50 Treat Everyone with Respect (Even Michigan and USC Fans)


In response to a mention of the passing of Dr. Michael Meaney in the last Class Notes, Rev. Bob Hofstetter wrote me an email in which he expressed his recollection of Mike. “He was one of the closest friends that I had at ND. He was a brilliant student and always an inspiration and challenge for me. I have not heard anything from or about him for well over 50 years. I would like very much to contact his wife, Francette, to let her know that I am offering a Mass for Mike and that she and the family are in my prayers.” Dr. Eugene Campanale passed away at Notre Dame on Feb. 13 at age 88. Gene graduated from high school in Mishawaka in 1946 and then became a Double Domer, earning two degrees by 1951. He served in the Army during the Korean Conflict and became a teacher afterward. In 1961, Gene graduated from Indiana U in Bloomington with a doctorate in education. His obituary in the South Bend Tribune stated, “Gene was the first lay person to become chairman of the Education Department at Saint Mary’s College. He taught at Saint Mary’s for 26 years before retiring in 1996.” The article also described his personality as follows: “Gene loved people and never met a stranger. He did not care what you did for a living, as long as you were honest. He always asked people their name and then addressed them by their name. Everyone was treated with respect, even Michigan and USC fans.” Gene is survived by his wife of 34 years, Rosalie (nee Glaub), along with eight children and 11 grandchildren. Robert Hormberg died at age 91 on March 13 in Belleville IL. He was a Navy veteran of World War II and later became a self-employed insurance broker, owner of Hormberg Insurance Agency. Robert is survived by his wife, Joan (nee Soucy), four children and four grandchildren. Donald Patterson Jr., age 91, passed away on Feb. 2 in Oak Park IL. He was awarded the Purple Heart during his military service during World War II. He was married to the late Jean (nee Fitzpatrick) and later to Rogette (nee Schlammes), who survives. Donald leaves behind a very large family. Robert Riordan died at age 89 on April 13 in Rockford IL. He was the eldest of nine siblings and graduated from ND with a degree in mechanical engineering. He served in the Korean Conflict as a member of the US Army Corps of Engineers. Later, he worked for several firms, including Studebaker, Bendix, General Electric, Wayne Pumps and Chandler Evans. Prior to his retirement, he became a master engineer for Sunstrand. Robert was preceded in death by his wife, Ann, but is survived by a son and daughter and several grandchildren. I’m sure I’ve missed a few memorials during the last year, so if you know of anyone who passed away since the 65th reunion, please let me know. Football season will have started by the time this edition is released. Go Irish. — Jim Coogan ’91; 6018 Oxpen Court, Apt. 101, Alexandria VA 22315; jcooganv@alumni.nd.edu

