70 News Galore

Janet and Bill Drozda retired Jan. 1, 2016 and moved from Lansing IL to Peoria AZ. All are welcome to visit. Rita and Al LaReau married in 1971, moved to Kalamazoo in 1976, and in the past two years hiked in Patagonia with the Wilderness Medical Society, toured Crakow and central France, and visited her brother in Palm Springs. Some medical issues have interrupted activities, but they still see their five grandchildren weekly. Geri and John Murtagh have lived in Boca Raton longer than any place on earth, 21 years. During 2016, John bruised his hip and strained a weak rotator cuff, which was repaired Dec. 15. Meanwhile, the Murtaghs toured the Masters in Augusta, visited Toledo for a wedding, and saw the graduation of grandchild who is now at Boston U. Geri took the third grandchild on a cook’s tour of Chicago, followed by a family trip to Montreal and Quebec City, a river cruise in France, and a visit through Parma, Padua, Venice, Perugia, Sorrento, Capri, and Pompeii. They saw the Navy game in Jacksonville, golfed with Lynn and Don Simantz, then golfed in Hilton Head with Marcia and Jim Murphy despite the recent hurricane. Next they visit Dublin as another grandchild finishes her year at Trinity. Cathy and Denis Nolan continue to work for Mary TV/Medjugorje, which daughter Christina joined after a stint as creative producer for Kelly Ripa’s film company. The eight Nolan children and 28 grandchildren are displayed in five beautiful rows on a Christmas card. Only the youngest person looked backwards. Bill Hederman, senior fellow at the Penn’s Kleinman Center for Energy Policy, received the Energy Secretary’s Achievement Award for contributions to development and implementation of the nation’s First Quadrennial Energy Review (QER). It contains “deep analytical rigor, unbiased and fact-based analysis, and sound recommendations for local, state, and federal policymakers.” Bill was senior advisor to Secretary Moniz, deputy for systems integration in the new office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis, and chief architect of the analytic approach developed for the strategic program. With degrees from MIT and Berkeley after ND, he also has served as the founding commissioner of ND’s robotic football program. He will marry this spring in a ceremony concelebrated by his brother and Father Peter Rocca, CSC. Mary T. and O’Malley Smith have celebrated his retirement as shareholder in the legal firm after several years as president. Home renovations, travel, reading and babysitting occupy much of their time. Daughters in New York, Ridgefield CT and Hoboken provided them with three grandchildren, with one due this spring. Jane and John Monnich celebrated her new heart valve by cruising the Elbe. Unfortunately, the river was dry so they received a complimentary cruise on the Rhone in November. Only a lawyer of John’s skill could achieve such compensation. They expect their fifth grandchild in April. This will be the first child for son John; Bill has four. John’s mother-in-law is 97. Marcia and Mike Hammes remain in Vero Beach with agreeable climate and family. Their Christmas portrait displayed two dogs and nine grandchildren among three fine young families. Elise and Chris Servant have established five pillars of retirement, as you would expect from Principal Chris. Accordingly, they took two trips to Block Island RI with children and grandchildren, traveled to Tuscany in September, have begun to “prioritize our interests,” have addressed long overdue tasks, and have continued involvement with Bishop Feehan High School, the Rotary, St. Margaret’s School, and Elise’s mother. Five and a half grandchildren graced their autumn photo. Enjoy your spring and summer. — Don Graham; 1901 S. Glenwood Ave., Springfield IL 64702; 217-652-1560; fever1@me.com

70MBA Class Secretary — John Carroll;

3922 Brintons Mill, Marietta GA 30062; bus 678-218-5204; res 770-973-4588; john.raymond.carroll.1970@alumni.nd.edu

70JD A Common Theme

Late last fall I heard from John Meany, who assured me his tailgate festivities continue before several home games each year. We had apparently missed one another at the Morris Inn by about 30 minutes prior to the Stanford game in mid-October. In early November, Mike Kelleher and Jim Kirker traveled to Florida for some autumn golf and attended the Navy game in Jacksonville. (At least they got to enjoy the golf game.) At Christmas, I heard from many of you and in your correspondence a common theme seemed to be present: grandchildren. Anne and John Klein wrote that John continues to enjoy his retirement with rounds of golf and visits to the Eastern Shore with their grandchildren. Mary Kevin and Jamie Cawley noted that they have six grandchildren who make up an important part of their lives. Nancy and Joe Kane likewise observed that now that Joe is fully retired, he enjoys golf, travel and, you guessed it, grandchildren. One grandchild is a 6 foot 8 high school sophomore making a name for himself on the basketball court. Meanwhile Joyce and Tom Sopko spoke of all their grandchildren including one with whom Tom ran a 5K earlier in the year. Enjoy the spring weather and when you get a chance, drop me an update. If you have some spare time, do not forget to send me your short commentary on our law school days, your professional career and advice to today’s law students for use at our 50th Reunion. — John K. Plumb; 19 Crowley St., Randolph NY 14772; jkplumb@windstream.net

