36 Celebrated

Angela Hurley Habetz ’02, ’04 visited Shelby Romere recently with a gift from the Notre Dame baseball team. When the team heard that Shelby proudly displays a photo of his ND baseball team, they decided he needed some swag. Shelby was delighted to receive a baseball jersey and “enough T-shirts to wear a different one each day of the week.” Shelby celebrated his 105th birthday in April. Joe Newman celebrated his 106th birthday in January at the Sarasota Circus. They had him stand to be recognized and when the lights shone on his ND ball cap, Sean Norton ’96, ’97, who was in Sarasota on vacation with his family, decided to walk over and introduce himself to a fellow alum. As soon as Joe heard Sean’s name, he realized that Sean was the grandson of his classmate, John Norton. Go Irish. — Maureen McGinn; jwn176@aol.com


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39 A New Day Begins

With sadness I report the death of Adelaide Meskill, wife of former class secretary David Meskill, mother of Katie Meskill ’67SMC and Tim Meskill ’69, and my grandma. As reported in the spring issue, Adelaide was an active participant in the celebration of her 100th birthday in January, surrounded by family and friends. Her passing marks the loss of another direct connection to the class, but memories live on. She had a wonderful life, vibrant until very near the end in no small part due to her daughter’s efforts. Her pallbearers were all female descendants and no doubt she would have been proud to learn that ND has selected the first female leprechaun. She loved Oreo cookies, Chapstick, games, a good novel, and Notre Dame. Her five children, eight grandchildren, nine great-grandchildren, and so many others will miss a wonderful person. Although the passing of loved ones can be a time of grief, we are comforted in their peace. Please consider celebrating the memory of this great class and its family by sharing stories and news with those still among us. — Seth O’Donnell ’04; 17 Marion St., East Greenwich RI 02818; 603-828-7335; seth.odonnell@gmail.com