O Father, Where Art Thou? Autumn 2002

O Father, Where Art Thou? cover


The Priesthood in Peril

by John Monczunski

The outlook for religious vocations was bleak enough before last year’s demoralizing tempest. Today’s forecast suggests even grimmer prospects for the American Catholic church.

A Room with a View

by Jean Lenz, OSF, ’67M.Th., ’98Ph.D.

Sister Jean and a generation of pioneering women moved into Farley Hall almost three decades ago, giving the rector a front-row seat for the human dramas that changed the University and their lives forever.

Stairways to Heaven

by Lawrence Cunningham

Some cautionary thoughts for those who say they are spiritual but not religious.

Breach of Faith

by Patrick Gaffney, CSC, ’69

Relations between America and Islam are troubled by distortions of power and perception. A sharper image would help narrow the great divide.

Dollar Signs

by Richard Willing

Jimmy Gurule heads the hunt for Al Qaeda’s paper trail, tracking the money that funds global terrorism.

Saving El Salvador

by Michal Garvey ’74

Jorge Zablah ‘59 has a vision for helping his country, but not everyone agrees on what’s best for the tortured nation.

‘And Now a Few Words from Our Speaker’

by Richard Conklin ’59M.A.