The Once and Future Neighborhood Winter 2007–08

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The Once and Future Neighborhood

by John Nagy ’00M.A.

Urban designers are fusing yesterday’s principles into tomorrow’s cities and towns. Notre Dame has taken a leading role in creating that blueprint.

Ten principles of good neighborhood design

Road to somewhere: web extra blog of a backseat urbanist

The Human Tide

The story of immigration is a complex collection of statements, studies and personal narratives that pose conflicting truths and vexing questions.

A Church in Flux

by Robert Pelton, CSC, ’43

Despite four centuries of history, Catholicism in Latin America did not find its voice until Vatican II. Four decades later it is still grappling with growing pains.

The Godfather of Liberation Theology

by Michael Garvey ’74

Notre Dame’s Gustavo Gutierrez is simply one of the Western Hemisphere’s foremost theologians.

Border Patrol

by David Devine ’94

Sloan Satepauhoodle, Notre Dame class of 1989, is one of the Shadow Wolves, an elite posse of Native Americans guarding the Tohono O’odham Nation and the United States from drug traffickers.

The Picture of Purpose

by Richard Conklin ’59M.A.

A photo of Father Hesburgh and Martin Luther King singing “We Shall Overcome” is installed at the Smithsonian Museum of American Art and Portraiture.

Feeling Anxious?

by Andrew Santella

Wigged out? Worried? Frazzled? Some people call it “Americanitis.” So relax. Because if you don’t, the anxiety might kill you.

Moonrise Over Chimney Rock

by Elizabeth Dodd

There was a time when people lived by the flight of the moon. We came and stood at their place to learn what they once knew.