50 Looking for Info

I got a pleasant call Jan. 2 from John Francis “Jack” McGoldrick, originally from Forest Hills NY, now in Brevard NC. He is father of six kids and retired VP of American Can Co. Bill Nunnelley of Louisville called with some questions regarding old friends here in South Bend. And Mike Elliott, a friend and fellow graduate with Elliott Burrell from Phoenix High School back in 1946, called with queries about Burrell’s widow, Alicia. I couldn’t help either of them. It is getting more difficult to help my wife and myself. How about the rest of you? I end this ditty with a prayer for all of you. — Zane Trinkley; 2418 Miami St., South Bend IN 46614; 574-289-8373

51 Exciting Year

Bob Kruse ’78 notified me that classmate Paul Kruse Jr., his father, passed away in October, while living in Edina MN. His bachelor’s degree was in physics from ND, he received a master’s from ND in physics, and his PhD from ND in physics. In addition, eight of his nine children graduated from ND and a granddaughter is in the class of 2016. Lynn ’62MA and Allan Powers received the St. Jude the Apostle Medal from the Diocese of St. Petersburg FL in November. The medal was bestowed by Rev. Robert Lynch, bishop of St. Petersburg. They received this honor for their contribution in spreading the gospel. Larry Gallagher claims he is on the road to recovery. It is slow, he says, but he is making good strides from his heavy back surgery. He is back home in Indiana, and taking his rehab seriously. Our treasurer, Bob Wallace, and wife Anne have moved back to Ohio. Since Bob is in charge of collecting money for our Mass Fund, please note his new address so you will know where to send contributions: 38575 Westlake Village Dr. No. A307, Westlake OH 44145. I received a very nice, appreciative note from Terri Jo Tesch, the daughter of classmate Vince Ste. Marie. Terri requested the address so she could donate to our Mass Fund. Terri wanted to help. Thank you, Terri. Our profile for this issue is Richard Burke, Skokie IL. Richard is one of the few people you know who accomplished his childhood dream, to be an airline pilot. Since he could remember, he always wanted to fly. Following graduation, he joined the Navy Flight Program. Following pilot training, he was assigned to a carrier. He experienced a most anxious moment while in the air. His carrier was maneuvering off the coast of Morocco, and he was flying at an altitude that caused his fuel pump to freeze, causing his plane to “flame out.” In other words, the engine stopped operating. Once be reached a lower altitude, he was able to “re-light” the engine and continue his piloting duties. In 1955, he was discharged from the Navy and joined United Air. Soon after, he was promoted to captain and received many choice assignments. As Richard states, “I was able to pick my jobs, and my favorites were transporting college and professional athletic teams to game sites and return them.” He transported many Irish football teams through the years. His favorite passenger was our former athletic director, Moose Krause ’34 (Everybody’s favorite). At the age of 60, rules required that he retire. He and Jacqueline raised five children, and they have 10 grandchildren. He spends his winters in Ft. Lauderdale and the rest of the year in Skokie. He was raised close to Northwestern U. I understand former quarterback Bob Williams has fractured a leg. Another setback, Bob, but we are thinking of you. Don’t forget our Mass Fund. Start thinking about the Reunion in June. — Jim Gillis; 3267 Rossmoor Pkwy., No. 4, Walnut Creek CA 94595; 928-932-6454; Jimjanegillis@aol.com

