Tomorrow's Church Spring 2005


The Challenges John Paul II Leaves For Us

by George Weigel

John Paul II’s achivements have been extraordinary , but he leaves some challenges for the rest of us, including his successor.
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Bush Country

by R. Bruce Dold

The news reports gave people plenty of reasons to vote against the president, but George W. again claimed the country as his own. How did he paint American red?
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The Genetics of Belief

by Chet Raymo ’58, ’64Ph.D.

Is the desire for God embedded in our DNA? Is religion fundamental to human nature?
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Lost Souls

by Jeffrey Hammond

As many Americans have abandoned the view that humans have a spirit within, we’ve become a culture with a missing peace.
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The Kiln’s Burning Mystery

by Andrew Santella

The anagama kiln is a goddess, a dragon, the fiery wizard of art. When a band of sculptors put their work in its flames, the result if a launch into creative uncertainity.
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Threatened Are the Peacemakers

by Gil Loescher

Humanitarian aid workers are there on the front lines of famine and war, but they are coming under fire in the very areas they are trying to help. A report from one such victim.
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Notre Dame Football; The Indisputable Importance of Saturday

by Kerry Temple ’74

There’s no question that Notre Dame and football are inseparably paired, and there’s no denying that winning is the object of the game.
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Man on the Spot

by Jim Donaldson ’73

A Jersey guy takes over one of the most storied traditions in college sports. Charlie Weis’ 78 embraces the challenge ahead.
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Accounting Professor George Viger and his wife, Jane, “adopted” Hawaiian students who felt far from home when they arrived in Indiana. Michael Dandurand, a 1984 ND graduate, remembers their warm welcome in My Notre Dame Parents

1984 ND graduate Louis Glunz decided his 20th reunion deserved more than a passing nod, so he bicycled from Chicago to Notre Dame last June to participate in the event. He reflects on his road trip in The Long Way Back

Bob Walsh, a 1948 ND graduate who participated in the Bengal Bouts, takes a look back at Max Marek, who left ND in 1935 to turn pro in Max Marek: The Notre Dame Man Who Beat Joe Louis.


The Slippery Meaning of Ice

by Tim McNamara

The Pull of Belonging

by Kimber Lybbert

Eulogy for the Anonymous Dead

by Paul Hundt ’60

The Slice of Life

by Mike Alexander ’72

(Cover art by Don Nelson ’91MCA)