What Good Are Experts? Winter 2019-20

What Good Are Experts? cover


What’s Wrong with Experts?

by David Shribman

America may need expertise these days more than ever. So why are we so intent on disregarding the wisdom and advice of authorities smarter than the rest of us?

Don’t Tell Me What to Do

by Kerry Temple ’74

Some thoughts on that stubborn streak of self in our national identity

The Troubadours of Drink

by Tara Hunt McMullen ’12

It began when alums Allen and Sarah Hemberger were captivated by the Alinea cookbook and its astounding blend of food and imagination. Now the couple's artistry, creativity and marketing acumen are at work, singing the praises of new adventures in taste.

Speak, Water

by Mark Phillips

‘On nights when I am having trouble falling asleep, I tell myself a certain fish story that I love and then tell it again and again until sleep comes.’

Visions of Neve Shalom

by Andy Fuller

Tantur gives Notre Dame a foothold in the Holy Land — a crossroads of learning, a place to resolve differences and maybe a gateway to peace. There's a model in the neighborhood.

Reporting from Real Life 

by Matt Storin ’64

NBC's Anne Thompson ’79 has made a career covering fast-breaking stories on the ground as they're happening, peerlessly. 

The Lord Is His Shepherd

by Abigail Pesta ’91 

Heritage Munyakuri was a child soldier in Congo — until he told his captors he would rather die than fight again. Now he's in Rochester, New York, a pastor to fellow refugees.