Pilgrim’s Path Autumn 2009

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The Holy Moment

by Jay Walljasper

The world’s sacred corners bring epiphany and peace to those looking for a retreat as well as those ambushed at the intersection of place and wonder.
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Defending Sacred Places

“Indigenous people around the world face an uphill battle in protecting their holy places.”
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The Teachings of Rome

by Jay Walljasper

Notre Dame students go to the Eternal City to learn what blend of space, grace and architecture might evoke the divine in the design of human habitation.
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Sacramental Sites

“A Catholic sense of place is rooted in the sacramental nature of the religion.”
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Notre Dame’s Other Dimension

by Kerry Temple ’74

Father Bob Austgen, CSC, sees hidden meanings in how the Notre Dame campus is designed.
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Believing Is Seeing

by Patrick McGuire

Understanding the Catholic imagination means learning to look at the world through an uncommon lens and finding there a deep and numinous terrain.
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The Careful Convert

by Marika Wilson Smith

You’d expect that a physicist, who spent a lifetime examining the universe, would rigorously test the faith when his time came. The surprise was that he may have had an eye on God all along.
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A Defense of My Life’s Vocation

by Peter Wicks

How does one explain — especially in this utilitarian age and with today’s economy — the desire to join the academy, devote one’s life to the liberal arts, teach philosophy to undergrads and debate the meaning of life?
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Lifelong Friend

by G. David Miller ’79

When a Colorado judge and ’79 grad was desperate for a kidney, the national search turned up his former Flanner Hall roommate. Could he help?
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