71 Mea Culpa

An apology is due Austin Carr for overlooking the success last season of his Cleveland Cavaliers. After his retirement from playing for Cleveland, Austin has been the Cavs’ longtime director of community and business development as well as the analyst for their television broadcasts. Ray Offenheiser has returned to ND to join the faculty as the inaugural director of the ND Initiative for Global Development, in the new Keough School of Global Affairs. Ray served as the CEO and president of Oxfam America for 20 years. John Millsfield retired in November after a long career in the IT field in LA, and his wife Jackie is winding down at her job also to prepare for more travel and relaxation. Paul Dusseau has also stepped away from full-time employment. The Columbus OH family physician had an easy transition because he had been practicing with two of his sons for a number of years. Condolences are sent to John Gaski on the loss of his mother, Jane. A neat factoid: in her early years, Jane took flying lessons and became a licensed pilot in the 1940s. Paul Bonitatibus of New Orleans has joined the ND Advisory Council for the Library. Tom Morton and his son were on campus for the Virginia Tech game. Tom is the COO for a new startup, StateBook International, a subscription-based research tool for businesses doing due diligence on where to locate business facilities, offices, plants, etc. Michael Liscano of Columbus and Michael McCleer of Detroit, architects with their own practices, and Ralph Romaker, a physician in Columbus, met up at the Miami game for their annual gathering. Also at Miami were Melinda and Mike Meyers of Chicago, Bill Barz of Chicago, Kathryn and Charlie Flynn of Miami, and Fred Swartz of Akron. The Duke game was a rendezvous point for Marty Cregg, Bill Fleming, John Dorsey and Mike Flanagan. Mike is the retired Michigan Commissioner of Education and resides in Lansing, Bill is an engineer with a consulting shop in Berlin NJ, John is a computer consultant in Springfield OH and Marty has his own design shop in Skaneateles NY. Also at Duke were Joe St. Onge of Yonkers, Marty Polcari of Scottsdale, Barb and Tom O’Laughlin of Chicago, Carol and Jim Mertzlufft of Memphis as well as the golfing foursome of Kevin Cosgrove, Ed O’Neil, Ed Cavanaugh and Dale Venvertloh, John Martin of Swampscott MA died from injuries suffered in a biking accident on Hilton Head Island in November. A native of Pittsburg, John was a CPA, and one of the initial employees of Lotus Notes, eventually acquired by IBM. Ever the numbers guy, if memory serves correctly, John ran the weekend football betting card for the East Coast bookies out of Holy Cross Hall. He is survived by his son and fiancée Cathy Cordero. Larry Lange of Scottsdale passed away in December and is survived by his wife Barb. A native of Allentown PA and a longtime resident of San Francisco, Larry was a career exec in the maritime container leasing business. Tom Gasseling, a native of Wapato WA passed away in December. Tom spent his early career in the fruit business and in the mid-1990s, he and Dolores purchased a ranch in Yakima, the beginning of a successful career with their own family farm. Surviving, besides his wife Dolores, are three children and a number of grandkids. To those in the warmer climates, I hope the golf and fishing are enjoyable, and for the rest of us, some golf swings can be practiced indoors. Keep the notes and info coming. — John Snider; 830 N. Saint Peter St., South Bend IN 46617; cell 312-860-1779; res 574-217-8961; jlscpa@yahoo.com

71MBA Minireunion

What a great time we had in November renewing relationships and enjoying the minireunion in San Antonio. Those from our class in attendance were Robbie and Jim Fackelman, Patricia and Rod Spear, Gray and Terry Walts, Andi and John Vaughan, Louise and Steve Anella, Gail and Mike Greene, Mary Jo and Todd Helmeke, and Helena and me. I must also tell classmates that we had the pleasure of unexpectedly running across a long-lost classmate at our Friday night group dinner. We were celebrating at a famous San Antonio Mexican restaurant where, after a few margaritas and thanks to a sharp eye exhibited by Patricia Spear, she spied Joe DeLillo, who was walking by our table. Without hesitation Patricia immediately jumped up, stopped him, gave him a big hug and reacquainted herself with Joe. It only took a moment for a number of our other spouses to crowd around Joe and also hug our long-lost classmate. Unfortunately the special moment was fleeting and we did not have the opportunity to take a picture of Joe or get his address but I am confident we will run across him again at our next Reunion. We continue to have classmates retiring from their lifetime jobs with John being the latest retiree. John and Andi have moved from Chicago to Wisconsin. Jim said he will join our retired ranks at the end of 2016 and intends to stay at his present address outside Milwaukee. It was clear that all in attendance stay active whether in full employment, part-time work or extensive travel. Most impressive was that all described the specifics of their efforts to give of their time and talent to not-for-profit organizations. For those who may have missed the announcement, we lost our classmate Arie Sharon in April 2016. My recollection was that Arie was probably the most senior classmate in our class. Please remember him in your prayers. I received a nice note from Jim McCullough who continues to live in New York and tells me he can still “make it to the plate.” Jim said he is considering full retirement in the next year or two. I spoke recently to Rich Sosin, who runs the longtime family business and remains busy with the business and his travel activities. Les Larsen has fully established himself in Washington DC and I am sure is busy pursuing opportunities with the new administration. Helena and I remain active and healthy and continue to travel. After a number of years as the class secretary, I have decided to relinquish this role. Fortunately for all of us, Jim Fackelman has agreed to take his turn at the wheel. Jim will be the third class secretary, after Todd and me, since we graduated 45 years ago. I know he will do a great job. Jim can be contacted at 414-379-0968 or jfackelman@alumni.nd.edu. I have enjoyed serving as your class secretary for many years and will continue to be active in our class endeavors. If you haven’t communicated your activities to the class in some time, please take a few minutes and let Jim (or myself if you want) know what is going on in your life. Remember our 50th Reunion is not far away. I send my best to all. — Tony Strati; 8238 Raintree Drive NE, Albuquerque NM 87122; cell 505-205-3563; tstrati42@gmail.com

