10 Lots to Celebrate


We have many happy announcements to share this quarter. Tim Latham married Emily Palmquist on Sept. 23. Jeff Skorup was the best man, and John Bracke and Matt Barloh were among the groomsmen. Congratulations to the happy couple. JoAnna Roman married Michael Roesch ’05 in the Basilica also on Sept. 23. Father Raymund Snyder OP celebrated the Nuptial Mass with Father Justin Marie Brophy OP ’06 concelebrating. The wedding party included Patrick Jensen ’05, Brian MacMichael ’04, Eric Mueller ’05, Adrian Torres ’05, Will Erickson, Rocco Galizio ’07, and John Gerardi. The couple would like to thank the saxophones from the Band of the Fighting Irish for serenading them as they left the church. After an extended courtship via Skype and weekend jet-setting, the couple will make their home together in northern Virginia. Avery Scott married Cat Rybarczyk on Oct. 14 in North Carolina. The wedding party included best man Ian Scott ’05, Paul Leuck, Thomas Staudt, and Bryant Welters. Our Notre Dame family continues to grow. Monika and Chris Luken welcomed their first child, Nora Evie, on July 27. Angela (Salvo) Lehman and husband Nathan Lehman welcomed their first child, Abigail Elizabeth, on July 28. Emily (Dore) and Phillip Yuhas welcomed their second child, Thomas Patrick, on Sept. 1. Barbara Vi (Ho) and Jeremy Tamargo welcomed their first child, Joseph Vinh Tamargo, on Sept. 28. Joe Serafin recently graduated from physician assistant school and will be living and working in Chicago. Please send your updates. — Matt Molloy; ndclass2010@gmail.com

10MBA Great News


It’ss been a busy quarter for Ben Freeburg’s family. Ben took a new job as VP of finance for Aegis Living, a senior housing developer and operator in Bellevue WA. Ben and his wife Jenni also had their first child. William “Liam” Benjamin Freeburg joined the family on Oct. 13. They report it has been tiring but they feel blessed. Casey Sponseller was promoted to senior solution engineer at Salesforce and even more exciting is they are expecting twin boys early in 2018. By March they will have three boys under the age of 2. This wraps up another quarter for Team MBA 2010. Now take a moment and send me some details of “what’s good” to include in the next update. Share your news anytime. Go Irish. — John Gerberich; cell 847-331-4707; jgerberi@alumni.nd.edu

10JD Love Is in the Air


Perhaps it is the positive energy from all the winning the Notre Dame Football team is doing, but the class members are filled with love this season as engagements (of the diamond ring variety) are plenty. The first to pop the question this fall was Jonathan Baker, who proposed to Lauren Meyer on Sept. 23 in Lincoln Park, Chicago. Lauren said yes, and the couple was all smiles on their adorable Instagram photo. Next up was Jaclyn Sexton, whose fiancé Will Gagné proposed on a Friday night walk on a bridge over the Charles River. The happy couple will be getting married on May 5 (Cinco de Mayo) in Massachusetts and it has been reported that margaritas will be on the cocktail menu. And last, but not least, Larry Luppi asked Molly Whitlock ’15MBA to marry him while at the Beatrice Inn in New York. Congratulations to the three happy couples. Speaking of threes, Laura and Paul Krog, after having three wonderful daughters, welcomed their first son on Aug. 19. He is Paul Joseph Krog Jr. (PJ for short.) PJ’s sisters Rita Mae, Mary Margaret and Mathilda are thrilled. Finally, my husband George and I welcomed our first four-legged addition, Kobe Laffitte, becoming proud (and tired) puppy parents of a stubborn but adorable Shiba Inu in November. Please send me your updates, so you can be featured in my next column. — Jennifer (Hernandez) Laffitte; 10310 Southwest 128th Ave., Miami FL 33186; res 305-322-7154; bus 786-762-3815; jherna11@alumni.nd.edu

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11MBA Class Secretary Needed

Special thanks to Chris Orenchuk for his service as class secretary. Chris has decided to pass the torch to another volunteer. If you are interested in becoming the next class secretary, please contact the Alumni Association at alumpubs@nd.edu.

