50 Fewer and Fewer

There was too much sad news lately. I received a short note May 3 from Patrick McFadden ’71 that his uncle, Robert T. Duddy, died in February. Bob was proud to be a member of the “only undefeated class” in ND football history. He will be missed. I said hello to Joe Hickey at a Mass honoring Joe’s deceased son, Dan, back in March. Joe uses a cane, but he gets around. I got a note from William Donovan in Chatham NJ that a member of Leahy’s great teams, Gerald Ramsberger, died on May 6. Originally from Piscataway NJ, Gerry moved to St. Petersburg FL in 1954. He had six great kids. His obituary was printed in the Tampa Bay Times on May 10. I also received a nice call from his daughter, Katie. Bill Donovan sent another note in July informing us of the death of Thomas Farley on July 3. Tom’s obituary described him as an attorney, superior court judge, Seton Hall trustee, eyewitness to the atomic destruction in Nagasaki as a WWII Navy man, and as a great Notre Dame man. Paul C. Tully ’39 also mailed us an obit of Tom. Robert Henry Michaud, a native of New Hampshire and our class president the last few years, whose career included being the corporate attorney for the huge Bendix Corp., passed away June 19. Oh, yes, we’ll miss him. Bob’s funeral Mass was offered at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. William Charles Myler, a native of Muskegon MI, called June 14 just to chat. Bill still works once in a while for his own oil drilling company. He makes it to South Bend periodically to see a game but usually gives the tickets to his kids. Send a note to Bill at 1054 North Drive, Mount Pleasant MI 48858. Joe Scheidler called to ask classmates who want to see Notre Dame become a more powerful Catholic force in our secular society to send their email addresses to me at this column, and he’ll contact you to discuss his project. Joe says thanks. Our most heartrending news: Our youngest son, Val Paul Trinkley ’82, passed away unexpectedly on Ascension Thursday, May 8. Val was born on Good Friday in 1960. A devoted son, husband and father, his demise was caused by working far too hard in this awkward age. I could write a book about his many talents and abilities and about his wonderful wife, Ruth, and their three exceptional children, Rachel, Layne and Neil. Maybe I will. Is there an interested literary agent out there? And please add the following deceased classmates to your daily prayer list: Dr. Stephen G. Bolger, May 18; George J. Bresnahan, May 2; Ralph W. Dixon, March 1; Allan Gavan, March 14; John B. Geller, Feb. 25; John P. Hanlon, April 1; Mark F. Hengel, March 10; James V. Kelly, March 9; Joseph N. Low, Feb. 15; Phil R. Lucero, April 3; Robert G. Olmstead, May 5; Thomas E. Sherer, April 16; Raymond T. Throckmorton, March 23 ; James A. Young, May 10. — Zane Trinkley; 2418 Miami St., South Bend IN 46614; 574-289-8373; zbpjohn@gmail.com: zbpjohn@gmail.com

