Let's Have Some Fun! Spring 2016

Let's Have Some Fun! cover


For the Sheer Fun of It

by Andrew Santella

It’s More Than Make-believe

by David Devine ’94

New World Explorer

by Tess Gunty ’15

Rodeo Queen

by Susan Guibert ’87, ’93M.A.

It’ll Be Good for You

by David Kinney ’94

Out Past My Bedtime

by James Seidler ’02

Obsessions for $800

by John Everett ’08

Riding on for Dear Life

by Valerie Sayers


by Kristen Dold ’09

Fun for You Maybe

by Katie Dow

The Lovely Lady from White Rock Lake

by Tim Rogers ’92

Playing Through

by Dennis Lopez ’74

Catcher in the Park

by Daphne Baille ’83

Flying Fish

by The Editors

And He’s Off

by Jamie Reidy ’92

What Are We Working For?

by James Scofield O’Rourke IV ’68

Here, Let Me Help

by Nick Stahlschmidt ’06

Red Carpet, Green Rooms, Borrowed Diamonds

by Arienne Thompson ’04

Veering off Script

by Marc Conklin ’91

Primarily New Hampshire

by Megan Doyle ’13

Virologist at Play

by Charles H. Calisher ’61M.S.

Making Laughter

by The Editors

Don’t Forget Now

by Alex Beam

My Little House Made of Sticks

by Kenneth Garcia ’08Ph.D.