51 Generous to Mass Fund


Hi everybody. I hope you enjoyed your summer. Here in California, we have had a very hot period, and many of us have been surrounded by large fires. It is a big fear especially for those in wooded areas. As I write this column, I realize that football season is fast approaching. Oh my, I can hardly wait. All of us hope we don’t have another season like last year. Our schedule this year will not be easy. Let’s hope for the best. A big thank you to Andy McKenna, Chicago, for a beautiful check to our Mass Fund. Andy has been very gracious to our class. Thank you so much. I received a nice note from Al Bailey, Ann Arbor MI, saying that he and Mary were guests of Rev. John I. Jenkins, CSC, ’76, ’78MA at this year’s graduation. The Baileys added to their note by stating that the Notre Dame family has grown since their niece’s husband received his MBA. Al said that he and Mary are doing well, and looking forward to attending a couple of football games this fall. I wanted all of you to know that Jane and I attended the reunion in June. I am sorry to say that we were the only ’51 class members who were registered. We were overwhelmed with the many changes on campus. New buildings were everywhere since our last visit to campus last year. Jane and I celebrated our 67th wedding anniversary. We attended Mass in Sacred Heart at the same hour, and day of the week we were married. Thanks to Eileen and Bob Murphy, Granger IN, who hosted us at their home for dinner in celebration. It was a wonderful evening. I recently had a chat with Don Grieve, Toledo. Don states he is doing well, and like several of us is having problems with his eyes. Cataract eye surgery did not work properly. Our bio for this issue is about John Rohrbach, Saratoga CA. John lost his wife many years ago. Later, he met the beautiful, spirited Harriet Johnson. After 16 years together Harriet, left for Colorado for memory care. Battling the normal elderly ailments, John said life has been good. We thank John for his nice check for our Mass Fund. I had a wonderful telephone visit with Bill Hagan, Roswell GA. Bill is doing fine. If you have a moment, I am asking you to say a prayer for former vice-president of our school, and my close friend, Jim Gibbons ’53. Jim is a former teammate who needs all the help we can give him. A true Notre Dame man. Jim Jennings, Chicago, sent word that the popular Thursday night Beer and Poker Club of Chicago met once again. This group was formed after our reunion in 1956. I want to congratulate the members who have been so loyal to each other all these years. Jim Jennings brought some folks together a couple of months ago. Those in attendance were Joan and John Gerlitis, Jim and Dick Garrity, and Jeanne Rigali, widow of Joe Rigali. Mary and Bob Clemency intended to attend, but Mary developed a foot problem, which stopped them from attending. Does anybody know why the word Buick does not rhyme with the word quick?  Best wishes to all of you. Keep me posted on anything. — Jimmy Gillis; 3267 Rossmoor Parkway, No. 4, Walnut Creek CA 94595; 925-932-6454; jimjanegillis@aol.com


52 Reunion Redux


Reunion reports continue to be positive. It was our best. Kudos to George Heidkamp for putting it all together and to Ed Sullivan for compiling the awesome set of class bios. Pietro Raimondi immigrated to the US from Italy, having experienced the gravity of WWII, during which his parents and brother died. Among his memories: trading greetings in Italian with Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, CSC. Pietro earned his masters from ND, followed by a doctorate in chemical engineering at Carnegie Mellon. That launched a 26-year career at Gulf Oil Research Company with post-retirement teaching at the U of Pittsburgh. Dick Sheridan can boast of three careers: industrial machinery, hospital supplies, and the manufacture and distribution of products used in prisons. He and wife Molly have lived in four states. They have four children, eight grands, and three great grands. George Hammer’s 60-year career revolved around the family business, distributing altar wine in six Midwest states. ND was its largest customer, with the product delivered in barrels. Serving in Korea with the 2nd Infantry Division, he was wounded in the Iron Triangle, recuperating in Japan. Jane and Tom Desser ’86MBA were married in November 1951 and immediately acquired a family farm in Michigan. His winter job was as a welder with GM, but he later switched to finance where he served for 41 years. Jane is an artist, having rendered more than 500 paintings and sculptures. Within their extended family, a nephew piloted the Russian vehicle to the Space Station in April. Double Domer Bill McFadden’55 JD began his career with the Air Force JAG, and despite passing the Texas and New York bar exams, dedicated himself to the world of Wall Street. Bill retired as a senior VP at UBS and a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force Reserve. As a history buff, his retirement has included membership in Civil War and Revolutionary War round tables, along with playing some “very bad golf.” Jack Economou ’58JD devoted his legal career as a sole practitioner in Poughkeepsie NY. This led to valued community roles, ranging from mayor to city judge, as he persevered in public service. His retirement to NYC has seen him taking courses at Columbia. Following forays into banking and investing, Bob Mortensen enjoyed a successful career in the classroom, including service in Japan. Post retirement, he has dedicated 18 years as a hospice volunteer, which he described in essays in this magazine. He and wife Jan have three children, two of whom are ND grads. Immediately after graduation, Dick Donovan joined General Motors in Milwaukee and roomed with Pat Hawley and Bob Mills ’50. After a number of industrial jobs, he became an entrepreneur, creating Dytron Corp., producer of specialty welding wires, marketed throughout the world. Neal Moore reports that his career revolved around cars: three automakers, five automotive suppliers and a couple of ventures of his own. His travel hobby has seen him visit 70 countries. Spencer Kleugel earned his law degree from the U of Minnesota. The last 17 years, he and his wife have made their home in a 35-foot RV. It’s Mexico in the winter and Idaho in summer. Last year they undertook an 8,000 mile tour across the country. Carl Carlson’s career has included secret construction projects for the Navy and development of innovative concrete products that accelerated the growth of his family enterprise. They also led to a new manufacturing plant and a couple of acquisitions that furthered its success.­­ — Ron Zier; 164 Brewster Road, Wyckoff  NJ 201-447-6667; ronaldirishguy@aol.com


