The Surprising Virtue of Children Autumn 2007

The Surprising Virtue of Children cover


Making Good Kids

by Carolyn Alessio

Those hoping to help shape a child’s moral character often learn that kids are teachers, too.

Not the Retiring Kind

by Ann Hardie ’82

Jimmy Carter has rewritten his life story, translating his one-term presidency into a key role on the world stage as an advocate for the causes he espouses — though he can still attract the critics’ ire. More

Uneasy Neighbors

by Sarah L. MacMillen ’07Ph.D.

The people of Israel and Palestine are locked in an unwanted embrace, a sad state of affairs that evokes anger, boundary clashes, violent reprisals and allegations of apartheid. More

Waging a Wiser War

by Paul Howard and Timothy Connors ’97MBA, ’00J.D.

History has shown that providing aid and security to civilian populations is crucial to military success. Why is the lesson so rarely heeded? More

The Man Who Became Benedict

by Lawrence Cunningham

Joseph Ratzinger has neither the desire nor the instinct to personalize his papacy. He sees himself as a servant and teacher, the linchpin of the Church’s unity and the one who ministers what change there will be. More

Virtual Village

by Richard Conklin '59M.A.

NDNation and other online communities give Dome watchers a place to chat, cheer, gripe, gossip, vent, lament, console, contest, express their feelings and find that common ground so important to such a diverse parade of individuals. More

The Way We Are

by Kenneth L. Woodward ’57 and Richard V. Allen

A simple survey of the Class of 1957 offers some surprising insights into the (mostly conservative) men who have lived through half a century since their days at Notre Dame.

What One Man Started

by Kerry Temple '74

Basil Moreau founded the Congregation of Holy Cross, the community of religious so central to Notre Dame’s history and character. Now, 150 years after his one visit to campus, the French priest is one step closer to sainthood. More

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Bonus copy: Reflections

When he began work on an archdiocesan newspaper in Georgia, Chris Eckl ’56 grew to deeply appreciate his boss, Paul J. Hallinan ’32, the first archbishop of Atlanta. In A Champion of Reform, Eckl writes about Hallinan’s push for liturgical changes in the Church.

Phyllis Banks Moore was among the first group of Saint Mary’s and Notre Dame students to spend a sophomore year in France. The former SMC student details that heady 1966 experience in A Year in Angers.


The Lonely Mother

by Kayt Sukel

Transacting with the Tooth Fairy

by Gina P. Vozenilek ’92

Letting Go

by Karna Converse

Why Does He Act This Way?

by Brendan O’Shaughnessy ’93