Our Bodies, Our Souls Spring 2002

Our Bodies, Our Souls cover


The Eye of the Beholder

by Chet Raymo

Humans have been studying themselves for ages, examining the body, exploring the soul. What they see often depends upon the lens through which they look.

Strange Bedfellows

by Jeremy Manier

Both science and religion seek the truth and ways to enrich our lives, but they also seem to be partners in a dance of confirmation, caution and incompatibility.

Song of Myself

by John Phillip Santos

What began as a family memoir led to a “greater story” – what are we? where do we come from? how did we get here?

PEAK Performance

by Sean Callahan

Many students from inner-city Chicago must overcome crime, poverty and overwhelming responsibility. This non-profit organization tries to help them succeed.

PEAK: Time to Diversify

by Sean Callahan

A PEAK volunteer motivates a teenager from Ecuador to focus on his studies.

An Anxious Reunion

by Ray Hedin

A former seminarian reflects on changes in the Catholic faith and his relationship with the Church.

Willingham Knows Opportunity Can Mean Everything

by Kelli Anderson

With his discipline and stoic demeanor, will Tyrone Willingham put the “fight” back in the Irish?