53 Chicago Lunch Date Changed


Be alert to the fact the Chicago gathering is Oct. 13. The change was occasioned by a logistics problem. It will be the same restaurant, Maggianos, same hours, same format. If you haven't made your reservation, call Eleanor at Tom Reedy’s office, 847-832-2307. The Notre Dame Magazine class columns for the Class of ’53, with some lapses, are assembled in a booklet. Columns starting with December 1970 through July 2017, totaling about 175, give a history of the class, sort of. The booklet will be sent to you following the receipt of $85 or more in a remittance payable to ND Class of 1953 Mass Fund. Your remittance will cover the cost of duplication, mailing, the hired stenographic help and overage and will be added to the Mass Fund coffers. Send to me, address as below. Early interest is most gratifying, supply is limited. Since the submission for the summer Issue, the following deaths have been reported: Tom Baker, Houston; John Lux, Joliet; John Maher, Covington; Brendan Cryan, NYC; Thomas McCabe, Elmhurst; Harry Sickler’s wife Dolores, Tyrone; and Ed Greason’s wife Mary, NYC, who passed away more than a year ago and was recently reported. Pray for all class families, living and dead. Tex McMonagle and Bill Maus each have a grandson attending ND, so I hope to see both this fall. (Not what you would call helicopter grandfathers.) Ed Deboer plans to attend the 65th Reunion, and his daughter Diane will accompany him to preclude falls and all those types of problems that beset an 88-year-old. Roland Grabelle sells insurance and annuities worldwide from his office in Osprey FL. Maintenance of the email list is an on-going effort. Verizon dropped support of its email browser and, as a result, Dave Klauerman, Jack Varney and Gerry Carty, and unknowns by the name of Purplecow and Anniessun, were bounced from the most recent mailing effort. Of the names listed in the July column who were for unknown reasons bounced, only one person responded. If you wish to receive the emails, contact me at the email address below for inclusion. This is the last call. John Fortino, our Tucson faithful friend, is back to two cigars a day and an occasional sip, this following removal of a cancerous kidney. Good news: he will be in Chicago in October, complete with hat. Jerry Boehling is conflicted with the Chicago luncheon. The priority is the upcoming marriage of a granddaughter. Jerry and wife Peggy rented a large home to accommodate a family gathering in August at a beach in North Carolina. He and Peggy are “making it” OK, with some health hurdles. He promised to attend the 65th reunion. Father Thomas Smith, CSC, was in South Bend for his vacation from his East Africa post directing the indigenous seminary candidates in a year of contemplation, study and acclimation to religious community living. Over lunch, Father Tom, among other topics, again expressed the appreciation of the Holy Cross Mission Center for the generosity of our class in funding the Mass-a-Day Program. The program is always open for contributions. Please send information about your activities or the activities of other classmates with whom you are in contact. Your friends really are interested. — Jerry Mulvihill; 60413 Sumption Trail, South Bend IN 46614; res 574-287-3460; domerhill@aol.com


53JD Class Secretary Bob Berry;


