Freedom Summer 2003

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I Was Abused

by John Salveson ’77, ’78M.A.


by Joseph Epstein

Is personal freedom simply a fantasy?
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A Bird That Burns Like Luminous Flame

by Chet Raymo ’58, ’64Ph.D.

Hummingbirds look ecstatically free, but they may just be responding to stimuli
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Here and Now We Are Walking Together

by Robert Coles

A tough teacher shares a lifetime lesson."
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With Freedom and Justice For All

by Anthony Walton

Too many American live as if they are not free.
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Truth That Will Make You Free

by Lawrence S. Cunningham

Is there freedom in religion?
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When I Have Driven Far Enough

by Kerry Temple ’74

‘The desire for freedom, flight, escape, has been a repeating pattern in my life.’
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Behind Bars

by LeRon E. Easley

A prison inmate reflects on what he’s lost
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Freedom Quotes

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by John Monczunski

Advertisers have sold us on the idea we’ll be happy when we have more. So why are today’s indulgent consumers so miserable?
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We Had More With Less

by Jayant Kamicheril
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After Goodwill, There Is Haiti

by Melissa Musick Nussbaum
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Whose Promised Land? In South Africa, They Call It Apartheid

by Neve Gordon ’97M.A., ’99Ph.D.

Whose Promised Land? Suicide Blasts Harm Peace Hopes

by Arie M. Kacowicz

A Pig’s Foot in Siberia

by Jessica Jacobson

The Creeping Bent Kentucky Blues

by John Monczunski