God, Country, Notre Dame Summer 2017

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175 and Counting

Some things to know about Notre Dame, its life and times.

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En Route

by Jason Kelly ’95

The saga of Father Edward Sorin's journey from France across the American frontier to the place called Sainte-Marie-des-Lacs.

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The Passing of Ancestral Lands

by Brian S Collier

Pioneers, priests and warriors invade the Potawatomi world.

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The Priest and the Cree

by Jonathan Ryan

The story of Father Constantine Scollen reveals the conflicting postures of Church and government toward the people already living on the land.

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The Stationmaster

by Sean O'Brien ’95, ’01J.D., ’02LL.M.

Thomas Bulla and Father Sorin were neighbors back when fugitive slaves were riding the Underground Railroad, their flight through South Bend aided by the man who lived about where Flanner Hall stands today — and whose sense of "neighbor" followed biblical ideals.

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The Littlest Domers

by Marion T. Casey

For half its existence the University also educated boys aged 5 to 12.

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What's Different?

with Ken Woodward ’57 and Martin Marty

A conversation between friends whose work has been examining the place of religion in America highlights some changes in the cultural landscape.

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The Education of Barry Lopez

by Barry Lopez ’66, ’68M.A.

One of Notre Dame's most distinguished alumni speaks of his lifetime of learning and writing — what he found here and later finding what was missing.

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Living Art

by Eric Butterman

Walk into the studio of Billy Hassell ’78 within the Fairmount Historic District of Fort Worth, and the birds practically call out to you, shrieking from canvases vibrant with color.

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