The Artist and the Wheels of Time Autumn 2016

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The Last Victorian

by John Nagy ’00M.A.

Whether art, artifact or architecture, Jack Simmerling ’57 spent his life creating and capturing the beauty he saw around him.

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Extreme Measures

by Robert Schmuhl ’70

LBJ knew that getting the Civil Rights Act passed would cost the Democratic Party for decades to come, but — according to Father Hesburgh — he resorted to strong-arm tactics anyway.

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What’s Best for Them

by Kerry Temple ’74

The pursuit of excellence starts early and drives many young people toward the nation’s elite colleges and universities. But success has its costs, and victims.

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Charity Comes Home

by Jihyun Park ’17

Students who are overbooked and overburdened should make time to care for themselves.

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Unexpected Beauty

by Michael Berberich ’79

Traveling along Route 66, at a motel breakfast bar in Holbrook, Arizona, a lovely act of generosity begs us to look at life the way we look at art.

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Let’s Listen In

by Monsignor Michael Heintz ’08Ph.D.

The priest was talking to seminarians, but his advice is good for everyone.

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Rockin’ Red Rocks

by Kevin Brennan ’07

At a house on St. Peter, back in ’98, two Notre Dame students promised to play music together for the rest of their lives. This past July almost 18,000 raucous, cheering, dancing fans celebrated the pact as ND-infused Umphrey’s McGee jammed two Rocky Mountain nights.

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