51 Hoping for the Best

Oh, my. By the time you read this column, the football season will be half over, and, of course, we are hoping for the best. First off, I want to thank all of you who answered my plea for help in gaining information that I can use in developing my new book, The Graveyard Beneath the Golden Dome the story of Cedar Grove Cemetery. As Father Ted Hesburgh said in the foreword, “There are many factual stories about the Cemetery that readers will find interesting.” Jane and I attended the 50-year Reunion on campus last June. I had an opportunity to visit with Mary Lou and Jim Jennings of Hilton Head SC; Jim McGuire of Holstein IA; and Bob Berry of Omaha. Maybe it is age, but each year that we attend, it seems that we have a better time than the year before. I want to thank Bill Whiteside, Ocean City NJ, for the generous check he sent for our General Mass Fund, and Joe Dukert, Bethesda MD, for sending word regarding the recent passing of Jim Kingsley, Beaufort SC, who suffered with multiple bouts of cancer plus a broken hip. Joe says that he and Betty recently returned from a lengthy vacation in Portugal and Spain, and that in the last few years they have visited 60 countries on seven continents. That is a lot of traveling. To LeRoy Brown, Dayton OH, my correct email address is at the bottom of this column. Our bio for this issue is about Jim Jennings and Mary Lou, a delightful lady. Following a two-year period in the Navy after high school, Jim was headed for Purdue in order to become an engineer. Purdue’s loss was Notre Dame’s gain when he switched his thoughts, applied, and was accepted at ND. Another year in the Navy followed. He attended night law school. Phil Faccenda was a classmate. Most of Jim’s working life was at Borg-Warner in Chicago. He and Mary Lou married in 1956. They have four children, 12 grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren. He retired 20 years ago. They built a home in Hilton Head but still divide their time with loved ones in Chicago. Ginny Goldkamp, Redmond WA, let us know that classmate Art Goldkamp passed away July 9. Ginny said that her husband was a chemistry major and reflected many times that he did not know many fellow students since he was in the lab so often. Art had a PhD in organic chemistry. Ginny said she and Art were married 61 years and had eight children. If any of you desire to be our Bio Star for the column, please let me know. I would like to touch every one of you before moving on. Just let me know. Let’s have another winner this fall. One last thought: I visited with our president, Larry Gallagher, at the Reunion in June. He is recovering from back surgery. It is a slow process, but he is on his way. Have a great autumn everyone. — Jim Gillis; 3267 Rossmoor Pkwy., No. 4, Walnut Creek CA 94565; 925-932-6454; : jimjanegillis@aol.com

52 Checking In

It is nice to hear from someone you have not been in touch with lately. Emmett Cater from San Antonio and Rudy Unger, a former Tribune editor from Tinley Park IL, are in that category. Over dinner, Joan and Ernest Masini told us “Bud” had retired from his long career as a commodities broker and they were enjoying the new beginning. Bob Mortensen from Olympia WA tells of an interesting career switch he went through. After training as an accountant and spending 20 years in business, he went back to college and obtained a teaching certificate and taught English at a private school in Tacoma. It was a satisfying change and, he adds, two of his children are Domers. Cheryl and Joe Bowling will mark their 60th wedding anniversary with a Mass celebrated by their son, Father Bill Bowling, for them and their other six children and their families. It is a beautiful reward to a very worthy couple. Frank Myers advised that after receiving his MBA at Indiana, he spent two years in the Army CIA. The bulk of his business career was with Arvin Industries in Columbus IN, where he spent 30 years including five years in Tokyo and 19 as president of its consumer electronics corporation. He then became CEO of Wells-Gardner Electronics Corp and retired after five years in l994. He and Nancy have three children and are active in the choir at St. Mary’s in Lake Forest IL. After some procedures that came with aging, Frank says life is good. Mary Ann and Chuck Faulkenberg, after seeing six of their own get degrees from ND, are looking forward to three grandchildren graduating in the class of 2014. Ron Zier mentioned the success his granddaughter Kerriann, a finance major, attained by getting a position with American Express in NYC. She has a sister in the class of 2015. Leo Stepanian graduated from law school at Pitt and, after three years of service with the Army’s Screaming Eagles Division, opened a law practice in Butler PA and is still practicing. He has worked the broad spectrum of law including representing pro football players in negotiations. Two of his sons are attorneys. With four children, five grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren, Leo says it has been a wonderful life. Adele and Jake Wagner embarked on an odyssey from Torrance CA that took them to Wisconsin Dells for Jack’s 65th class reunion and catching up with family. Being an Air Force vet, Jack was able to enjoy the hospitality of bases along the way and caught up with Margie and Hughes Wilcox while in Omaha. Their attempt to see Lynn and Mal Wakin in Colorado Springs was thwarted by forest fires. I will share Jack’s detailed account of this trip upon request. Bob Butler and Eileen hosted Charlie Schubert at the Montclair NJ Country Club for his 84th birthday. Marilyn Schubert was in attendance along with their son Charlie ’90, who came in from Denver. Joe Bellon, Port Washington NY, was advised by his doctor to avoid crowds and this included attendance at Sunday Mass. After a month, he attended his regular service and wrote a fine essay about what getting back to the presence of Christ meant to him. It was a beautiful expression of faith. — Edward F. Foley; 212 Ocean Road, Spring Lake NJ 07762; 732-449-0753; kfoley3402@aol.com