71JD Class Secretary — E. Bryan Dunigan;

221 N. LaSalle St., Suite 1454; Chicago IL 60601; 312-857-2114; bdunigan@duniganlaw.com

72 Spring Gatherings

Our 45th class Reunion will be June 1-4. Our august status as alums will guarantee accommodations with air conditioning. The Alumni Association will be in touch concerning details of events. Class officers Jamie Egan, Maury Bric, Gary Gigot, Jerry Fenzel and Frank Fahey are working on scheduling for the weekend. Suggestions are welcome. We have managed to schedule a speaker other than Prof. John Gaski ’70. Gasman has saved the class officers by speaking at our dinner two or three previous reunions. Condolences to John on the death of his mother at age 98. The Angers and Innsbruck Sophomore Year Abroad Programs are planning gatherings in addition to the class events. The contact for the Innsbruck group is George Efta, georgefta@gmail.com. The contacts for the Angers group are Jim McMenamin at jmmcm6@gmail.com and Noel Pallais at npallais@gmail.com. Jim is rounding up a group of his Cavanaugh mates to attend the reunion. Fellow member of Last Men of Walsh Hall, Noel is in Peru. Brian Hickey forwarded minutes from the recent meeting of LMOW. Jerry McPartlin is the creator and de facto chairman of the illustrious and not so illustrious renegade organization known as the Last Men of Walsh (LMOW). The LMOW celebrates a small group of freshman who ended Walsh Hall’s run as a junior/senior dorm. Jerry hosts an array of events. His addiction to all things hockey has him orchestrating annual hockey weekends, most recently for games against Vermont. This was the seventh year that brought together Jerry McPartlin, Jim Blaum, Peter Dockery, Charlie Lucy, Jerry Fenzel, Gary Gigot, Dennis Quinn, and Brian Hickey. Missing in action this year were previous attendees Frank Fahey, Larry Inra, and Dave Secord. All are planning on attending our 45th. Mary and Brian Hickey, Bill Roney and Joanne Kelley, and Jerry Fenzel completed a bucket list goal by spending a long weekend in Zion Park in November. They hiked The Narrows and climbed to Angel’s Landing. All of them managed to quell concerns of endurance and to enjoy the majesty of that topography. Recalcitrant dropouts were Tom Curnes and Charlie Lucy. Joe Rocca opted for trip to Rome to visit the Pope. Please send news. If you want to contribute to the column, please contact us. — Frank Fahey; 274 Winthrop Ave., Elmhurst IL 60126; 312-504-3409; fjfahey@gmail.com; Gary Gigot; 574-807-5772; gary.gigot@vennli.com

72MBA Reunion Time

By the time you read this in April, our 45th Reunion will be about a month and a half away. The reunion dates are June 1-4 and you should still be able to sign up. So far, my old roommates Bill Effler, John Doyle, Olivier Couturier and I are planning to be there. John Fonseca is coming from Paris with Olivier and they are hoping Marc Royer will join them. Rainer Franz reports that he retired four years ago from a career founding and running banks during an exciting time of growth and development in Eastern Europe. He and his wife will be at the reunion. Here’s hoping we see a lot of you there. — Alex McLellan; 9662 W. 86th St., Apt. B, Overland Park KS 66212-4537; res 913-652-9909; irish72mba@excite.com

72JD 45th Reunion

It’s hard to believe, but 2017 marks our 45th year since graduating from Notre Dame Law School. Mike Holland and I met up at the Duke game last fall (a sure win, we thought), and stopped by the Law School to discuss plans for a reunion this fall. The plans are still somewhat fluid, but we are targeting the Miami of Ohio game on Sept. 30. Details will follow by email as we firm up plans, but put that weekend on your calendar. We’d love to see as many of you as possible. After practicing law for more than 20 years with the federal government in Washington DC, Jay Harris answered a late call and entered the seminary in Weston MA, and was ordained after completing his theological studies. For 10 years, he has been the pastor at St. Mary’s Church in Washington DC where he ministers to a diverse ethnic congregation. Mike and Pat Holland have visited him in Washington over the years, and report that Jay is happy and content with his commitment to the Catholic faith and his congregation. In December, I met up with Paul Binder who retired last year from the US Attorney’s Office in Cleveland. He does volunteer work for Legal Aid, and practices a bit on the side. As always, feel free to email me with news you’d care to share. It’s hard to find items for this column and hopefully some of you have news. — Chris Schraff; 1881 Marble Cliff Crossing Ct., Columbus OH 43204; 614-227-2097; cschraff@porterwright.com

