Notre Dame Today and Tomorrow Autumn 2005

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My Love for the Place

by Rev. John I. Jenkins, CSC

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Generation Map

by William Schmitt

Although it seems the pendulum has swung back to the right, perhaps it’s more that today’s students are the newest face in a recurring series of generational types . . . and really good kids.
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An Englishman at Notre Dame

by Peter Wicks

And the Brit finds—after relearning how to pronounce his name—that things in these United States are strangely familiar and similarly odd.
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Into Africa

by Ed Cohen

Those who try to make life better in East Africa take on an abundance of deely embedded problems—and a people who seem happier than their world would suggest.
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The Army of Kidnapped Children

My Mission to Darfus

by Brenna Cussen ’03M.A.
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A Gift of Hope in Haiti

by Walton Collins ’51

Some young Notre Dame graduates have gone to Haiti, where Louverture Cleary School is an outpost of benevolence in a land of destitution.
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A Troubled Past

Other Notre Dame Initiatives in Haiti

A Confederacy of Forces

by Farrell O’Gorman ’90

A meditation on innocence, faith and American individualism by a Carolina boy trying to understand how to be a good Catholic Southerner in a nation whose roots sprout from Exceptionalism, sin and Protestant predilections.
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University News

The Village of Notre Dame:
Campus landmarks list
Principal building and landscape projects
Alternate campus plan developed by architecture students
Gift inspires law school expansion

Letter from campus: Oldies and goodies
Seen and heard
Seen and heard: web extra
Hall portrait: Stanford
Mugglenet founder chooses Notre Dame over Hogwarts
Freshman putting his life online for America
New ND provost Thomas Burish
Notre Dame writing center offers helping word
Father Rozum, the rector of Alumni Hall, reaches record for residency
Class of 2009 by the numbers
ND law professor hired by Bush
Fortune magazine shines on student website pioneers
Online checkbacks:

Was the regilding of the Dome finished in time for fall?
Did the web wizards win the Fortune magazine business plan competition with their LicketyShip concept?


Notre Dame’s furniture maker
Purple landings
Spin breakthrough for computers
Genetic judo may kill dengue fever
Child’s play advertising


Letters to the editor

Cafe du Lac

Poet Fennelly Investigates the Soul
New CD from ND musicians
Books in Print and Books in Brief
Web extra: Bilingual poetry by Francisco Arargon ’03MFA
Picks of the week

Alumni Affairs

Domers in the News
Web extra Domers in the News
Alumni briefs

Bonus copy: Reflections

When John F. McCormick was an ND student, he worked so many jobs that the University owed him money when he graduated. Christine McCormick Schuermann recalls her father’s relationship with ND. Picturing Dad

As a student, Patrick Crowe ‘71 worked for Abbot Astrik L. Gabriel, then director of Notre Dame’s Medieval Institute. Crowe recalls how he came to appreciate the many quirks of the great teacher and scholar, who died in May 2005 at age 97. The Passing of a Giant

Edward Vasta ’52, an ND emeritus professor of English, looks back at how his life has been repeatedly influenced by Notre Dame. My Notre Dame Victories

Want to know how to raise a Notre Dame fan? Brendan Rielly’96J.D. offers a fun take. Brainwashing Our Children Properly


The Haunting Absence of John Francis Sloan

by Mark Sloan, M.D., ’75

The Tired Samaritans

by Lisa McKay ’03M.A.

Moral Relativism on the Phoenix Streets

by William T. McGrath ’02

A Random Act of Destiny

by Michael Varga ’85M.A.

(Cover photograph by Don Nelson ’91 MCA)

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