5806 Spaulding St., Omaha NE 68104; 402-457-4142; yokeemup@aol.com


54 Class Website


Because of the importance of our class website (1954.undclass.org), I have chosen it as the subject for our column. The following are some of the subjects on the website. Milt Beaudine passed away on May. Gene Henry and Mike Beaudine made comments on the life he led and some of the actions and organizations in which he belonged and that he died with dignity, and with the rosary in his hand. Also on this site are eulogy comments on Bill Guilfoile, a former class president who died July 9, 2016 and John Lattner who died in Feb. 13. As previously requested, please notify Max Plante (max.plante@att.net) or George Koch of any recent deaths of a classmate. Additional comments on the website include the agenda and actions agreed to in our business meeting held on June 1; our Class Mass on June 2; and the presentation of Dr. Carolyn Woo, president and CEO at Catholic Relief Services 2011-2016, and former dean of the Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business 1997- 2011. Here are our action items. Class scholarship report: As of March 31, our fund has a book value of $185, 379.01 and a market value of fund $317,814.38. A question was asked by Tom Campbell regarding the life expectancy of our fund. It is good until 2029 but could be extended if our class has young people (offspring) who meet other basic required criteria. Reunion dinner attendees: Charlie Allen, Louis Bernardi and his son Tony, Father David Burell and his sister Nancy Klee, Tom Campbell and Mary Ann Campbell and son-in-law Brian Lopena, Natalie and Phil Doell, Walt Dushcka and his niece Janine, Dick Hull and Maria, Geraldine and Joe Mesec, Jack Mooney and Sherie, Julie and John Poirer, Linda and Ken Schwarz, Lola and me, Betty and Bob Urbanski, Dick Pilger, Alice and Gene Henry, Romie Zanetti, and widows Loretta Guilfoil and Jane DeShriver. Alumni Association: Dolly Duffy ’84 issued a letter to the classes asking for our assistance in identifying new initiatives aimed at learning how the Alumni Association can support Notre Dame’s alumni and parents by providing new programs, services and actions. Please provide me with your thoughts and suggestions and I will respond for us. I will also contact the NDSA. Miscellaneous: On Friday morning, June 2, we had a memorial Mass where Charlie Allen read the names of 40 classmates who have died during the past year. The Mass was said by Father Doyle, CSC, who assisted Father Hesburgh in his final years. Father Doyle was assisted by Father Gaffney, CSC, who is leaving for Bangladesh to start a new Notre Dame school. Both stayed on after the Mass to answer questions regarding their careers and their goals for the future. Tailgate: Tom Campbell will host a tailgate gathering for home day games. Please note the Miami of Ohio game begins at 5 p.m. while the others begin at 3:30 p.m. His tent will be in the stadium parking lot, near gate C with his Marine flag flying high. Thank you to Dick Hull and Jack Mertens for volunteering to become class officers if a position opens up on the board. Obituary listing: Milt Beaudine, John Dwyer, John Cunningham, Jack Nashert Sr., Mary Witter, John Daniels, James Richards, Joseph Huebner, David Gilsdorf, Thomas Neumayr, Robert McCormack, Robert Riley, Richard Nixon, George O’Connell. — George Koch; 4758 Curtis Lane, Clarkston MI 48346; 248-623-0973; kochgnl@yahoo.com


54JD Class Secretary Carl Eiberger;


