Our Neighbors, Ourselves Autumn 2006


If We Fail to Act

by Paul Farmer, M.D.
Access to proper health care is a human-rights issue that needs to be addressed for the world to avert the mass killing that will come in the decades ahead from preventable, treatable diseases.
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Platform for Tomorrow

by John Nagy ’00
Jordan Hall will redefine science education at Notre Dame and prepare generations of students to embrace the challenges facing the planet well beyond the foreseeable future.
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Alicia Lachiondo’s Widening Circle of Influence

by Ryan Millbern
The ’€™06 graduate has already made an impact on the world beyond campus.
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by Ken Storen ’92
Notre Dame alumni and Touching Tiny Lives bring comfort to the sick of a remote south African nation.
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The Littlest Killers

by Erik Ness
Mosquitoes and the diseases they carry are capable of wiping out whole populations. Notre Dame scientists are investigating the genetics of death to stop epidemics at the source.
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The Village Well

by Erik Ness
Good, clean water is essential to human life. But in many parts of the world the water is a source of disease, misery, even death. What’s being done?
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Winged Omens

by Elizabeth Dodd

Double Dip

by Gina Vozenilek

Dress for Distress

by Peggy Duffy

Soul Provider

by Barbara Mangione ’89M.A.