Question Everything Summer 2011

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Mil Preguntas

by Gary Gaffney ’69M.S.

A meditation in 1,000 questions.

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A Summer Night

by Kerry Temple ’74

An ode to the delights of summer vacation, in whatever season.
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The Way We Were

by Donald Anderson ’69

A look back to a time when campus was for roaming and a place where Notre Dame and its neighborhood merged.

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Thumb Drive

by Andrew Santella

Some experts are concerned that the youngest generation of homo sapiens spends a worrisome amount of time interacting with its environment through the latest mode of digital communication. But the kids may be navigating the virtual maze just fine.

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Margot’s Story

by Patrick Murphy ’91

Maybe it doesn’t have an ending after all.

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When Life Hangs in the Balance

by Peter Graham ’84

A boy is struck by a car, falling into an unconscious netherworld that raises doubts about guilt and God, the meaning of prayer and the cost of love.

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The Mortgage that Ate My Life

by Ed Cohen

Great new job, beautiful new home, happy horizons in one of America’s most scenic landscapes. Then a crash, and a quandary. An American morality tale.

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