14330 Fairview Lane, Golden CO 80401; 303-278-0707; carleiberger@comcast.net


55 Thanks to All


I can’t thank all those enough who sent letters, cards and emails after learning that my pulmonary fibrosis would force me to give up my secretarial duties. Some brought tears to the eyes of this curmudgeon. Thankfully, volunteers quickly responded. Tom Magill will serve as Class secretary, John Connaughton will write the newsletter with assistance from Ed KellyDick Burke will handle Mass cards and stipends. Jack Flynn will coordinate the scholarship program. Bob McGrath, with assistance from Leon Ring will continue as webmaster and mail man. Dave Metz’ family dominated Oak Hill’s golf festivities in Rochester on July 4, with son Steve even making a hole-in-one. It was good to hear that Joe McGlynn is back on his feet after a horrific bike accident. He and Magill represented us at the Alumni Association’s past presidents’ meeting on Sept. 9. The death of Ara Parseghian reminded Father Joe O’Donnell of the times when they were part of a regular handball foursome and our padre still revels in his three rare singles victories over the coach. Leo Callaghan is excited about expanding the school in Haiti to a full high school. The solar facilities are being expanded so the buildings can be used at night. Tom Schreitmueller reports continued progress on the construction of the school in Bangladesh as part of our Brother Donald Becker Project. Mack Stewart, who unfortunately suffered a severe burn in an accident, is still promoting his Warm the Children program. Donation info on all three projects can be found on our website, ND55.org. Bob DeBrey has switched his design talents to sculpture, where he is focusing on religious themes. Bob Voyt placed near the top of his class in the Mackinac yacht race. Pat and Matt Moran celebrated his 85th with a Mass at the Basilica. Kathy and Dick Mueller recommend an 11-day cruise from Toronto to Chicago. To celebrate their 57th, Alma and Frank Tonini cruised from Le Havre to Genoa. Joan and Don Cavett enjoyed a river cruise that included stops in Budapest and Vienna. Tim Devereux has opened a gallery for his wide-range of “stuff” in Brookfield IL. With their huge family, Donie and Frank Schmidt have been busy traveling to graduations. Barbara Muller, widow of Bill Muller, reports that a third generation Muller will start ND this year. Evan Muller will be one of 12 Fullmer Scholars for the coming year. Eight are grandchildren of ’55ers. Grandparents of Fullmer Scholars include Peter Ritten, Max Roesler, Emett Root, Bernie Smyth and Sam BudnykPaul Cardinal spent time in Oregon with family but returned with giant cell arteritis, but is OK now. Exploring family roots, Eleanor and Carroll Dowden chose Montreal for their annual family vacation. At the summer Chicago gathering, Jim Ehret, Joe Kearney and Jack Flynn reported on their graduation trips. Ehret had dinner with Jim Stevens, Bob Fisher, Chuck Bennett and Judy Kilberg, widow of Bill Kilberg, in Florida. Ron Davis got together with his San Diego family, while I outlined plans to move to that area. Jack Pinter enjoyed a two-hour tour of the USS Nimitz arranged by his daughter in Seattle. Jerry Prassas said his family had great fun in the Dominican Republic over Christmas. John Hester traveled to Washington, Cleveland and Myrtle Beach. Dick Burke who said his heart procedure went well, was hosting family. Joanne and Pat Kearns visited friends and family throughout California and even visited Park City UT and the Winter Olympic Village. Bob Arrix and Joe Stein had lunch with their sons on Father’s Day. Lee Crean is thrilled to have three children living nearby in New Orleans. Jack Battle spent two weeks in Maine with his daughter. Don Shanley was smiling after posting a perfect 25-of-25 at a recent shooting competition. The John Hobbs family gathered to celebrate their 60th anniversary. Larry Harrison has moved to Boise ID and John Hamilton has downsized in Virginia Beach. Don Gels played with The Fairfield Counts throughout the summer. Prayers are requested for John Russo and Jim Duffy. Memorial Masses have been requested for Gene Lesmez, Steve Rebora, Tony Micale, Bob Dryden, John Haddox, Dick Farrell and Jim Bergquist. Thanks for the great memories, troops, especially at the reunions Sandra always enhanced with super gifts. — Paul Fullmer; 87 Heatherdowns Lane, Galena IL 61036; 815-777-2008; psfullmer@gmail.com


55JD Law Updates


In memoriam:  Patricia Harrison informed me that her husband Peter Harrison passed away July 27, 2015. His services were held at St. Francis Xavier Church in Wilmette IL. Peter served 31 years as a captain in the Navy. Thomas King passed away on April 12 in Toledo, his boyhood home. In June 2017, Tom’s life was featured in a beautiful article in the Irish American News, published in Cleveland. If anyone would like a copy, please contact me. Charlie Carroll retired from his law practice in 1974, after serving as deputy attorney general for Wyoming. Since then he has spent his time investing in the stock market and traveling, plus visiting his four daughters. He enjoys good health since recovering from a heart attack in 2013. Richard Girard lives in Evanston IL, where he practiced law for 40 years. Then he spent 11 years in the Evanston Public Library system. He has been married to Nancy Girard for 53 years, and the couple enjoys their seven grandchildren. Their four daughters include a school teacher, hospital manager, nurse practitioner and a corporate tax attorney who is a 1999 Notre Dame graduate. William Nye was a sole practitioner in Elkhart IN for 50 years. After retirement, he moved to Littleton CO and spends time skiing and hiking. Betty, his wife of 54 years, died in 2017. They had five girls and one son, Billy. The children are spread out over Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona and California. Harry Snyder married his childhood sweetheart 62 years ago and still lives in Saratoga Springs NY. His seven children are spread across the country. Their family includes three lawyers, a doctor, a builder, a speech pathologist and a social worker. He still sees a few clients and is able to spend four months each winter in Florida. John Vuono actively practices law in Pittsburgh with his firm, Vuono & Gray. His son and daughter are in the firm. All of John’s five children are ND alumni. He also has 16 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. For the past 25 years, John has been a member of the Notre Dame Law School Advisory Council, which enables him to return to the law school several times a year. My granddaughter, Katie Coyne ’10, graduated in June from Wright State College of Medicine and is a doctor at University Hospital in Cleveland. — Jack Coyne; 19040 Shelburne Road, Shaker Heights OH 44118; res 216-932-2178; bus 216-781-1980; john.coyne@abm.com


