A Foreign Policy Autumn 2003

A Foreign Policy cover


The Admissions Balancing Act

by Ed Cohen

If Notre Dame picked its students strictly by SATs and GPAs, it wouldn’t be the place it is or what it hopes to become. (React Online story)

Going Our Way

by Robert Schmuhl ’70

By striking first in the Middle East, the Bush Administration launched a radically different foreign policy, one scripted then shelved years ago.

As We Forgive Those

by Lawrence Cunningham

Those who trespass against us deserve both justice and mercy. Those who pardon them will also free themselves.

The Life and Times of Wolf No. 2

by Andrew Malcolm

His adventure is a story of America, the West, family, survival and the intricate web of life.

Change of Habit

by Kathleen Sprows Cummings ’95 M.A., ’99 Ph.D.

Popular culture is catching on to something Catholics have suspected for a long time – nuns are not what they used to be.

The Sisters of Summer

by Colleen Ganey ’03

When He Spoke

by Mark Yates

The teachings of the elders can be found at a Buddhist monastery and at home.

Literary Scamp Evelyn Waugh

by Arthur Jones

The author of Brideshead Revisited may have championed the Catholic faith, but his tour of America – and visit to Notre Dame – exposed another side of Evelyn Waugh.

Time and Again

by Jacqueline Vaught Brogan

An appreciation of Charles L. O’Donnell, CSC, poet and president.