53 60th Reunion

The ranks of the 85 classmates were swelled by the inclusion of spouses and other family members for a total of 130 revelers. For those few who didn’t receive Larry Murray’s report on the festivities, here is a summary: The Thursday night reception in the uppermost floor of the Stadium Press Box was the kick off (no pun). The view, the spacious accommodation and the nice buffet presentation were a great start to the weekend. Friday morning at Our Lady of Fatima House, Mass was offered by Rev. Bob Nogosek, CSC, assisted by Rev. Tom McNally, CSC, the late Larry McNally’s brother, and Rev. Ernie Bartell, CSC. Deacon Mike McNulty completed the complement of clergy. The superior of Fatima House, Rev. Charles Kohlerman, CSC, enlightened the group on the status of seminary candidates and the course of studies. Friday night’s dinner was served in the Compton Family Ice Arena, a magnificent structure. The food was excellent and the ambiance different, to say the least. Saturday afternoon, Ralph Argen MD presented a program on arthritis at the Duncan Family Hall Hospitality Suite. A representative gathering appreciated the program and the hospitality arrangements of Lee Tavis, who handled staffing and stocking for the gathering. Saturday night’s dinner was in the Joyce ACC, and the group numbers was increased by the attendance of “latecomers,” though decreased by some departures to attend grandchild graduations. Sunday morning Holy Mass at Moreau Seminary Chapel was offered by Rev. Ernie as celebrant, assisted by Rev. Thomas Smith, CSC, and Deacon McNulty. The Moreau Chapel is a beautiful and fitting venue for the remembrance of our deceased classmates. Music was led by two former Glee Club stalwarts, Art Midili and Dave Sponseller, who did a most admirable job as “Notre Dame, Our Mother” rang out at the conclusion of the ceremony. Brunch was served in the seminary refectory and, as in years past, it was over the top. The view of the Dome, the open room and the excellent fare so nicely presented topped off the weekend. Father Tom Smith thanked the class for its continuing support of Holy Cross Missions in Africa and Bengal through the Mass-A-Day program. He gave insight as to what the funds meant to the mission band and the faithful. Father Smith has “adopted the class in prayer,” for which we all are appreciative. Additionally, he has agreed to offer periodic Masses in the nature of special intentions for the classmates and spouses who are afflicted with memory problems. The group was slow to break up. “Table money” was solicited to cover the costs of the weekend and supplement the funds for the missions. The results were most salutary. Thank you, but don’t stop giving. From all reports, the weekend was a success. By design, other than Father Smith’s Sunday presentation and the usual well-chosen, concluding words by your beloved class secretary, there were no speakers at the formal functions. The motivation for the decision was recognition that the attendees came to talk with their friends, not listen to speakers. This and other command decisions were well-received. Actuarial realities suggest that this was the final reunion, at least for the aforementioned beloved class secretary. Good news: Dick Schreitmueller married Jean Hunt on July 5. They have many happy years ahead, we hope. Now comes the sad news. Our class has been diminished by the deaths of Alex Dunn, Largo Vista TX; Tom Kindler, Fort Wayne IN; Bud Stuhldreher, Tallahassee FL; Joe Macauley, Denver; and John Wilkerson, St. Louis. There is a need for prayers for the seriously ill, including John Hastings and Ray Dittrich, and certainly many others whom I may have overlooked unintentionally. Send news. Sign up for the email broadcasts if you haven’t and continue to pray for the living and dead of the great Class of 1953. — Jerry Mulvihill; 60413 Sumption Trail, South Bend IN 46614; res 574-287-3460; domerhill@aol.com

53JD Class Secretary — Robert Berry;

