Victoria Perdomo

Packed Schedule

by Margaret Fosmoe ’85

Before transferring nearly 1,000 objects to the new Raclin Murphy Museum of Art, the Snite staff performs a delicate, deliberate process of documentation and conservation.


Snite Movers

Moving Works of Art

by Margaret Fosmoe ’85

How do you ship hundreds of precious cultural items four-tenths of a mile? Very carefully.


Raclin Murphy Prep 7

Museum Pieces

by Margaret Fosmoe ’85

Completing the puzzle of the new Raclin Murphy requires following a painstaking plan — and knowing when to adjust.