The Rome of the Americas Winter 2011-12

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Anything But Clear

by The editors

A report on campus sexual assaults.

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The Rome of the Americas

by John Nagy ’00M.A.

Winds of change are stirring in Cuba, and Notre Dame’s School of Architecture is exploring opportunities to help the city of Havana frame its future while preserving the rich and classic beauty of its past.

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Havana notebook | Havana video

Gotta Have It Now, Right Now

by Ronald J. Alsop

We used to work hard to earn the American dream. Today our desires aren’t so patient. We’re driven by an appetite for instant gratification.

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Wired for Rewards

My Fair Share

by Lori Barrett

There’s a great and growing divide in America between the rich and the poor, and it’s threatening our economic health and tearing the national fabric.

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Images of Us

by Julie Douthwaite

Notre Dame hosts the American debut of an international exhibit whose lens focuses on pockets of poverty, violence and oppression around the world — and reminds us that we’re affected too.

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A World that Works for Everyone

by Jay Walljasper

A Mendoza professor is a leader in a global movement to save the planet and ourselves by sharing what we all have in common.

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