11JD Wedded Bliss


I didn’t get any updates from anyone, so that means you are stuck with a self-aggrandizing summary of my wedding. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. But honestly, on Sept. 23, at St. Alphonsus Catholic Church and the University Club of Chicago, I married Jack Byam. The wedding party included Erin Rogozinski ’08, ’11JD, Kaitlin (Moredock) DiNapoli, Blake Rambo, Kathleen Coverick ’08, Sarah Hirschman ’08 and Mary Pat Collins ’08. The dance floor was lit up by many 2008 undergrad and 2011 law Domers. The lawyers in the crowd included Samantha (Winters) McAlpin, Annie Weir, Chris Weir, Jason DiNapoli, Alex Hermanny, Danielle (Palkert) Hermanny ’07, ’11JD, Brett Bean, Meghan (Sweeney) Bean ’08, ’11JD, Megan Irving, Dat Boy David Thaxton ’07, ’11JD, Ryan Finlen ’06, ’11JD and the Peej, PJ Hines. The Domerness doesn’t stop there. Also in attendance were Greg McAlpin ’07, Andrea (Grano) Thaxton ’07SMC, Sean Cullen ’08, Erin (Mulholland) Pozolo ’08, Michelle (Zaldana) Flynn ’08, Jarrett Lantz (no one can tell what year he graduated), Caity Schneeman ’08, Alison McGuire ’08, Shannon Mimnaugh ’08, Jimmy England ’08, Kelly (Kemnetz) Williamson ’08, Dan Williamson ’06, Allison Sullivan ’08, Tori Wenzel ’08, Maggie Wicket-Altier ’08, Erin McAdams ’08, and Ryan Shepherd ’08. It was a freakish 90-degree September day, but no one seemed to mind since we had all been trained by the heat and humidity of a sweaty night at the Backer. There were glow stick limbos, there were late night snacks, there were group hugs. It was the best and in large part because of all the Domers in one place. While writing the above, I got one more update. Samantha (Winters) McAlpin will be joining the firm of Gust Rosenfeild in Phoenix, and even better news, she will be a co-worker of Shelby (Lile) Exposito. Send updates my way. — Lauren Sharkey; lksharkey@gmail.com

12 Basilica Weddings, Tailgates and Prayers


Congratulations to Taylor (Popplewell) and Kyle Clark who were married at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on June 10. The wedding party included three Domers: Megan Farris, Christie (Coughlin) Gabreski, and Chris Millard ’10. Congratulations to Olivia Schreader and BJ Roth, who were married at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on Aug. 12. The wedding party included bridesmaid Meagan Guerin, groomsmen Brian Maloy, Kevin Rahill, and Jonathan Whitcomb, as well as ushers Colin Francesco and Marshall Sherman. Other Domers in attendance were Lauren Aristorenas, Ashley Booth, Ellen (Bartindale) and Tim Castellini ’11, Rachel Chalich, Jenna Donahue, Megan Dunne ’11, Ryan Geraghty, Chris Jung, Kathleen Kastenholz ’13, Erin (Jolley) and John Koegel, Chris Majsak, JJ McKillen ’11, Megan (Martis) Meyer, Emma O’Brien, Juliet Palko, Mary Margaret Parker, Stephanie Perry, Michelle Quigley, Sean Rademaker, Dan Rahill ’79, Jenna (Heffernan) Rummelhart, Kelleen (O’Leary) and Nate Savona ’09, Katie (Teitgen) and Dan Tryniecki ’10, Mark Zellmer ’75, and Katy Zemlock. On Oct. 17, the Class of 2012 hosted a tailgate before the USC game. Many members of the class were in attendance, and we hope to repeat the experience for next year. On a more somber tone, we had two classmates pass away in the last six months. Brett Ensor, a chemical engineer who participated in the marching band and was a tour guide, passed away Aug. 1. He is survived by his parents, sister and grandparents. On June 17, Brian Schafer, a marketing major from Dillon Hall who participated in Bengal Bouts and Bookstore Basketball, passed away. He is survived by a family of Domers, among them his father Michael ’82, and his brothers Daniel ’10 and Stephen ’16. May we keep Brian and Michael, as well as their families and friends, in our thoughts and prayers. — Tyler Harmsen; tharmsen@alumni.nd.edu