52 Class Profile

I thought that after serving you in this role for more than three decades, I would share with you my observations of where and how we have fared since graduation. Basically, we have been a mobile group, as our careers took us away from our family roots. The exceptions to this would be the fellows who returned home to join an existing family business. Their challenge was staying on the cutting edge of that enterprise and making the adjustments that passing years required. Among the professionals, our attorneys tended to practice close to their familiar surroundings, with the exception being those who went into corporate or government work. Our doctors and college level educators seemed to go where the career demands required. Those who made commitments to large corporations such as Caterpillar, GE, and the auto industry were subject to transfers that the company dictated. The engineers, particularly the aeronautical ones, seemed destined to the south and west as the emphasis and growth moved from the Midwest to the warmer climates. I would like to hear any thoughts you have on this matter. Pert Mutscheller sent a note advising that Capt. Jim had some heart work done at Johns Hopkins and was there three months in recovery. He is in rehab near their home and needs our prayers. Joe Adler has come up with a unique cause. As he and his wife travel about, they stay in various motels and he has taken an interest is working conditions for the char force. He is trying to get travelers to leave a gratuity even if it is just an overnight stay. He has done this sort of charitable work in Joliet and has been recognized for it. Phil Toole in Seekonk MA, is doing well and has the benefit of nearby medical advice as his daughter, Maura ’89, is married to Dr. Robert Legare ’86, who practices in nearby Providence. Lee Donderville, Springfield IL, has retired from his engineering firm and is a great example of the ND legacy. His five children are Domers and the trend is following through with the grandchildren. Tom Desser, who started with us but transferred to U of Detroit, had a fine career in accounting with GM, and he and Jane had 17 children. Their youngest son was ordained in 2011 and is a missionary in Africa. Ron Zier caught up with Maurice “Mickey” Carroll, who is still heading the renowned Quinnipiac U opinion poll. They are planning a get together with Jerry Costello, Mickey’s former roommate, and a member of Gene Hull’s band. — Edward F. Foley; 200 Ocean Trail Way, No. 510, Jupiter FL 33477; 561-741-1675; Kfoley3402@aol.com

53 60th Reunion

The dates are Thursday, May 30, through Sunday, noon, June 2. In communication with the Alumni Office, Jerry Hammes and I have learned that our exclusive class schedule will be: Thursday evening, reception in Stadium Press Box; Friday evening, dinner at the Compton Ice Rink; Saturday evening, dinner at The Monogram Room in the ACC; and Sunday, a Mass remembering our deceased classmates and breakfast at Moreau Seminary. Efforts are underway for a Mass on Friday, and Lee Tavis is organizing the hospitality suite in Duncan Hall. For those troubled with ambulatory problems, note that with the exception of the dormitory, all affairs are accessible by car. Early motel room reservations off campus indicate a record turnout. The greatest pleasures are derived from the fellow attendees. Make your plans and make your room reservations now if you don’t plan on staying in the dorm. John Hastings broke his leg and is enduring a slow recovery. His spirits remain high without promising to run a leg of the class relay at reunion. Richard Nault reports that he has sold his Florida quarters and is moving back to Massachusetts. Richard and Gerry Carty are working on rounding up engineers to attend the reunion. Speaking of engineers, haven’t heard from Dave Kahlich lately, a regular attendee and sometime correspondent down Texas way. I hope he and his family are well. I talked with Jack Dilenschneider, which I haven’t done in a while, and he reports he has motel reservations and is looking forward to the reunion from his home base in Columbus OH. The BCS game attracted some classmates who were fortunate enough to obtain tickets. Our losses continue: Thomas Hamilton, Framingham MA; Robert Hull, Farmington Hills MI; James Gallagher, Chicago; Nancy Zoellner, St. Louis, wife of Roger Zoellner; Anne Marks, Rockville NY, wife of Al Marks; Susan Fox McGuire, Chicago, daughter of Dave Fox; and Joyce Gelson, Lancaster PA, widow of John Gelson. Pray for the departed, their supportive survivors, and our ailing classmates and family members. Contributions for the Mass Fund are gratefully accepted. — Jerry Mulvihill; 60413 Sumption Trail, South Bend IN 46614; res 574-287-3460; Domerhill@aol.com

