The Legendary Emil T. Hofman Autumn 2011

The Legendary Emil T. Hofman cover


The Excellently Extraordinary, Iconic Emil T.

by Brendan O’Shaughnessy ’93

Few people in Notre Dame’s history have had such an impact on the place and its students. So why the T-shirts, “Deliver Us from Emil”? It might be those weekly quizzes.
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The Damage Done

by Jason Kelly ’95

It may have seemed that time heals the brain after severe blows to the head, but the evidence shows a cumulative effect may cause long-term suffering.
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Lucie and Me

by Heather Treseler ’10Ph.D.

She was my student, I her teacher. But as life wheeled around, so, too, the swing of our friendship — until she became my very own fairy godmother.
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Flights of Fancy

by James M. Lang ’91 and Anthony F. Lang Jr. '90

In a world where the supernatural is threatened with extinction, the sacred may survive in the lands of fairies, fantasy and fable.
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Dealing with the Dead

by Major Andrew J. DeKever ’95

The deceased were not the only victims of the mortuary tent in Logar Province, Afghanistan. Even the living are still haunted by the place.
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Collateral damage

Time Enough for a Story

by Mark Phillips

As life quickens by and the generations pass, stories are handed down like heirlooms, told and retold to help us try to make sense of it all.
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An Epilogue for Neil

by Michael Baxter ’83M.Div.

A decade has passed since 9/11 and friends still gather in his memory, laughing at the stories that keep him and his playful soul alive — and celebrate his quest for the “arduous good.”
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