73 Professor and the CIA

David Barrett is a professor of political science at Villanova U and has written two books on the history of the Central Intelligence Agency. Last year he filed a lawsuit against the CIA, which had continued to keep a key document relating to the Bay of Pigs affair secret. The document was declassified and it reveals fierce infighting in the CIA following the Bay of Pigs as to whom to blame. I heard from David Henner of San Juan, Puerto Rico, who is science department team leader at St. John’s School. He welcomes visitors to drop by and have a tour. Speaking of good climates, Scott Parker resides in Ft. Lauderdale where he is a private wealth adviser for YBS Financial. He is the former chairman of the local United Way and is active in other charitable endeavors. Residing in Pelham Manor NY is Mark Gaffney who continues to practice law part time and is a professional genealogist specializing in families with Irish-American ancestry. Mark and his wife spend their summers in Nantucket MA and occasionally get back to the campus where his brother, Rev. Patrick Gaffney ’69, is a professor of anthropology. Bob Bixby writes from West View PA. He is the project director for SMS Group in Pittsburgh and is the holder of two patents. He has an email chain that includes the following classmates: Ken Schlezes, Dave Cushing, Bill McCarthy, Pete VanDeventer, Pat Steeneberge, Mike Manyak, Jim Musurca, Jim Ronan, Mike Casale, Ray Popeck, Ed Carney, Jim O’Malley, Jim Cannon, Darryl Dewan and John Michelotti. I also heard from Bill McCarthy of Boca Raton FL who has his own law firm. It was good to hear from John Burkley after a long absence. John is living in Raleigh NC where he is the assistant general counsel for Bank of America. He moved to Raleigh a year ago after living in Westchester County NY for 15 years and in other locations. Catherine Lannon-Barr writes from Chicago where she works as a paralegal. She frequently sees her close friends Cathe Moran and Pat McNamara-McGuire. Nearby in Elmhurst IL is Dan Hart. He is the managing director for Cortland Capital Market Services LLC in Chicago. Working for Booz Allen Hamilton in McClean VA is Henry (Trey) Obering III. Trey has been with the firm since his retirement from the Air Force in 2008. He stays in close contact with Dan Schiavone and Steve Pronchick and would love to hear from any of the Morrissey Hall crowd. I have a new office address since I merged my law firm at the end of December with Joliet’s largest law firm. It looks like I will be staying around for at least another year. Please note my new contact information. — Michael W. Hansen; Kavanagh Grumley & Gorbold LLC, 111 N. Ottawa St., Joliet IL 60435; fax 815-727-1586; bus 815-727-4511; cell 815-212-3661; mhansen@kggllc.com

73MBA Continued from Last Month and More

John Blum shares that Mary and he moved to South Bend in June. They were retired and without any family in St. Louis after 40 years there, and decided to move to be near their children and 10 grandchildren who never returned to St. Louis after their college graduations. Their address is 3409 Creekview Drive, South Bend 46635. Landline is 574- 520-1734. They have four bedrooms in their villa located two miles east of campus. They would be glad to house colleagues attending football games. John met John Gaski at a meeting of the ND St. Joe Valley Club; John is still teaching at ND. He joined the ND Warren Golf Course and can use the ND athletic facilities. This course will host the 2019 US Senior Open. Gus Browne tells us that he and Berry returned from their Euro tour on Oct. 6. He said Kraków, Poland, was a jewel and a best-kept secret in all of Europe: great food, people, history, and architecture. They also hit Prague for a week. Prague has been very popular over the years and is still a great city to visit. For the Christmas holiday season, they were in sunny Florida visiting Berry’s brother with a stop in the Keys. The trip from Chicago to Hollywood took about19 hours, stopping only for gas. In January, he hit the big one, 73. But nowadays every one is a big one, he says. He still visits South Bend and campus monthly. His eldest grandkid, Willow, starts college at Wisconsin in the fall. Gene Schraeder writes that his wife Ellen and he survived the impact of Hurricane Matthew. No property was damaged and they rested safely in Atlanta for four days since they were under a mandatory evacuation. He is still working with Wells Fargo Advisors and runs a small branch office in Bluffton on the brokerage side of the firm, not the bank side. Lots of bad publicity was had recently, but none of it regarded his operation or clients. He would like to announce a retirement. His son Matt retired after 22 years in the Navy with rank of commander. Somehow his son found a way to beat him to the punch. Matt was once the supply officer on the USS Cole and knew some of the young men who were killed when it was attacked by a boat carrying explosives. That is why his only grandson is named Cole. Dan Reelitz and he share their misery each time ND loses a football game. Chuck Welter is coming for a visit and golf in November. Gene continues to work because he still enjoys what he does. John Leedom writes that he and Pat had a good Christmas and New Year’s Day. Pat spent several days and nights at home with him after receiving convalescent care. She was able to see all of her sons and most of the grandchildren. Continue to keep them in your prayers. John Hoffman updates us that he retired from teaching at the U of Tennessee on June 30. To a small degree, he has kept his hand in by providing leadership coaching for MBA students, and substitute teaching for management classes. His first months of retirement have been consumed by travel and eldercare. The fun side of travel included almost three weeks in Alaska-Vancouver-Seattle, and a week in New York City. Less fun, but very important was spending many days in Erie PA as his mother’s health declined, and many more days in Phoenix after his wife’s uncle had an incapacitating fall. His mom passed away on Dec. 21. Obviously the family misses her very much, but they are relieved that her pain is over and she’s reunited with her husband of 62 years. Susan’s uncle is stabilized and safely residing in a group home in Mesa. Additionally, his son David completed an 11-year journey to become an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. His practice is in The Woodlands TX, and he accepts patients for everything from implants to jaw and facial reconstructions. This proud dad says he’s the best in all of Texas. Please continue to send in your responses. Let the spirit continue to have all our classmates respond and share your stories and new email addresses with us. You are always welcome to contact us when in Southern California. If you have not corresponded in some time, please take the time to share your experiences with your classmates. Please continue to forward your new email addresses and those of classmates. — Thomas Jindra; 7179 Alviso Ave., Riverside CA 92509; res and fax 951-685-2091; tajindra@charter.net