56 Minireunion Planned


Mark Burns, president and chairman of the ND ’56 annual fall minireunion, with help from Larry Kennedy and Bob Welsh, laid out the plans for the 2017 affair, which will be Oct. 28, the North Carolina State game weekend. The annual memorial Mass will start at 11a.m. in Welsh Family Residence Chapel. This will be followed at noon by an excellent lunch in a private dining room of the Morris Inn. Treasurer Ed Cosgrove is the lead man for this activity, and it will give you an opportunity to hand him your contribution for the ND ’56 operating expenses, $25 or more if you would feel better. The Morris Inn dining experience is always a treat, and you will enjoy meeting friends in a pleasant atmosphere. Please plan on being with us. Three students will be introduced as recipients of the ND ’56 Endowed Scholarship for the 2017-18 academic year. Earnings have nudged our account to the point that this year’s winning students will receive upwards of $70,000, apportioned among them by the ND scholarship office according to need. Fund chairman Larry Kennedy will provide details. The Class of 1956 Endowed Scholarship Fund has an invested market value as of March 31 of $1,537,300. The book value of total gifts to June 19, 2017 was $1,003,614. New on the lost list are Jim Ehrenreich of Lackawanna NY, Tom Mann of Pasadena CA, Ted Lum of Honolulu, Jim Schuetz of Chesterfield MO and Bill Teschke of the Phoenix area. Please email me with any help. Dr. Angelo Capozzi wrote, “Louise and I visited family in The Netherlands and Rome. Then, we headed for a cruise and visits to Greece and Israel. Congratulations, Dr. Angelo, on your birthday; it’s just another number. He asks us to pray for Al Parillo who is in poor health in New Jersey. Bob Simkins sounded good on the phone, but his diabetes hospitalized him this past winter. The VA Medical Center in Lexington KY admitted him this summer for extended testing to avoid having to amputate one or both feet. Please let me know if you are aware of any others in ill health. This has been a challenging year for many in the ND ’56 family. Ginny Eichelman urged prayers for her hubby Bob Eichelman. He’s receiving hospice care in Florida. Jack Moriarty is receiving excellent care and continues life at Canandaigua VA Medical Center. From Buffalo, our treasurer Ed Cosgrove keeps ND ’56 solvent, raises monies for senior religious folks in the diocese, makes appearances at his high school to keep its prominence, and works on being the best husband. He keeps a backbreaking schedule in court. Don Thompson spent several weeks in hospital care following strokes; he’s mighty glad to have the ladies of the family providing such fine care at home. He has his computer on; email him at dcth@earthlink.net. Kudos to Hermann Wolz for helping keep the ND ’56 email list. Now, if Mary and Jerry Sweeney would get back on line. The University board of trustees includes John Burgee, Pat McCartan, Bill Warren and Bob Welsh. All have the title trustee emeriti, and serve the full roll except with no voting powers. Burgee’s new address is 146 Coronada Circle, Santa Barbara CA 93108. Obituaries since the last issue can be seen at the time of release in the Sunday e-newsletter, or 24/7 on our Web page: www.nd56.org/obituaries: Jack Cooney died April 20, Tom Shanahan died Dec. 27, 2011, John E. Raub died July 12, Dr. John Goedecke  died May 18, Bob Minck died June 17, J. Patrick Ogren died June 3. — John F. Manion; 78402 Silver Sage Drive, Palm Desert CA; 760-772-6056; johndomer56@verizon.net