402-333-3522; yokeemup@aol.com

54 Kick Off

Thank you, Marie and Milt Beaudine for the 50-plus years you have devoted to creating and maintaining our Class of ’54 extended family. Thank you, Milt, for your behind-the-scenes dialogue with the Alumni Association to promote the position of the classes. I would like to encourage all of you to please go to our class website, 1954.undclass.org. For those without email, use your local library computer or ask a friend to stay current on happenings within our family. Some of the items in the website are class news, obituaries (431 are deceased), classmate location and scholarship fund info. The Class of ’54 scholarship fund began in 2004 with 73 percent participation giving in excess of $100,000. Since 2004 we have awarded 11 scholarships of varying amounts to our descendants. The best time to apply for this scholarship is October of the senior high school year. Our website explains how you can specify that your annual donation be used for the fund. Most important, we should thank Tom Campbell and Charlie Allen for their excellent efforts to ensure that our family had a positive and memorable time at our 59th reunion. The following attended: Charlie Allen with daughter Jocelyn and grandson Alex, Louis Bernardi, Tom Calder, Mary Ann and Tom Campbell, Walt Duschka, Tom Field, Alice and Gene Henry, Carol and Paul Kraus, Geri and Joe Mesec, Sherry and Jack Mooney, Dick Pilger, Jule and John Poirier, Pat and Tom Ryder, Joe Sassano, Betty and Bob Urbanski, Roger Valdiserri, Jean and Phil Van Huffel, Bill Guilfoyle’s wife Loretta, and Father Bob Pelton. Tom Campbell, chairman, and Charlie Allen, co-chair, are in the early stages of planning for a memorable 60th reunion, May 29-June 1, 2014. At our 50th we set a record for attendance and entered the convocation center like a young spirited family with our straw hats and ND shirts, instead of “older” folks with coats and ties. What are we going to do for our 60th? Other class items: Bill Dwyer’s grandson starts at Notre Dame in September, making four generations of Dwyers at ND. Anne and Jack Mertens proudly report that their son, NYPD Det. Paul Mertens, received the Medal of Valor after being wounded in a shootout. Paul Kraus sent us a note “bragging,” I believe, about his 26-plus grandchildren. — George Koch; 4758 Curtis Lane, Clarkston MI 48346; 248-623-0973; Kochgnl@Yahoo.com

54JD Class SecretaryCarl Eiberger;

14330 Fairview Lane, Golden CO 80401; 303-278-0707; fax 303-278-0113 carleiberger@comcast.net

55 From Olympics to Hall of Fame

Jim Rickling (“My Gym” to Edna Mae) was scheduled to play in the Senior Olympics in Ohio, but several teammates got sick, so they toured, including the Football Hall of Fame. Thanks to Mary and Jim Hesburgh for hosting a reunion cocktail in June. Frank Cunningham, Cy Lindemann, Skip Reiner, Arnie Curnyn, Jim Waters, Frank Orlando and Joe Balobeck registered for our 58th. Don Shanley took his family to Maine to build a wooden sailing boat for his granddaughters. Mack Stewart’s Warm the Children program, which provides winter clothes for poor kids across the country, is accepting donations at mack@warmthechildren.org. Hannah and Bill Kreps and Jerry and Joann Groark enjoyed an ND cruise that included a stop at the Mastrovic Museum in Croatia. Wally Clarke, who led our tennis team, is delighted that his granddaughter was named a High School All-American tennis player. Bill Richardson’s grandsons’ high school track team won national honors, too. Bert Metzger’s family has exceptional soccer players. Nick Pellegrino is starting a photography business in New Jersey. Don Yeckel is cutting back on his board activity in La Jolla to smell the roses, which he grows in his award-winning garden. Leon Ring continues to be our network sleuth, finding missing classmates and obits. He recently tracked down Paul Hartman in Naples, Bill Jackson in California and Bob Kranzke in Texas. Dick O’Rourke fills his spare time with a vegetable garden. One of our globe-trotting businessmen, Jac Fitzenz had to slow down while recuperating from heart surgery. Dick Farrell started his own consulting firm and is now the primary caregiver for his wife, Bridget, who has Alzheimer’s. John Murphy, who hosted Father Jenkins during the Corby Field Mass at the Gettysburg Sesquicentennial, said the reenactment of Pickett’s Charge began about 10 feet from his back porch. Father Jim Blantz, who performed in August at Hollywood’s Magic Castle, was profiled in the_Yuma Sun_. Walt Langford has been busy attending graduations. Con McCarty has downsized, and he and artist wife, Marge, now live in a condo on Cape Cod. Chuck Collins is still practicing law but has given up golf “because I’ve found faster ways to embarrass myself.” Bill Muller, Jack Flynn and Larry Harrison get up at dawn and open their churches for early Mass. George Marr visited his daughter in Arizona. She does dialysis nursing on the Navajo Reservation. Alma and Frank Tonini celebrated their 53rd on the flagship of the MSC Cruise Line, visiting Italian ports. Federico Humbert checked in from Panama, where he still serves as a member of the ND Latin American Council and President’s Circle. Dave Discher celebrated his 80th with 40 friends at a Giants game. Jim Bigelow needs prayers for his daughter, whose cancer is spreading. Pat Haley owns a Colorado oil and gas company. Bob Gahl, whose priest son teaches philosophy in Rome, retired as an architectural consultant to Intel and now lives in Texas. Erney Maher has retired as a pediatrician. After living in California, an ailing John Musolino is moving back to Quincy IL. Jack Battel is the Grand Knight of the KC Council in Hilton Head. Bob Moore continues to serve as the accompanist for the Valley Voices (Pennsylvania). We look forward to his piano artistry at our 60th. Ed Yohon enjoys the Kentucky good life in Lexington. Walt Kaczmerek has four grandchildren graduating this year, two high school and two college. Memorial Masses have been offered for John Bogan, Jim Reno, Malcolm Koons, Sars Ford, James “Staff” Smith, Mike Hoffman, Ray Knoll and Hal Willenborg. — Paul Fullmer; 87 Heatherdowns Lane, Galena IL 61036; 815-777-2008; psfullmer@gmail.com

