125 Years of Notre Dame Football Summer 2012

125 Years of Notre Dame Football cover


A Land of Myth and Legend

by the editors

One hundred and twenty-five years in the making. A game, a sport, a ritual, the ceremonies and common language that unifies an international family. And so much more.

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In a League of Its Own

by Malcolm Moran

Notre Dame has always played by its own rules. Have the tidal shifts in college football finally doomed the independent Irish?

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More than a Game

by Michael Rodio ’12 with Andy Panelli ’77, ’83MBA

Leahy’s Lads — many of whom had seen combat in World War II — saw their gridiron mission as a battle for survival, duty and honor, finding glory as a team for the ages.

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Wintry Rooms of Love

by Mel Livatino

We have only so long to ask the questions we need to ask, have the conversations we need to have, spend the time we need to spend and heal whatever hurt our hearts are holding.

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Years After

by Mel Livatino

This Fish May Save Your Eyesight

by John Monczunski

David Hyde’s visionary work.

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The Danger of Our Convictions

by John I. Jenkins, CSC, ’76, ’78M.A.

Notre Dame’s president asks the graduating class at Wesley Theological Seminary to use their calling and their faith to reduce the hatred that divides us.

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Of What Spirit We Are

by Michael Garvey ’74

Witness to the Persecution

by Ben Giamo

William Kennedy, one of the foremost Catholic novelists of our time, has turned his light on injustice and racism, the powerful and oppressed, and on the redemptive power of love, family and our essential humanity.

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Atlas Unplugged

by Jay Walljasper

A Minnesota pilgrim seeks enlightenment by biking the river road.

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