From South Bend to Shakespeare Autumn 2017

From South Bend to Shakespeare cover


The Brightest Heaven of Invention

by Jason Kelly ’95

On the journey of a lifetime to perform in England, the young actors of the Robinson Shakespeare Company experience the power of words and the dazzle of spectacle, the weight of history and the height of creativity.

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The Story Catcher

by Michael N. McGregor

In his essays, novels and life, Brian Doyle ’78 traveled to the very edges of reality, spirit, nature and mystery.

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Good Grief

by Andrew Santella

We humans have devised a medley of responses to cope with the specter of death.

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Notre Dame's 21st Century Building Boom

by Daniel LeDuc ’83

New construction transforms a campus being remodeled to advance the University's ambitions.

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Life Affirming?

by Richard W. Garnett

What does the nation's conscience now say about the value of human lives?

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The Storied Life

by Tess Gunty ’15

Meditations of a once-aspiring mystic on the brink of growing up.

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Treasure Hunters

by Kenneth Garcia ’08Ph.D.

About a mile beneath the surface of the Earth, where miners once searched for gold, Notre Dame physicists now dig for unseen secrets of the universe. And Ken Garcia is on their trail.

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Not a Trivial Pursuit

by Katie Rose Quandt ’10

Shayne Bushfield ’94, aka Thorsten A. Integrity, quit his job to run an online game now played by 8,500 of the smartest people in the world.

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La Cueca Sola

by Nathan Stone ’79

The women of Chile danced alone back then, dancing for the Families of the Disappeared, as a way to denounce the senseless loss of sons and lovers stolen in the dark of night, never seen again.

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