73JD Class Secretary — Tony Palumbo;


74 A Continuation

Have you noticed the Class of 1974 seems to be inching forward in the Notre Dame Magazine roster of class news? Since we had much to say in our last column and not all of it fit, let’s continue. Bob Thomas, a famous NFL Bear’s kicker and Illinois Supreme Court judge, sends in his hello. He thoroughly enjoys being the grandparent of three and has two more on the way. Bill Fenton is busy with the Planned Giving Program at Cross Catholic Outreach, an international Catholic relief organization in Boca Raton. Bill’s daughter Elizabeth is a senior at ND. Joe Logisz is a captain for Delta Airlines, looks forward to retirement next year and is enjoying his homes in Ocean Pines MD and Marco Island FL. Paul Fitzgerald and family are gearing up for his retirement next year as well. He is a captain with Southwest Airlines. Bob Gunning recently retired as VP at Lockheed Martin in Orlando FL. He and his wife live in Cocoa Beach FL. Pete Schmidt is head of human resources for the Catholic Diocese of Springfield MA. My college roommate Carol Longo Kaupp, along with Natalie Dwyer Haller ’74SMC, Dianne Gibbons Borzch and Bobbie Riconoscuito came in to celebrate my 46th birthday last September. (Or do I have the numbers reversed?) What a delight that was. Great long-lasting friendships are the best. As I write this, I am looking forward to a talk by a two-star general speaking at the Union League Club in March for my veteran’s initiative for the ND Club of Chicago. On the last Friday in January one of our game watch pub locations hosted a chili cook off featuring 10 chefs. Knowing how Chicagoans get by the end of January, I knew it would be a success. The competition was fierce, a perfect night for chili on a blustery winter Chicago evening. Over 100 attended, tasted and voted. Tim Daro was one of the chefs and he was close to a winning spot, but no cigar. The voting dollars, voted the Chicago way, went to ND Scholarships. Also, I’m seeking Dave Casper along with a generational panel of ND football players who went to the NFL for our ND Chicago Club Rockne Dinner May 5 at the Renaissance Hotel. It is interesting to hear of the “then and now” comparisons in the world of football. Do join us. I’m sure we’ll get the latest from the POG Mo Thon boys after their golf escapades in Destin FL again from Jimmy “Whales” Whalen. Lovin’ the souvenir t-shirts boys, thanks. Keep writing. It’s a pleasure to spread the good news about our classmates. — Dede Lohle Simon; domerdede@aol.com

74MBA Class Secretary — William Arland III;