55JD Class SecretaryJohn Coyne;

john.coyne@abm.com: john.coyne@abm.com

56 Minireunion

Co-president Mark Burns arranged for our minireunion at the Sept. 21 Michigan State game. Mass was celebrated by Chaplain Father Tom Chambers, CSC, at the Welsh Family Hall Chapel; Deacon Jim Revord assisted with the liturgy. Lunch was at the South Dining Hall upstairs dining room. Larry Kennedy, chair of the ’56 Endowed Scholarship Fund, reports the fund continues to grow; the invested market fund as of March 31 was $1,156,036. The book value of total gifts since inception June 1, 2000, to Aug. 1, 2013, was $872,689. Scholarship awards from the fund are unrestricted and recipients are selected by the University’s Office of Student Financial Services. Specify ND ’56 Scholarship Fund on the memo line of your check and the reply card. Put a note on the check as well. Your class officers and former honorees selected three classmates who will serve as 2013-14 honorees: Class VP Paul Noland of Glen Ellyn IL, Bill Warren of Tulsa and Jim Mense of Hamilton OH. They are matched up with three senior Student Scholarship Award recipients chosen by the ND Scholarship Office. Treasurer Ed Cosgrove (825 Delaware Ave; Buffalo NY 14202) thanks you for your contribution to the Class Fund and enjoys hearing from you. Recent funding and notes came from Jim Ryther, Fred D’Arienzo, Dick Crowley, Frank Conte and John Murray. Bob “the Bard” McKenty wrote, “I’m reading Ron Rolheiser. . . . He extends Paul’s ‘There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus’ to include neither Catholic nor Protestant, liberal or conservative, gay or straight, among others.” I think he’s got it right. Roger Ewald emailed, “There were seven of us from St. Bede’s (Ottawa IL) class of 1952 who went to ND: besides four twins, Jim Finnegan, Louie Bonucci and Stu Duncan. Rich and I didn’t graduate from ND. Rich Ewald went to dental school and I went to med school.” Rog sent a photo of the St. Bede honors grads of ’52. Karl Martersteck noted, “Terry and I joined the Ventura County ND Club welcoming and supporting the College of Science Dean Greg Crawford as he began his 3,478-mile bicycle ride from LA to Baltimore to raise awareness and funds to fight Niemann-Pick type C disease. Greg took a warm-up ride with a few ND cyclists going from Ventura to Malibu. I rendezvoused with them at Point Mugu and bicycled with them down the Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu.” Deaths since the last issue included: Leo Edward Linbeck Jr. on June 8 in Houston. The family residence is Mrs. Leo (Bette) Linbeck; 2121 Kirby Lane, No. 36, Houston TX 77019-6065. James Lee Massey died on June 16 at his home in Copenhagen, Denmark. Jim was an extraordinary scholar, a gifted teacher, a generous mentor, a true gentleman and a dear friend. His twin brother, Jerry Massey, is at 433 Center St., Slippery Rock PA 16057-1206. Julius A. Perozzi of Glenview IL passed away Oct. 7, 2012. Family address is Mrs. Nancy Perozzi; 2000 Chestnut Ave., Apt. 108, Glenview IL 60025. Emmett Vincent Kenefick Jr. died in St. Paul July 5. Ramon (Ray) Ligouri Snyder MD of Lincoln CA passed away unexpectedly Feb. 13. You’re urged to view the obituaries of all classmates on the obituary link of nd56.org. A Mass was celebrated for each man by Holy Cross priests on campus. Enjoy our web page, made possible by webmaster Dick Yeager; if you would like to like to receive the daily ND56 E-newsletter, call or email me. Please note my new email address. — John Manion; 78402 Silver Sage Drive; Palm Desert CA 92211-1348; 760-772-6056; johndomer56@verizon.com

