Love Thee Notre Dame Summer 2007

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Notre Dame Unplugged

The University’s top leadership team talks candidly about the institution.

The Spirit of Notre Dame campaign

The Abiding Presence of Place

by Kenneth Woodward ’€™57

I fell in love at Notre Dame, with the books and the ideas and the worlds certain professors introduced to us, and with a woman, too.

Come Holy Spirit

by Kerry Temple ’€™74

Come Holy Spirit photo show

My Lifelong Lesson in Humility

by Lawrence Cunningham
Being a professor is a noble calling and one that instills a measure of pride. But the long work keeps a person humble.

Why So Mad?

by Andrew Santella
Americans sure are angry these days—€”at least it seems that way to those of us stuck in traffic or watching television. It’s enough to get a person riled.

Breach of Faith

by Lynn Cassella-Kapusinski ’€™85
Divorce can tear a child’s world apart and shake them right to the core. Here’s one survivor’s tale of the long road to recovery.

Doing Further Damage

It’s Not Always a Death Sentence

by John Monczunski
When confronted with cancer, the first blow is being told. The next battle is getting the psyche to cope with the news, to adjust to the life that follows.

Is That Me in the Mirror? by Sharen Walsh-Webster ’78

Looking Deep into the Ocean by Ronald Blubaugh ’60

University News

The Center for Social Concerns: Growing up, pushing out

A Center for Social Concerns sampler

Seen and heard on campus
Letter from campus: The news from Blacksburg
Notre Dame’s 162nd commencement
Notre Dame architects in high demand
Domer’s index
Hall portrait: Siegfried
Taking engineers to the zoo
A rigorous record of research
Classics revival in the 21st century
Comic book curbs bullies’ bite
Down payment on tomorrow’s news
A time-out for celebrating women’s sports at Notre Dame
Deaths in the family
Notre Dame Magazine wins awards


Blueprint for the yellow fever mosquito
Computer game helps ADHD kids
Public, private kindergartens perform equally
Kids practice safe text
The 7 billion year afterglow


Letters to the editor

Cafe Arts

Announcer’s voice creates a ‘theater of the mind’
Hip new magazine captures niche market
So you think you can produce? Notre Dame graduate grabs spot on reality show
Cafe Choice: Books by ND people
Web extra: Books in brief
Picks of the week

Alumni Affairs

Called to action profile of Martha Jimenez, ND Class of 1974
Domers in the News
Alumni briefs

Bonus copy: Reflections


As president of Ohio’s Hiram College, Tom Chema ‘68, left, is often surprised by the phone calls he gets from parents running interference for their kids’ minor problems. He writes about how that differs from his experience as a first-generation college student at Notre Dame in Calling Home.

In The Living Dark, his third book of poetry, Don Hynes ’69 offers poems that again reveal “the inner quest for meaning, for understanding, for creating a personal myth of authentic sovereignty and lasting compassion.” Read his poem Down This Street, This Day.


My Turn to Sing Along

by Jay Mootz ’€™83

The Power at My Fingertip

by Gary Presley

Stop It

by Sarah Morgan

Learning to Talk to God

by Carolyn Alessio