Can The Fighting Irish Excel at School and at Play? Summer 2002

Can The Fighting Irish Excel at School and at Play? cover


Can Notre Dame Have it Both Ways?

by Richard Conklin ’59M.A.

The University wants national championships in athletics and international prestige in academics.

It’s Not All Fun and Games

by Michael Oriard ’70.

The rules have changed for college athletes who represent their schools on fields of play.

Levels of Trust

by John Cavadini

The sexual abuse scandal that has rocked the Catholic Church has left Catholics with questions of faith, morals and accountability.

Clear Moment

by Kerry Temple ’74

The photographs of Don Nelson ’91MCA.

Telling It Like It Is

by Andrew Malcolm

What you thought was true may not be. But that’s no longer an excuse.

Where Have All The Thinkers Gone?

by Robert Schmuhl ’70

Despite an abundance of “talking heads,” a nation in need of wisdom finds the public intellectual missing from action.

Tomorrowland Is Here

by Walton R. Collins ’51

Sci-fi prophets of the past predicted a future we now explore.

Heavens on Earth

by John Lee

Writers try to create Utopian worlds.