The World Is Their Classroom Winter 2009-10

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The World Is Their Classroom

by Matt Cashore ’94

A Notre Dame education has always had its international exposures, but this generation of students is learning, leading and serving in some of the roughest spots on earth.
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Bigots I Have Loved

by Mark Phillips

The prejudices I knew as a boy shaped my soul and left lingering sensitivities I carry with me today. How distant is that past?
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Happiness Is

by Andrew Santella

If your best, most diligent efforts to be happy still aren’t working, maybe you’re just trying too hard.
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Shovels Ready

by John Nagy ’00M.A.

Get tomorrow’s civil engineers dreaming, and you may have the answer to our infrastructure problems.
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The Differences Are Similar

by R. Scott Appleby ’78

Tomorrow’s world may be shaped by Catholic-Muslim relations. It would help all of us to recognize the common ground instead of pointing across the divide.
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The Reluctant Domer

by Peter Graham ’84

A family reunion always reminds us that some are closer to the hearth than others, but there’s still a place to come home to.
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Rocket Launched

by Walton Collins ’51

Kevin Ford ’82 fulfilled his life’s dream when he was flung into space at 3,000 miles per hour and piloted the space shuttle Discovery on its mission to the International Space Station.
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Domers who have gone before


Other Notre Dame graduates have traveled in space.
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