Once in a Lifetime Winter 2002-03

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The Power of Pope John Paul II

by Andrew Nagorski

Karol Wojtyla will go down in history as one of the greatest popes ever, but he has left some extremely difficult issues to his successor.
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The Do-It-Yourself Catholic Rorschach Test

by Scott Appleby ’78

Ten ink blots offer meaningful images of the 2002 Catholic sexual abuse crisis — as well as insight into those interpreting them.
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Panelists: Bishops’ Response Fell Short

by Ed Cohen

A conference at Notre Dame considers the outcome of the bishops’ meeting in Dallas.
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Keep the Faith, Change the Church

by Richard Conklin ’59M.A.

Jim Muller ‘65 shares a Nobel Prize for his fight against nuclear arms. Now he’s taking on the Catholic church.
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Introduction: Once in a Lifetime

My Northern Exposure

by David Devine ’96

Fire Escape

by H. Patrick Weber ’71, ’74J.D.

Falling Through Clouds

by John Lyon ’54, ’55M.A.

Conquering the Chilkoot

by Patrick Tyrrell ’73

The Dream That Saved Me

by Tom Hanculak ’71

Playing Rudy

by J. Michael Brooks, M.D., ’79

Down, Down to the Titanic

by Michael Manyak, M.D., ’73

Fifteen Minutes of Fame and Fortune

by Kara Spak ’96

9-11: A Survivor’s Tale

by Stephen F. Kern ’75

The Run Down Everest

by Paul Ruesch ’91

Trapped by Wildfire

by Rebecca Gerben ’97

Stranded on the Island

by Marianne Herb Well ’87

Miracle Child

by Michael P., M.D., ’82

Web extra lifetime stories

Family, Interrupted

by Michael Susi ’81

The Unspeakable

by Andrew Saal ’87

The Forever Santa

by Joseph Skovira ’79

From Sea to Bike to Feet

by Angela North ’95

A Song for Mom

by Patrick Madden ‘66 (’70)

Station of the Cross

by Sister Katherine Hanley, CSJ, ’62M.A., ’66Ph.D.

Rolling in Monster Waves

by Ami Green

River Dance

by Steve Kelley ’94J.D.

Hello, Leningrad

by Kevin Walsh ’89