53JD Class Secretary

Robert Berry; 402-333-3522; yokeemup@aol.com

54 Countdown

In just over a year from now we will join the other classes and celebrate our own 60th Reunion. Meanwhile, we will hold our 59th Reunion in just a few weeks. Planning is under way. One-year reunions are just smaller versions of five-year reunions. Throughout the weekend, ND 1954 will have our own events, including a Class Mass, dinner, and time for reflection. There is equipment available for the handicapped. Tom Campbell is chairman for both our reunions. Call Tom at 1-800-862-1777 for details. Most of you have already turned 80, but there have been a few stragglers. Jim Mullane had a surprise party that was really a surprise with 160 well-wishers. Jim missed not having his late brother, Jack Mullane, there to enjoy the fun. John Casey enjoyed an 80th birthday get-together put on by his twin daughters, Peg and Sheila, at a nearby Irish pub. Fish and chips with Jameson’s on the side were enjoyed by all. Art Nowack’s greatest source of pride is his family. Patti and Art had three girls, Liz, Ellen, and Amy. Five grandkids and two great grandchildren followed. After Notre Dame football, Art played with Ottawa in Canada along with “Touchdown” Tom McHugh. While in Canada, he and Patti discovered the 1000 islands. They bought a summer home there and enjoyed hunting and fishing for years. Art had bypass surgery in 1992, and retired soon after that. He’s in his high school hall of fame. After Barbara and Webb Arceneaux retired, they relocated to West End NC, close to Pine Hurst. After 17 years there, they agree that nothing can be finer than to be in Carolina in the morning. They enjoy visiting and keeping abreast of a large and active family that is spread from east to west. When at home, they enjoy playing golf and bridge. After 23 years in Keowee Key SC, my dear wife, Marie, and I would add that nothing can be finer than to be in Carolina in the afternoons and evenings as well. Twins Ray Tierney and Dick Tierney, along with Hal Reilly and George Moresco, were on high ground when storm Sandy hit and they were spared the devastation. George had a very interesting career. After graduation in 1954, he joined the Marines. He then attended Fordham Law School and was admitted to the New York Bar. He was also admitted to practice before the US Supreme Court. In 1960, he became a special agent with the FBI for 26 years, after which he served as a member of the agent advisory committee. He was then appointed as the New York State Inspector General. In 1996, he became special assistant to the Staten Island president. George and his late wife, Theresa, were blessed with two daughters and four grandchildren. Ann and Jack Mertens count their blessings to have sold their home in Groton Long Point and move closer to their seven sons. But first they plan to head south for a few weeks, where Jack runs our Class Mass along with the Daytona NDAA club. Last year, your class officers spent time developing an organization chart with successors. By now it should be on our class web site. Our web site address is http://1954.undclass.org. — Milt Beaudine; 14 Bowsprit Lane, Salem SC 29676; 864-944-1326; mmbeau@att.net

54JD A Big Loss

Sad and shocking news: beloved classmate Jack Bradshaw died in late January of a brain tumor. He and his wife had four children; they and most of their spouses are Domers. Jack was so active that at 80 he won second in world in tennis doubles. Many of us combo students knew and lived with Jack for six years. It is a great loss. Get his address in the directory to contact the family. Jack was the only one who contacted me and had information about you. Please let’s hear from you. This is my 50th year on the Law School Board of Directors and I am very busy with it and my disabled daughter. Happy trails. — Carl Eiberger; 14330 Fairview Lane, Golden CO 80401; 303-278-0707

