The Unseen Notre Dame Spring 2003


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L.A. Confidential

by Robert Cubbage

James Bacon was an eyewitness to Hollywood’s golden era and a confidant of the stars.
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My Notre Dame

by Mel Tardy ’86, ’90MBA

For many African-American students, Notre Dame has been a good school to be from, not at. That may be changing as more African Americans have a stake in the place.
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Fading Colors

by Sarah Childress ’03

Straddling the line can be tough for a student who is biracial.
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A Wonder Full Life

by Juan De Pascuale

To wonder at the mystery of existence is the first step toward swimming in the river of life, not just floating on it.
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The Gold Diggers, by Paul Higbee
Funny Things Happen on the Way to Growing Old, by John A. Lynch

Bonus copy: Reflections

More Than Zero, by Timothy J. Reid ’75
A Christmas Surprise, by Laura Merritt Bird ’96
Crossing of Destinies, by David S. Pollock
Tricycling through Vetville, by Susan Allman-Carlo