56JD Notes and Remembrances

Raymond Perry Knoll ’55, ’56JD of Evansville IN passed away on June 3. He practiced law in the Evansville area for many years. The Hon. Patrick Foley ’54, ’56JD of Dayton OH called me to let me know of Knoll’s legacy and share a few fond memories. One of Foley’s favorite memories was their trip during their third year of law school with classmate Joe Gallagher ’54, ’56JD to the Kentucky Derby. The only tickets they could get were in the middle of the infield, and all they saw of the race was a couple horses’ tails flying by for a few seconds. The mint juleps made the trip worthwhile anyway. Knoll was a big fan of ND athletics and also interested in natural resources conservation. In 2007, he received the Vanderburgh County Soil and Water Conservation District’s Urban Conservationist Award. He is survived by his daughter, Laura Lamb, of Evansville. Carl Eck ’54, ’56JD died in June. He had lived in the Pittsburgh area since 1959 and was a founder and senior partner of Meyer, Darragh, Buckler, Bebenek & Eck law firm. He was an active member of the American Academy of Trial Lawyers, the American Law Firm Association, the Allegheny County Bar Association, the Sierra Club and Chartiers Country Club, and he actively supported the DePaul School for Hearing and Speech in Shadyside. He is survived by Jane, his wife of 57 years, and six children. John Joseph Vail, South Amboy NJ, passed away recently. Please note my new address. Keep in touch. — Lauren Sharkey ’08; 1121 W. Webster Ave. Unit 2W, Chicago IL 60614; res 703-927-2089; lksharkey@gmail.com

