The Style Issue Spring 2012


The Style Section

My Life in Clothes

by Kerry Temple ’74

Anecdotal evidence reveals clothing serves multiple purposes.
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London Unveiled

by Kristen Dold ’09

Model-actress London Vale ’08 chases the dream.
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An Embarrassment of Clothes

by Paige Smoron Wiser ’92

Mother decries silly wardrobe choices, asks: “What are we thinking?”
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This Man’s Style Guide

by Liam Farrell ’04

Our own Liam Farrell ’04 heads to the Manhattan offices of the iconic GQ and finds some Notre Dame alums helping define and refine the look and good taste of the contemporary male.
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Leading Man



by Jamie Reidy ’92

The author, his reputation hanging by a thread, is saved from a potential Red Carpet embarrassment.
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Making It on Her Own — and you can too

by Grace Myers ’92

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Meg McElwee’s favorite ways to personalize her home and clothing


Before and After

by Arienne Thompson ’04

It may help to change clothes and alter appearances. But still, it’s what’s inside that counts.
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What She Learned

Sobesoles for the feet and society

by Kevin Melchiorri

Teacher Evaluation

by Dan Myers ’92

The academy gets few awards for sartorial distinction.
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The Lost Art of Dress

by Susan Mullen Guibert ’87, ’93M.A.

Fashion trends reflect the changing roles of women in society.

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Campus Fashion Statements


Style Points

by Amelia Thompson ’08

The Fighting Irish join a uniform trend by changing wardrobes for special occasions.
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Dressing Up

by Adriana Pratt ’12

Role-playing students swap daytime attire for a night on the town.
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Some Serious Footwear

by Monica Yant Kinney ’93

Even though the Dansko clog confounds the critics, this quirky fashion rebel helps women go through life feet first.
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By Natural Design

by Jessica Trobaugh Temple ’92

A California surfer-artist goes entrepreneurial to market his own line of freestyle clothing.
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Domers by Design


Live! From New York! It’s Fashion Week!

by Arienne Thompson ’04