505-954-3921; bill@sybercafe.org

74JD Newsy Notes

I received notes from Noel Augustyn, Doc Elerding and Joe O’Reilly. Noel reports that Father Dennis Yesalonia, SJ has become the pastor of St. Ignatius in Manhattan, the flagship Jesuit parish in the Big Apple. Those living near Manhattan might want to look up Dennis and welcome him to this beautiful church, its robust congregation, and its outstanding college prep school, Loyola. (When I get to NYC I plan to do exactly that). Noel also reports that Father Gerry Bednar is professor of systematic theology at St. Mary Seminary and Graduate School of Theology in Cleveland. I took a look at the website and can tell you that Padre Gerry looks just as he did 40 years ago. Doc writes that he has been thinking about “Bear” Symons, “Night Train” Broderick, Dan Grosh (along with Pat O’Hara, two of the brightest in our class), Bill Dolan and James Boland. (Doc says his earworm Ohio song is still in his mind). “I’ve run across some of them since moving to California, such as Teresa Cornwall who married Joseph Hermosillo,” Doc says. “I have read about the careers of a few others, such as Keith Corbett. While at ND, I met Charlotte “Nell” Crumley, a social worker with South Bend’s Legal Aid Office. She eventually became my wife, earned a master’s degree, and we raised a son, Brian. I’ve recently retired from my banking law career. We send you and our classmates warm regards from the Ojai valley in California,” Doc says. Ah yes, and I also married Jean McMahon MSW last summer. Jean has made a career in child welfare, nicely complementing some of my pro bono efforts the last few years. Finally, Joe O’Reilly is taking over the desk as class secretary. The position does not require Senate confirmation, which is hard coming by these days. But Joe will need to hear from classmates early and often to be ready to respond to the next deadline, which comes up May 1 for the summer edition. It’s been a privilege to serve several years as class secretary and it has been fun, but the time has come for another miserable scribe to take up the pen. I wish him all the Irish luck that goes with the position. — Christopher A. Kule; Joe O’Reilly; joe.oreilly34@icloud.com

75 World Series Bucket List

Evelyn McCaffrey Pape just retired from 30 years of teaching special education in Chicago. Her tearful retirement party had a Mr. Rogers theme and included many testimonials. The party continued at a comedy club in St. Charles where her son, popular comedian Kevin McCaffrey, performed a stand-up routine. Evelyn’s son Pat is doing a medical residency in Chicago and son Joe works with special needs students in Chicago Public Schools. She took all three of her kids to Game 3 of the World Series in October. She also met favorite author Nora Roberts and participated in the Jan. 21 Women’s March in Chicago. Marie Fiduccia writes from Pittsburgh that her daughter Merril was married in Pittsburgh in October. Pat Lally and wife Valerie ’78 were part of the nuptials. Also attending were brother-in-law Mark Stypula ’77, and his son Daniel Stypula ’07. Marie visited with Kathy Osberger this fall at ND. Marie and husband Dick Stypula ’74 were in Raleigh NC for a medical meeting and reconnected with Mike Champeau, an anesthesiologist at Stanford Hospital. Matt Fitzsimmons, a partner at the Cleveland law firm of Nicola, Gudbranson & Cooper, is on the board of MidTown Cleveland, Inc., a nonprofit group that serves a two-square-mile area between downtown Cleveland and University Circle. Matt is also an adjunct professor at Cleveland State U’s Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. Ed Elliott, a radiologist in Brattleboro VT, has four daughters, six grandchildren and a wife Kathy, who works as a nurse practitioner. A third annual winter weekend reunion with hoops and ice hockey happened Jan. 20 with Howard Stierwalt, Pat Lally and Rich Reynolds, plus ’76-ers Dave Kelly, Michael Banks, Frank Rutkowski, Larry Jurkens, Jeff Thompson, Dave Bossy, Pat Novitzki and Frank Rutkowski. Nick Grosch of Belleville NJ has a new grandson, Finn Malone, born July 5. This makes six grandkids for Nick and wife Gina. Gerry Vitiello has a new granddaughter, Peyton Shirley, born Jan. 28. Gerry is a chemical engineer for Lummus Co. He got an MBA from ND in 1976. I am happy to announce a new grandson, Dax Maddon Bower, born in Davenport on Aug. 29. At his Nov. 13 baptism, he wore the 145-year-old Bower baptismal gown. He was number 268. Please remember Kathy Osberger’s mother, Alice, who passed away last summer, as well as classmate Robert Wolf, whose widow Melinda Wolf is at 22 Cherrytree Place, Harriburg IL 62946. Thanks for sending so much timely news. Keep it up. I have no more land line at home or office, so please call me at the following number. — Norm Bower; 3946 Fernwood Ave., Davenport IA 52807; 563-349-0469; normbower@mchsi.com

75MBA Retirement Stories

It was great to hear from Bob Sliney, who reports that he has followed in the footsteps of Dr. Kennedy and after 41 years in several business roles traveling the globe, has pulled the trigger on retirement. Bob and his wife Molly (McKenna) ’76SMC are the proud parents of three children, one with a MA from Notre Dame and another graduating from Saint Mary’s, an event which brought them back to Notre Dame after many years. Bob says he’s had little contact with classmates with the exception of Jim Corgel, who after a very successful career at IBM, now enjoys traveling the world. His greatest accomplishment has been to convince his fellow IBMer, Christine, to marry him. Jim remains the most loyal son of DuLac evidenced by his endowment of the rector position in Dillon Hall. Dan Dunne, after a career in sales, is bestowing his wisdom on students at community college in Chicago. He and his wife Hellen have three children, two of whom are graduates of Notre Dame. Bob also reports exchanging Christmas cards with Tim Howald, who has been running a business in Green Bay. (Sorry about those Packers). As the years pass, it has been great to see Tim and Judy’s beautiful family continue to grow with grandchildren. My only question is what kind of pact they’ve entered into that allows Judy to become younger each year as Tim clearly gets older. Bob says Dr. Kennedy’s retirement brought back many memories of those who contributed in no small way to the blessings he’s enjoyed over the years. He adds that as we move into this phase of our journey, he recalls Professor Jai Chou and his message of social responsibility, which we carry forward as sons and daughters of Notre Dame. Thanks Bob. I’m not fully retired, but Linda and I are taking advantage of the semi-retired aspect of our lives. We spent four weeks, including Christmas, with our daughter and son-in-law and three of our five grandchildren at their home in Escazu, a suburb of San Jose, Costa Rica. Somewhat rested, it’s now time to reengage in the semi-employed aspect of our lives. — Jim Ouimet; 215-862-3080; jimouimet@comcast.net