57 Loss of Many Members

It is not unexpected at our age, but we have lost many classmates since the last column. Ed Smierciak died June 9 of small-cell lung cancer. Ed had survived a year with his diagnosis. He and his wife, Kathy, resided in Ft. Wayne IL and had five children. Dean Studer passed away on May 6. His wife, Connie, died three weeks before that. Seven children survive them. Joseph Taft passed away May 18 in La Jolla CA from complications of a spinal infection. His wife, Elizabeth, and two daughters survive. Ray Hagg of Tyrone PA died on May 24. His wife, Sally, predeceased him in 2003. Three daughters survive. On May 25, Ron Woods passed away at Jupiter FL. He was a philanthropist, industrialist and publisher who built major plastics and magazine businesses. His incredible list of accomplishments was emailed to us by Tom Schriber. Jim Meagher died on June 10. His wife, Marie, preceded Jim in death by several months. A great tribute to Jim was printed in Barron’s_The Wall Street Journal_and_The American Spectator_. John “Jack” Rockne Guinn died June 28 from complications of surgery for an esophageal tumor. Jack is survived by his wife, Katherine. He was the pianist of the Glee Club and played the organ at Sacred Heart on Sundays. He taught in the music departments of the University of Detroit and Wayne State and was the movie critic of the_Detroit Free Press_. Joseph “Joe” A. Lauerman died on June 29. He was the football manager our senior year and, after a stint with the armed forces, worked for General Motors. His wife, Joan, and four children survive him. Jim Kennedy, father of 11, accomplished surgeon, and distinguished professor passed away July 12. His awards and accomplishments would fill the entire column. When his career as a surgeon ended with the diagnosis of Parkinson’s, he returned to Loyola Medical School as a professor in surgery. His wife, Betsy, and all 11 children survive. Bill “the Bapper” Bapst of Jasper GA left us on July 15. He was survived by Sue, his wife of 55 years, and seven children. Lloyd P. Stouder of Turnbill CT died July 30. Jeannine, his wife of 56 years, and six children survived him. Our class has a Mass said on campus for each deceased classmate. Bill Newbold asked for prayers for Bob Arvidson, who is undergoing medical problems. Also Tom Jacobs has requested prayers for Father David McBriar, OSF. Here is good news: Brad McKaig, who requested prayers for his wife, Markie, reported that she has had a remarkable recovery. He is grateful for the prayers of this “memorable class.” Ken Woodward, erstwhile_Newsweek_religion editor, will have much of his work archived at ND. Father John Smyth celebrated his 79th birthday arranged by George Groble. Among those attending were Grace and Jim Milota, John Gibbs, Bob Eckland, Maureen and Ed Chott, Jim Eggers, Carol and Pat Sheerin, Nancy and Ted Wolfe, Carrie and Bob Salvino, Paul D’Amore, Bill Landon, Becky Brennan, and Mary Lou Beggan. Also, kudos to James O’Neill of Plano TX on completing a three-year term on the board of the ND Senior Alumni. Take time to smell the roses and tell someone you love them. Peace. — John A. Slevin; 456 Fulton St., Suite 425, Peoria IL 61602; 309-676-8986; fax 309-676-4130; jaslevin@sbcglobal.net

57JD Class SecretaryThomas S. Calder;

513-271-0560; thomas.calder@dinslaw.com

58 Goodbye Old Friends

We begin with news of the passing of three classmates. Frank Murphy of Oak Park IL died on May 29. He leaves his wife and three children, according to Peter Roberson, who was a classmate of Frank, as well as Phil Prassas and the late Jack “Squire” McGuire at grammar school in Wilmette and at ND. Frank was one of nine boys, including three sets of twins. John S. Moran of Muskegon MI died on March 31. He is survived by his wife, Carol, and son, James ’88. Harry J. Schmidt Jr. MD died April 22. He leaves a brother, Dr. Richard Schmidt, in Biloxi MS. In a happier vein, here is a note from Pat Doherty regarding our 55th Reunion attended by 205 classmates and guests in May: “I have had much playback from classmates, remarking how it was truly a terrific time. Numbers were far beyond what any of us had guessed at the outset. At first we felt we would do well if 100 attended. Memorable highlights: the Class Memorial Mass at which the names of 322 deceased classmates were read; beautiful Mass arrangements by Lou and Bill Scanlon; wonderful musical accompaniment by Ed Thomas at the piano and Glee Clubbers Dave Shannon, Blaise Reardon, Bruce Junius and others; guest speaker Terry Brennan’s words were entertaining, informal and warmly received. Father Don McNeill’s health has improved greatly and he seemed to be having the time of his life. An inspirational moment occurred when Don arranged a private visit for us with Father Hesburgh in his library office and quarters. Father chatted with us for several minutes, shook hands with all and welcomed photos. On Saturday evening, Joe Bride and a panel of classmates presented a witty and sometimes irreverent reminiscence of ND days. Frank Crinella favored us with a donation of 20 cases of fine wine from his California vineyards for our Saturday banquet. Even the chow was excellent, a far cry from mystery meat of yesteryear. Our reunion proved to be a wonderfully ’58 event without being lumped together in the 50-Year Club.” Many thanks to Pat and the classmates who planned and organized the weekend. Pat also announces that on March 4, 2014, our class will gather again at the Tiburon Golf Resort in North Naples FL at 11:30 for the annual luncheon. He estimates that 40 or more classmates will attend. If you can make it, phone Bill Rees, 239-417-2178, or email Jim Indiveri at indiveri@aol.com. Other committee members are Jerry Dahle, Roy Williams, Bill Geary and Pat Doherty. In other news, the Tennessee Court of Appeals named Charles D. Susano Jr. of Knoxville as presiding judge of the 12-member statewide appeals court. Former Gov. Ned McWherter appointed Charles to the court of appeals in 1994. Voters elected him to the post in August 1994 and re-elected him in 1998 and 2006. Charley says, “Believe it or not, I plan to run in the retention election in August 2014, for a new eight-year term.” I marvel at his stamina. As for myself, I have joined the ranks of the retired after 52 years of law practice, which included 30 months as an Air Force judge advocate; nine years as a deputy prosecuting attorney for felony cases; 12 years as a city attorney during three different mayoral administrations and general practice throughout all the years following military service. Tempus fugit. Blessings to all. — Arthur L. Roule; 3725 W. Waverly Road; La Porte IN 46350; alroule@yahoo.com