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12JD Back Again


Hello everyone. Thanks for tuning in for another issue. Special shout out in this issue goes to Wendy Tran, who sent me half of these updates, but none about herself, so I assume everything is just business as usual. So, if you see your name in here and don't know why, blame her. Now, as is tradition, let’s start things up with the babies. Julia and Andrew Roman welcomed their first child back in April. John Paul Roman is super cute, which I can verify because Andrew was kind enough to send along a photo. Kristen and Brett Wasinger also had a baby, Oliver James Wasinger. Brett is still kicking it in Wichita KS at Bever Dye, LC, where he recently made partner and does all sorts of stuff with estate planning, taxes, and probate things. Moving on to weddings, Monique Magar married Damon Jenkins, a fellow public defender in Ventura County. The night, which was at the Muckenthaler Center in Fullerton, was a huge success, as reported by Monique and attendee Wendy Tran. Facebook photos back this up. Robert Hutchison also got hitched, making things official with Stacy Edwards in Lawrence KS. They have, hands down, the best wedding website I have ever seen: stacymarriessomeguy.com. Seriously, it’s incredible. Wendy reports that she believes Brittany Hunt was in attendance. Matt Baciak married Brittani Bloxsom in Traverse City MI. Matt arranged to have a drone filming the surprise proposal, which fills me with immediate regret for not doing that, too. Also, Chris Nichols was a groomsman, and Chris and Matt will make another appearance in this column. Finally, Catherine (Zung) Schroeder tells me that JD Lindermuth got married in October in St. Libory IL. And the internet tells me that there was a golf scramble the day before the wedding, which I have every confidence was won by our friend JD. Regarding jobs, Manasi Raveendran is still working at IBM, but has shifted from cybersecurity to anti-corruption, which is so cool I don’t even have a joke to make about it. She’s living for two years on assignment in India, and she reports that things are super intense, but she thinks it should calm down soon. Chris Nichols reached out to let me know that he and Matt Baciak became law enforcement officers over the summer. Matt is a reserve deputy with the Wayne County Sheriff, but spends his weekdays doing global cybersecurity and privacy stuff for General Motors. When Chris isn’t working as an enforcement attorney at the securities division of the Arizona Corporation Commission, he's a reserve officer with the Phoenix Police Department. Congrats to both of you. I’ll be name-dropping you if I ever get pulled over in your states. And onto miscellany, Andrew Doyle got tired of the waitlist game on that Tesla 3 and went with the electric VW Golf. Elon Musk declined to comment. Andrew also joined the National College of DUI Defense, and reports that he is “basically an expert on them now.” Not that he does them, personally. And finally, I did hear back from Alvin Adjei a few weeks ago. He successfully crossed the lake, but was devastated to hear that Guinness wasn't interested. Alvin has started a crowdfunding campaign to self-publish his own book of records, all of which will be feats accomplished by Alvin Adjei. Thanks for sending your updates and other people’s updates. See you next quarter. — James Champlin; james.c.champlin@gmail.com

13 Reunion Ahoy


Hello friends, thanks for picking up another issue of the Notre Dame Magazine. We are a little sparse on the updates this go-around, but I’ll chalk that up to everyone being enraptured in ND football. (At the time of writing, we’re a top 10 team.) Shannon Warchol was kind enough to email me several updates. Congratulations to her, Kelsey McGuire, Jenna Falsone and Brad Geyer for passing the professional engineer exam. If the exam is anything like one semester of engineering physics exams I took, the average is probably 45 percent and has more Greek letters than English letters. Shannon also told me that Elena Rodriquez became a doctor of physical therapy. To give you an idea of how great physical therapy is, I’ve already referred a dozen patients to it in just a few months. To give you an idea of how much I could probably use physical therapy, I got winded yesterday trying to open a pack of Pop-Tarts. Alex Moulton informed me that Kristen Lasak and Joe Belgane passed their bar exams. This is good, as Bobby Shields is constantly telling me I’ll need a good lawyer for all the “slander” I write about him. It’s not slander, Bob. It might be libel, though. Lauren and Sean Kaveney celebrated the birth of their first daughter, Evelyn. Given that she was born during the height of the Cubs Celebration Babies in Chicago, I wouldn’t be surprised if her first toy is a bobble head of Anthony Rizzo. Alex Kasparie and Michelle Lundholm got engaged. They met during Reilly Weekend and started dating early in freshman year. I’m constantly getting proved wrong on the magic of Notre Dame. I didn’t think it was possible to beat the longevity of a Domerfest match, but I had never thought of Reilly Weekends. Gabe Delatte and his wife Emily celebrated the birth of their first daughter, Norah. Her favorite activities are sleeping, eating, and watching dad worry about Notre Dame basketball. Our class Reunion is quickly approaching. It takes place May 31 to June 3 on the most beautiful college campus in the world. Details will get emailed out to whatever email you have on file with the Alumni Association. It should be an excellent weekend filled with all your favorite activities and memories. No promises that the line at Reckers won’t be out the door, though. If you have any questions about the reunion, please check the Facebook event page or email me. As always, if you have any updates, please send them along. I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers. — Chris Champlin; nd2013updates@gmail.com

