Stories of Notre Dame Spring 2006

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Stories of Notre Dame

One night in January, by Kerry Temple ’74

My second-time around, by Matt Storin ’64

A member of the family, by Ed Cohen

My story, Stories by ND family members

Unreal: A portrait of the cosmos

Chet Raymo ’58, ’64Ph.D.

Today’s physicists have rendered a portrait of the cosmos that is stranger and more spectacular than any science fiction.
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Notre Dame’s Seers, by John Monczunski

No time for you

Andrew Santella

Many Domer 20-somethings are so set on establishing careers that the post “a relationship,” especially if it means romance. Or love. Or marriage.
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Miles to go before I wed, by Heather Treseler

Antidote to autism

Walton R. Collins ’51

Notre Dame’s Tom Whitman and his students have gone into the homes of children with this mysterious developmental disorder to combat the disabilities it has inflected.
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‘€œI don’t know where Hannah went,€’ says Maura Weis

The push and pull of power

G.Jeffrey MacDonald

Why do good, smart people do bad things? The formual for The Fall is ancient but a lot more nuanced than you might expect.
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M Clay Adams: An old-fashioned success story

Eric Butterman

M. Clay Adams, Rockne and Notre Dame in the 1930s by Joe LaCosta

M. Clay Adams Filmography

University News

Special report: Academic freedom and Catholic values
Creators of knowledge: research initiatives at Notre Dame
Seen and heard on campus
Hall portrait: Lewis
Notre Dame trustees meet in Rome
Try a little (Holy Cross) brotherhood
Preachin’ the blues
Football recruits arrive early
Prescription poetry: Doctors nurse their creative side
Big mold in the Big Easy
The Snite: Where the art is

A history of the University’s art collection

Seeking Washington Hall stories


Letters to the editor

Cafe du Lac

The case of the scribbling professor
Riding the laugh track to Somerville
DVD: Stories of Notre Dame
Books in Print and Books in Brief
Picks of the week

Alumni Affairs

Bill Mitsch: Waist-deep in ecological integrity
Domers in the News
Alumni briefs

Bonus copy: Reflections

Jerry McKenna ’€™62 realized a dream when he was commissioned to create a sculpture of the man he idolized, Notre Dame’s legendary football coach Knute Rockne. He talks about his work and his idol in his Reflection Sculpting Rockne.

After the November 12 ND-Navy football game, Coach Charlie Weis and his team stood respectfully as the Navy band played its alma mater. Tom Cutler, a retired lieutenant commander in the Navy, recalls how that sight brought him to tears in his Reflection Our Lady Queen of Class, first printed in the Naval Institute’s Proceedings magazine.


My belated reading of his shortened life

by Douglas Curran ’00MFA

A leap into my new story

by James M. Lang ’91

Daddy’s home

by Andrew Santella


by Susan DeBow