58JD Class SecretaryJohn F. Murray;

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59 55th Reunion Ahead

Reunion 2014 will be May 29 to June 1. You’ll receive details from the University and Joe Mulligan. Carol and Jerry Trautschold are splitting their time between Jupiter FL and Washington DC. Jerry is vice president of the National Symphony National Trustees. The symphony’s summer music institute program brings 55 young people from across the country to DC each summer, where they receive master classes and give a number of concerts at the Kennedy Center. Father Jim Thornton, CSC, is living at Casa Santa Cruz in Phoenix with nine other CSC priests and a brother. His “retirement” ministry is presenting about 30 Worldwide Marriage Encounters each year. Dick Collins has been named Physician of the Year by the Arizona Medical Association. Rich Lombardi is living in Woodstock IL and staying active with his insurance business and golf challenges. Jorge Zablah is still living and working in El Salvador. The class was well-represented on a July cruise sponsored by the ND Club of Cape Cod out of Sesuit. Denny Sullivan, Father Paul (Terry) Lamb, Dick Amaral, Fritz Jelenik and Jim Merz were on board. Jeb Brunner is vice president of the ND Club of Southwest Florida. They recently honored Paul Hockwalt ’35 on his 100th birthday. Denny Powell is still practicing law in Salinas CA. He and Jean are active in their parish and leaders in evangelization through the Knights of Columbus. Denny is one of a number of classmates who mention thoughts of the good old days: $1,800 to $2,000 for tuition, room and board, football ticket and laundry service. It compares to about $55,000 today. Knute Cavanaugh retired from orthopedic practice after 40 years in Longmont CO. He still volunteers twice a month in Salud Clinic, which focuses on indigent patients. He is a lung cancer survivor. Tom Londrigan and crew made their annual appearance in the Mackinac Race and finished second of 300 boats. Tom McTernan and his wife, Pauline, are active with St. Joseph Catholic Academy in Kenosha WI, one of many schools supported by the ACE Program. Tom received a lifetime achievement award for his 20-plus years of service as the ombudsman director of the Wisconsin Employers Support of the Guard and Reserve. There has been discussion as to what high school sent the most graduates into our class. Unless someone challenges, the winner looks like Fenwick High School of Oak Park IL. They sent 32, of whom 12 have passed on. A core group from Naples FL says hello: Tom Sweeney, Bob Welch, Butch Reardon, Jack Parker, Terry Moloney, Chas Phillips, Knute Cavanaugh, Sunny Sunseri and Dick Chapura. Someone should take the lead and form a “ND-59 Club.” Chuck Hummer has been challenged with ALS for a number of years and is to be admired for the leadership he has shown in Florida and nationally. He has moved to New Hampshire to be close to family. Our second annual James A. Fowler Award was presented this year to Air Force ROTC Cadet Jordan Hoover ’14. I am sorry to report the passing of Thomas R. “TY” Hayes May 18 in Glendale GA; David “Duke” Cook July 26 in Portland OR (Father Chuck Dahm, OP, presided); Ed Neubauer June 8 in Boca Raton FL; Ron Hammond Feb. 23 in Trenton MI; Ann Brocato, the wife of Joe Brocato, May 6 in Memphis TN. Please visit FaithND at faith.nd.edu and the Senior Alumni website, ndsenioralumni.org. Peace and good health. — Jim Keegan; 1401 Clinton St., Wilmington DE 19806; 302-429-0545; keeganjm@dca.net

59JD Class SecretaryWilliam J. Harte;