Hometown Winter 2005–06

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Hometowns: The Heart and Soul of Our Beginnings, by Kerry Temple ’74

Land’s End, by Valerie Sayers

This is Your Archaeology, by David Devine ’94

Aboard Bucking Livestock. by Paul Higbee ’90 MCA

90 Miles from Chicago, by Carol Schaal ’91 M.A.

The Way We Do Things Here, by Alex Montoya ’96

It’s No Joke, by Ed Cohen

A Return to Familiar Pathways, by Richard Conklin ’59 M.A.

Where Belonging Is a Virtue, by Scott Russell Sanders

What Happened Here, by Michelle Krupa ’00

Questions That Won’t Go Away:

Darwin and Intelligent Design

by John Monczunski

The examination of life on Earth once again raises issues of science and faith, church and state, and the mystifying relationship between creation and Creator.

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Ahead of His Time:

A Notre Dame Priest/Scientist Embraced Evolution