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Letter from Campus: Notre Dane

By Rasmus Jorgensen

A full year of my four-year education I have spent at Notre Dame Magazine, with people who know how to write. I, on the other hand, didn’t think much of good feature writing. No, writing hard news, that was the thing. Ironically, in this issue you will find my byline thrice: One news story, but also one feature about elephant polo and then this letter, which isn’t exactly investigative journalism.

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My raw and wild new path

By Michael Rodio ’12

Whether you’re deciding on a career path or a calorie-burner, it’s surprisingly easy to just do what everyone else is doing or what everyone else seems to call a smart bet. You pore over The Wall Street Journal charts, you calibrate your career options, you network, and you pick a path — more school, more work, more of both — that seems like a pretty solid way to not go broke. And you go running. But maybe there’s something else out there, something new, something for me.


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The Lunachicks

By Elle Metz Walters ’12

We had the idea because my godmother, Jude, had cancer. Or had had cancer — we were waiting to see. And my sister, Lauren, was heartbroken and had been for the better part of a year. I was unemployed. My mom, being a mom as well as a sister to Jude, felt and suffered from our pain, too. In short, we weren’t in great shape. There was going to be a blood red supermoon total lunar eclipse,  so we devised a moon ceremony, as four women like us are apt to do.

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My last roundup

By Greg Ryan ’77

Pow! We all jump back at the report from Paul’s pistol. He has just launched a .22 bullet deep into the sand. As we catch our breath and push Paul and laugh, his uncle picks up a .22 rifle, pumps it once and begins to lean over the warm hood of his pickup, bracing his belly and arms before firing and pumping the shells in rapid cadence. And so this day has gone, one macho test after another, the joyful annual ritual of riding, roping and branding.

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Analyzing America’s pastime

By Jon Caroulis

John P. Rossi ’60M.A. is a dean of baseball scholarship. But his passion for baseball did not have a promising start. His uncle took him to Shibe Park to see the Phillies when he was 8, and Rossi asked to leave early. The same scenario happened when he was 9. 

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