56JD Class Secretary Lauren Sharkey ’08;


330 N. Wabash, Suite 2800, Chicago IL 60611; 703-927-2089; lksharkey@gmail.com


57 60th Reunion


The 60th Reunion was a grand and glorious affair. Unfortunately, many were unable to join us. Many were physically unable to make it to South Bend. Far too many were “on the wrong side of the sod.” On the pleasant side, four very attractive widows joined us: Becky (Tom) Brennan, Mary Lou (John) Beggan and Mary Beth (Frank) O’Brien joined us Thursday night, appropriately at O’Brien’s Pub, for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Rosie (Eddie) Sullivan was with us Saturday for dinner at the Morris Inn. Election of officers produced Paul Byron, as president, Tom Schriber, as VP for Internet, Dennis Troester as treasurer and yours truly as secretary. Those passing away since the last column include Henry Laver on April 6, leaving his wife Minnie and four daughters. He resided at 112 Devereaux, Thomasville GA; Richard “Dick” Brennan, 20 Surf Road, Cape Elizabeth ME 04107. Dick was survived by his wife Beverly and four children. John T. Thomas died suddenly in July leaving two daughters and his wife Barbara (“Winnie”). John was a pilot for 20 years in the Air Force and then was a pilot for the California Energy Commission. He remained close with Pat Sweeney and resided at 2216 Volunteer Trail, Virginia Beach VA 23456. I am sad to advise our class treasurer Bob Eckland lost his battle with cancer only a few days after our reunion. Many classmates were in attendance at his funeral Mass. Also, a dear friend, W.A. “Tony” Bushell passed from cancer here in Peoria in June. He was with us freshman year in Farley Hall. He left his wife Sandy and eight children. Al Mooney left us on March 26 leaving his wife, Jennett, along with one adult child. He resided at 16 Nannum Blvd. West, Saginaw MI 48602. Menillo Bello died Dec. 16 leaving wife May, and five children. He lived at 2076 W. 233rd St., Torrance CA, 90501. Anthony “Tony” Yurchak of 5 Lynchburg Court, Orchard Park NY, 14129, is survived by his wife, Eleanor. On May 27, James Rose died. He is survived by three brothers, one of whom was a priest. Robert “Bobby” Ward ’58 passed away. He started with our class. Only recently have we learned of the death of Gerald E. McNerney. He was survived by his wife, Lorraine. They lived at 16351 Rotunda Drive, Apt. 6, Dearborn MI 48120. Fred J. Turner passed away March 16 and is survived by his wife Claire and three children. Fred lived at 28477 Highgate Road, Bonita Springs FL 34135. Jon Kubiak lost his wife, Elaine this July. She and Jon had one son. Jon was also a member of the ND Law Class of ’60. Jenny and Joe Rink have requested our prayers. Jenny has been having back problems and Joe has developed a blood clot in his calf following knee surgery causing severe swelling and pain. Bob LaCassa wrote requesting prayers for Bob Fraser, his roommate all four years. Bob had a series of small strokes and is in assisted living. Jim Fluhr is another health-challenged classmate needing prayers. Steve Penny has esophageal cancer and is to undergo chemo and radiation. He asked that you say “a couple of Hail Marys” for him. K. J. Phelan is in hospice for lung cancer and in need of our prayers. In pleasant news, for a change, Ken Woodward was awarded a first place award by the Catholic Press Association, which called his Getting Religion a “champion book to have, read and retain … engaging, informative and entertaining.” While you are able, please send $25 for 2018 class dues to class treasurer Dennis Troester, 1410 E. Monroe, South Bend IN 46615. And don’t forget to smell those flowers. Peace. — John A. Slevin; 6123 Mandalay, Peoria IL 61614; 309-453-8986; jslev57@gmail.com


57JD Class Secretary Thomas S. Calder;


