Hunting Down the Universe Spring 2011

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Wonder of Wonders

by Jay Walljasper

Notre Dame physicists gaze into the heavens, searching the stars and infinite darkness, reading the clues to make sense of the awe.

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Astronomy Past, Present and Future at Notre Dame

The Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope

Into the Deep

by Patrick Dunne ’60

At the end of this life on Earth we all face a journey into the mysterious unknown.

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The Global Good

by Carolyn Woo

“Whether globalization contributes to the common good is a question that has been answered: Yes, some of the time. The more pertinent question is how globalization, through business, can serve society.”

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The Investor

by Lori Barrett

Paul Tierney ’64, once known as a corporate raider and a savvy, successful fund manager, is now making bold impacts by bringing venture capital into what he calls frontier markets. And doing some real good.

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Driver’s Ed, Khmer Style

by Adam Kronk ’02, ’09MNA

Wherever they’re headed, whatever they’re wearing, most of Cambodia is up with the dawn and moving with purpose, dodging one another with a stoic ease that still escapes this author.

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The Natural

by Kerry Temple ’74

After a decade as a doctoral student, Geoffrey Keating ’00M.A. finds his true calling as a furniture maker.

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