76 Come Together for ND Day

My last column about AnTostal ’76 brought a response from Rik (Duck) Santry who wanted to mention that he was Ken Bradford’s partner when they won the egg and Jell-O toss. During his years at Notre Dame, he roomed with Jim Tytko, John Albers, Pete Bialek and Steve Klug. He met his wife while on spring break senior year and has been married 36 years. Rik is a sales consultant in various fields from education to energy and lives in New Jersey. He has three grown children and a granddaughter, Emma, 17 months. Another classmate, Ed Byrne, joined the grandparents club when his son Conor Byrne ’09 and his wife, Madi, had Eleanor Jane Byrne in January. Writer Michelle Berberet had a poem published in America Magazine. On a more somber note, several of our classmates have passed away. Marty Fahey let me know his Keenan Hall roommate Pete Ninneman lost his fight with cancer. Harry Spellman passed away in October. He is survived by his wife of 39 years, classmate Cheryl Todaro Spellman and two children. Despite facing severe health challenges, Karl Reichardt still made it to Reunion and was able to reconnect with many of his friends. Sadly he lost his battle in December. He was remembered by fellow Alumni Dawgs as someone with a passion for life, sports and all things Notre Dame.Among those offering tributes to Karl were Lou Bulte, John Carrico, Frank Driscoll, Ron Skrabacz, Mark Nishan and freshman roommate Pat Sarb. Karl was survived by his parents, his wife Veronica and three children. Sally Naxera Benson’s husband Gary passed away suddenly in January after a short fight with pancreatic cancer. He and Sally met when they worked together at the Trane Co. and they had been married almost 38 years. They have two children. Soon we will be getting our applications for football tickets. Our class has received an allotment of tickets for the Temple game Sept. 2. As in the past, classmate Rocco Martino has offered to host a class tailgate before the game. If you are interested in attending this minireunion, or are interested in tickets, please contact Debi Dell at debidell@earthlink.net. The University of Notre Dame family will come together on campus and around the globe on April 23-24 to celebrate Our Lady’s University during the annual Notre Dame Day. The celebration will launch at 18:42 (6:42 p.m. EDT), referencing the University’s founding year, on April 23 and end at midnight on April 24. The 29-hour live broadcast from LaFortune Student Center will share compelling Notre Dame stories from around the world, live interviews, celebrity guests, musical performances and much more. It also provides the Notre Dame family the opportunity to give back to specific areas of the University they love most through an online fundraising competition. Please use this opportunity to donate $10 to the Class of 1976 Butterfly Garden Fund. Based on the percentage collected by our fund compared to other funds, ND will match our donation. Watch for more details on our Facebook page as April gets closer. Last year we received a match in excess of $5,000. Please continue to send me your news and updates. — Mary Anne Kennedy Reilly; 7423 18th St. NE, Saint Petersburg FL 33702; 727-480-1251; mareilly@rfs-pa.com

76MBA Class Secretary — *Mike Norris;

1021 Bloomview Circle, Rochester MI 49307; 248-330-5366; mikenorris@alumni.nd.edu

76JD Class Secretary — Virgil L. Roth;