513-271-0560; thomas.calder@dinslaw.com


58 Remembering Friends


Our sympathy is extended to the family of Donald J. Reilly who passed away on May 18 in Jupiter FL, where he lived for the past 19 years. He and his twin brother and classmate Kevin, who preceded him in death, grew up in Manhasset NY, graduating from Chaminade High School. After graduation from ND, Don attended Fordham Law School and was a longtime member of the New York Stock Exchange. Don is survived by his wife Eileen, four children and 13 grandchildren. J. Pat Doherty sends the following announcement: “Back by popular demand is our 1958 12th annual spring luncheon on Tuesday, March 6, 2018, at Tiburon Golf Club in North Naples FL. Please join us for a great buffet lunch, gossip of all sorts, and sharing the noon hour with ’58 ND friends of long standing. (We don’t call ourselves old friends any more). Thirty-five guys came last year, so this is a nudge to all ’58ers who have relocated to southwest Florida, or snowbirds within reasonable driving distance. Maybe 40 will the join the fun next March. Here is our plan for tracking attendees: Please contact Fred Booth at fredbooth3@gmail.com or 941-243-3561. Answers ASAP will help.” Thanks to Pat and his committee of Fred Booth, Jerry Burke, Bill Geary, John Higgins Dave Immonen and Roy Williams. I was able to attend last year and enjoyed it immensely. — Arthur L. Roule Jr.; 3725 W. Waverly Road, La Porte IN 46350; alroule@yahoo.com


58JD Class Secretary John F. Murray;


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59 A First for 59


Over the years, we have had many “firsts” for the class. This year we have a very unusual one. “Quince” Komyatte of Munster IN has a grandson, Jack Komyatte Sheehan ’19, who is one of the three leprechauns for this school year. They split up the various sports, depending on schedules, etc. His father and mother were cheerleaders. Kristin ’90 cheered for 23 consecutive football games and never lost in the stadium. Another first: Jim Sheehan, Jon De Witt and Wray Eckl were the first ND students to study abroad at the U of Vienna in Austria for their junior year, 1957-58. Congrats guys. Jim Langford is still plugging away in South Bend, working on his 13th book, On Compassion. Blackie Pier and Marna of Rio Verde AZ have welcomed and are spoiling their first great granddaughter. The adoption of two grandchildren was finalized in September, increasing their grandchildren count to 13. John Beliveau will coach again this year with the women’s track team at Bates College. He will be teaching pre-law and is working a few days a week in court. Jim Kennedy of Troy MI sold his four printing franchises and is still servicing the printing needs of about 15 accounts. He and Sherrie stay quite active in their church and community. Ernie and Helen Menold are splitting their time between Garnet Valley PA and Sarasota FL. Son Ernie ’82 is now running the family’s contracting business. They have ND and SMC graduates spread throughout the family. There have been many 80th birthdays reported: George Vander Vennet, Harru Leinenweber and David “Tip” Mann in the Chicago area, Bill Whalen and Pete Hackett in the Dayton/Springfield areas of Ohio. P. Val Miller and wife, Adrienne, of New Orleans are helping to raise triplet grandchildren, who are now at Villanova U, Spring Hill College and U of Dayton. Jim Hanlon is doing well in Monterey where he recently shot a “better than age” 78 on the golf course. Bruce MacIntyre of Billings MT finally decided to hang up his spurs as the director of business advocacy and government affairs. He then applied for an open seat on the Billings school board of trustees and was appointed to fill an unexpired term. His wife, Linda, passed away on Oct. 15, 2016. Jim Riley and Diane have been married for 58 years and live in Montgomery TX, 50 miles north of Houston. He retired from Shell and they have five children, 10 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. He finally gave up his hobby of wine making after 40 years but still enjoys visiting the wine country of Napa and Sonoma. I am sorry to report the deaths of Maureen, wife of John “Butch” Reardon, on May 16 in Town and Country MO and Pat Beliveau Thomas, wife of Jack Thomas and sister of classmate John Beliveau, on July 29. Please visit FaithND at faith.nd.edu and the Senior Alumni website. Peace and good health. — Jim Keegan; 1401 Clinton St., Wilmington DE 19806; 302-429-0545; keeganjm@dca.net


59JD Class Secretary William J. Harte;