13MBA More Births


It was a quiet quarter, and I didn’t get up for any football games, so I have just a couple of things to mention. Katie and Brian Galbraith welcomed Brian Jr. into the world on July 13. The Galbraiths live in Charlotte NC. Katie is a strategic alliance manager at Bank of America and Brian is a manager at Deloitte. Stephanie and Brian Griffiths were due to have a boy on Thanksgiving Day, so hopefully by now, all are doing well. Brian is at Northwestern Mutual in Milwaukee and works in asset management. Even better, he recently earned the CFA designation, and so is looking forward to more free time this spring. The deadline for the next notes is Jan. 29. Keep the tidbits coming. — Nick Imgrund; 314-775-7364; daimgrund@yahoo.com

13JD Wedding, Babies, Reunion Coming Up


Lauren Riley and Jeffrey Nunez married in October in Lauren’s hometown of Mystic CT. Yes, like the movie. Lauren and Jeff were trial ad partners their 2L year, making this the second wedding I know of from our class resulting from Notre Dame’s trial ad program. (Hi, Caroline.) I guess there’s just something about Prof. Seckinger. Lauren and Jeff stuck together after graduation despite working on different coasts. They live and work in DC. Congratulations to the happy couple. Rick Wilson has been promoted to associate general counsel at the architecture and engineering firm of Leo A. Daly in Dallas. Karen and Will Hendrick welcomed their second son, Landry Achilles Hendrick, in September. That’s a solid “2037 Fighting Irish Starting Quarterback” name, Hendricks family. I’m projecting a redshirt year. Kerry Pluck (nee O’Brien) and her husband Matt welcomed their son Jonathan Robert Pluck in August. Kerry promised to name their first daughter “Dorothy Mantooth Pluck,” but I am unaware if she has discussed this with Matt. By the time you read this it will be 2018. It has practically been a full five years since graduation. I know the faculty and staff can’t wait to welcome the Class of 2013 back to campus for our inaugural reunion. As discussed in the class Facebook page, there will be a 2018 home football game that will serve as our reunion extravaganza weekend, so stay tuned for updates. — Alex Blair; apblair@gmail.com 

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15JD Names and News


Blake Biggar is engaged to Sara Schiferl ’16JD. Blake is doing something, but I don’t know what it is since he isn’t on Facebook. Luckily Sara keeps me in the loop by posting his photo with her. I assume he is still perfecting his fantasy football algorithm. Shout out to Cara Swindlehurst for giving me the down low on several of our classmates. Holly LaCount is about to get married. She is still with Polsinelli in Denver as far as I know. Alex De LaFleur and Patrick Foley got married. I said engaged last article, so it was either a quick wedding or they are way behind on their Facebook posting. “Gracie had a baby.”  Can someone fill me in on who Gracie is and the name of her future Domer? I don’t want to assign someone a child unbeknownst to them. Cara is in Detroit working for Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker. Chairman is a double Domer, doing litigation and serving as Michigan's pro bono coordinator. Cara is also on the ND Club of Detroit board of directors, but in terms of cool things probably not suitable for publication. Big announcement: I am looking for a classmate skilled in social media to take over writing the Class Notes for me. I hope to find someone who is a little more social media savvy and who can keep a better handle on classmates who refuse to email updates. We need someone who can scrounge interesting details for four columns a year. If you are interested, email me. First come, first serve. As always, births, marriages, job changes, moves, divorces, cool vacations, uncool vacations, celebrity encounters (not stalking), awards, publications, Neil Diamond concerts attended, etc. Tell me about it so your classmates can keep up and be entertained. To spur discussion, is Bruce Springsteen, overrated?  Your thoughts?  Finally, and they got in right in under my submission deadline, and I am seven days late, Preston Mortemore and Sienna White got engaged in Paris, France. They are planning a summer wedding. — Matthew Wine; mwine@alumni.nd.edu