625 Fair Oaks Ave., Suite 255, South Pasadena CA 91030; 626-441-1178; fax 626-441-1166; vroth@vlrlaw.com

77 Races

Dillon Hall’s Scott Brinkman, attorney and former state representative, is secretary of the executive cabinet of Gov. Matt Bevin of Kentucky. Jeff Vitter is chancellor of Ole Miss U of Mississippi. David Young MD and Barry Goggins attended his investiture. Barry works in equity analysis. Attorney Carolyn Short’s husband, Joe Torsella was elected treasurer of the State of Pennsylvania. Veteran marathon racer Joe Donahue completed NYC’s Marathon in less than four hours. Rich Wanders took a tour de East and West Coasts, visiting Bill Mullen and Tony Coulter in Philly, Ellen Keane and Bob Craigie in Connecticut, Jim Gorman, Barb and Leo MacCourtney and Marty Koppenhafer in New York, and Rich Sofranko and his son Joe, a USC grad with a successful TV career, in LA. Sean Farrell began the Leogane Track Club for children in Haiti. “We run through the sugar cane fields every afternoon as we wind our way to the ocean for a swim.” Sean is working again for ND’s Haiti program, organizing medical teams to augment the mobile clinic program of the local hospital. Dan Towle MD and Tom Grimm and two of his daughters came with welcome supplies. Barb Boylan and Jack Bergen participated in a Boston Healthcare for the Homeless event run by ND Club of Boston; Jack is on its board. Douglas Riehle MD, a board certified radiologist who served with the Navy and Marine Corps before private practice in San Francisco and Denver, is retired in Avila Beach CA. Paul Miniclier, former Navy diver and special ops officer is now a NOLA attorney. Air Force vets include retired Lt. Col. Tom Mouch PhD and retired Maj. Candace Carson Geurtz. Army vets include retired Lt. Col. Hank Carrico who served at West Point, NATO staff during the Gulf War, in Somalia, and on the Secretary of the Army staff; he also received the Legion of Merit Award. Retired Lt. Col. Thomas Benjamin served in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps. Tony Chifari flew helicopters off the aircraft carrier USS Constellation during the Iran Hostage Crisis. He now lives in Miami and was in financial services before retirement. Tony’s son Andrew (Rice ’08) works for an attorney, and Andrew’s wife is an ophthalmology resident; they live in Houston. Tony said he really appreciates the lifelong friendships he made at Notre Dame, and keeps in touch with several classmates including Kevin Huston, Jack D’Aurora, Kay Andrews and Chuck Nowland, whom he visited in Austin TX during a Thanksgiving trip to see his son. Rev. Dr. Anne Dilenschneider is a South Dakota Humanities Council Scholar in 2017, funded by the South Dakota Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities. This year’s theme is Race, Civility, and Community. Anne gives presentations on the Hiawatha Indian Insane Asylum in Canton SD, which was the linchpin of federal Indian policy 1902-1933. She also speaks on restorative justice, developing diverse leadership teams and conserving the earth through natural burial practices. She received a third place award in the 2016 South Dakota State Poetry Society Contest for her poem, “Homestead.” Janet Carney O’Brien and Mark O’Brien welcomed their second grandchild, Peter Thomas O’Brien, son of Elise Bartzen O’Brien ’08 and Daniel O’Brien ’07. Diane Kuknyo ’77, ’81MA, the director of Charlottesville VA Department of Social Services, visited family in Chicago last fall. Sheila O’Brien and Wayne Anderson, Elaine Cerny Raccuglia and Bob Raccuglia, Deb Kenny Ellsworth and Bill Ellsworth, Leslie Barnes Karas and Paul Karas, Eileen O’Grady Daday, Donna Hinton, Dan Bishop and I gathered for a ’77 holiday dinner in Chicago. Deepest condolences go out to the families of our deceased classmates Edward Sielski DDS, John Soutner, Michael Smith, William Lloyd, Dr. Lori Patton Eberwein, Ronald McCormick and William Nichols. Condolences also go to Peg Hornback Culhane on the loss of her brother Stephen. — Virginia McGowan Bishop; 2594 Woodland Drive, Northbrook IL60062; 847-291-7510; classof1977@alumni.nd.edu

77MBA Class Secretary — Alan J. Fisher;


77JD Time to Plan 40th Reunion

It is time to make final plans for our 40th Reunion. Cathy and John Mathews have graciously offered to open their home near ND sometime during the reunion weekend for a gathering of our classmates. Pamela and Bob Connolly will be coming all the way from Dublin to catch up and to celebrate retirement, which is planned for the end of Pamela’s school year. Bob decided that he was ready to join her after 24 years of practice in Fort Wayne and 16 in Ireland. Linda Olivieri and Bill Chenoweth are planning their own celebration of 40 years of marriage with an anniversary trip to Hawaii where they may cross paths with John, who took time from working remotely and enjoying the sunshine in Maui to make reunion plans with me. Jo and Chris Dembowski (semiretired, but always in demand) have also escaped the winter weather for an extended stay on the Gulf in Siesta Key. They will be back in plenty of time for the reunion. In the meantime, their daughters from Boston and Seattle and their son from Michigan will join them for a family vacation. Please let me know of your news and plans for the reunion. — Jane F. Bennett; 4100 Edison Lakes Parkway, Mishawaka IN 46545; 574-243-4100; jbennett@maylorber.com

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78JD Happy Days

Congratulations to Joe Cari on the birth of his grandson, Noah. Joe reports that Noah will be class of 2038 at Notre Dame. Also, Joe has been named to the Healthcare Leadership Council at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard U. Please send me your news for the next issue. — Dan LaVille; US Bankruptcy Court, One Division Ave. North, Room 200, Grand Rapids MI 49503; bus 616-732-2751; dlaville@comcast.net

79 Send News

Because you have not sent updates on the important events in your lives, such as the birth of grandkids, retirement, remarkable episodes of personal restraint when confronted with political discussions, I am confronted with many choices. I can write about the journeys of my two amazing daughters into adulthood, I can invent stories about one of you, I can recount personal highs and lows since graduation, or I can beg for news. With no disrespect to my daughters, with respect for you, and with humility, I choose to beg. Please send news and updates about you and your friends. — Barbara A. Langhenry; 3901 Whitman Ave., Cleveland OH 44113; res 216-651-8962; bus 216-664-2893; breclw@aol.com

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