What America Needs Now Winter 2012-13


What America Needs Now

by David Shribman

What is to be done?

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What Would You Say

by Notre Dame Faculty

Invited to pretend they could write 300 words for the next State of the Union address, here’s what Notre Dame faculty penned.

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Dogged by the Dark

by Mel Livatino

Sometimes I lie awake at night and wonder where His love is.

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One of the Good Guys

by Kara Spak ’96

Notre Dame fan Jack Riley has used a team approach to wage war against drug lords and dealers. His life has been a long and tenacious fight to end up on the winning side.

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How Far We Have Come

by Art Busse

Thirty thousand feet above the North Atlantic, somewhere between Greenland and Newfoundland, strapped in the darkened cabin among the silent, the dozing, the dazed — they come for me.

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Being Skylar Diggins

by Ann Hardie ’82

The South Bend native has twice led the women’s basketball team to the national finals. But that’s only part of her story.

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Zinaida and the Golden Cache

by A.P. Monta

How Notre Dame came to be home to a treasure trove of long-buried documents that provide an intimate and previously unknown accounting of the Russian Revolution.

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Playing It by Ear

by Jason Kelly ’95

Dick Miller ’60 has improvised a life as rich and roving as a flight of jazz. And the tunes keep rolling along.

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