Change the World Summer 2006

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Changing the world

Earth Movers

by Anthony DePalma

The Humanitarian:

by Matthew McGarry ’€™00

The Defender:

by Sean Litton

The Pacifist:

by Sheila Provencher €’01M.Div.

The Social Worker:

by Ron Gregory ’61

The Public Servant:

by Jerry Kammer

56,000 a year die from colon cancer

by John Monczunski

With some promising chemistry, the Notre Dame Cancer Institute hopes to cut into that number.
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Meeting the Almighty

by Lawrence Cunningham

Mystical experiences may simply be a way of conveying those rare encounters with God. But the true measure of their meaning may rest in the change in one’s heart—and actions.
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Letting Go of God

by Nancy Mairs

‘I feel compelled to speak out. By doing so, I intend to redeem God from the ones who hold the Holy One captive in their own system of belief.’
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Saving Grace

by Paul Johnston

A meditation on my father’s life and soul
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