55 Happy 80th

Thanks to Bob McGrath’s emails, we’re able to send 80th birthday greetings to classmates such as Jack Battel, who celebrated with family in Florida. Denny Conway thanks all who contacted him on his milestone. Bill Relph, on his 80th, received an ND stadium blanket that had been in a fishing buddy’s family for many generations. Kudos to Howie Hart for the Florida Fling and Hugh Schaefer for the Desert event. Tony Vallace was popping buttons over his 26 grandkids in Florida. We enjoyed seeing Fathers Joe O’Donnell, Jim Blantz, Jack Keefe, and Emmet Root in Phoenix, as well as Schaefer and Jerry Groark in Tucson. Father Jim is looking forward to another appearance in Hollywood’s Magic Castle this summer. Jack Fitz-enz, who recently wrote an article for CFO Magazine, also pens “Greetings from Geezerville.” Mary and Tom Magill celebrated their 50th. Don Totten plans two months in Florida and then a visit to Napa Valley in July. Don Yeckel is looking forward to a cruise to Polynesia and New Zealand. Owen Keavney is rescheduling trips to Africa and Russia after successful back surgery. Lee Crean volunteers at the recently-expanded New Orleans WWII Museum. Tennis captain Wally Clarke’s granddaughter won the Arizona state tennis championship as a freshman and would love to attend ND. Former band member Dave Scheele says the ND Band was great in Miami. Stephanie Flynn got a scare when they arrived in Florida, but the docs took care of the blood clot, and she and Jack are enjoying the sun. I hope you saw Seamus Metress’ letter in the last issue on Ireland, his academic focus for many years. Jim Irwin received the Distinguished Historian Award from the Butler County Historical Society in Ohio. Pat McGahan, who enjoyed the Navy game and Irish golf, was delighted to get BCS tickets for his ND grandson and dad. After Dublin, Ron Smith went skiing out west before enjoying the sun and water of Mexico, only to return to zero temps. Bill Dougherty is smiling because his granddaughter was accepted. Mike Kelly and Dick Cook stopped at two air museums on their way to Cook’s Florida condo. Another fisherman, George Vosmick, is back fishing at Marathon after knee surgery. Chuck Meyer is still coaching target shooting for kids. Barbara and Don Lanspa received the Austin (TX) Diocese Catholic Education Service Award for more than 10 years of work in their parish school library. It was good to hear from Harriet Ward, Mike Ward’s widow, who checked in from Florida. Frank Tonini worked in 10 days at Surfers’ Paradise while visiting his son for the holidays in Australia. Paul Cardinal spent Christmas in San Francisco and Seattle. John Hamilton is planning a trip to Spain and Ireland. Dick Ruwe sits on the advisory council of Catholic Charities in Indianapolis. Don Williams moved into a retirement community in California. Classmates donated $14,000 to Mack Stewart’s Warm the Children fund in Connecticut. That provided 800 children with coats and shoes. Dick Mueller visited La Jolla, Utah, Texas, and Wisconsin. Bill McLain, who meets John Slavick in Cleveland for their annual Snowball Fling, still plays tennis four times a week. Jim Stevens chaired St. Vincent de Paul and K of C events in Ft. Meyers Beach. Owen Dugan had lunch with Mike O’Toole, who still plays golf every day and carries his own bag. Sailor Bill Heinrich circulated a fabulous email on the Navy’s new aircraft carriers. Jerry Hughes was the first to inquire about our 60th in 2015. Memorial Masses have been offered for recently deceased Bob McAuliffe, Tom Galligan, and Eleanor Machuga, Ed Machuga’s wife. — Paul Fullmer; 87 Heatherdowns Lane, Galena IL 60136; 815-777-2008; psfullmer@gmail.com

55JD Class Secretary

John Coyne; john.coyne@abm.com

56 Minireunion Aug. 31

Co-president Mark Burns has arranged for the annual minireunion during the weekend of the Temple game, Aug. 31. This is the senior alumni game, meaning classmates who have filled the requirements for the lottery are assured two game tickets. Assuming kickoff at about 3 p.m., a memorial Mass for our deceased classmates will be celebrated by Class Chaplain Rev. Tom Chambers, CSC, at Welsh Family Hall Chapel at 11 a.m. Lunch will be served in the South Dining Hall upstairs dining room at 1 p.m. Added details will be provided in the ND56 e-newsletter, our class website at nd56.org, and in the next issue of this magazine. Larry Kennedy, chair of the ND56 Endowed Scholarship Fund, shares this from Lou Nanni, VP of University Relations: “It is with heartfelt gratitude that I share information outlining the impact of the Class of 1956 Endowed Scholarship. Over the past year, the University has provided $106 million in need-based scholarships to undergraduate students, an all-time high. The Class of 1956 leadership and generosity are making a difference every single day at Notre Dame. 2012 distribution was $50,256 to three students and cumulative distribution since 2005 was $272,870.” Larry also notes that our fund totaled $1,067,804 as of June 30, 2012. Please mark your gift for the ND56 Scholarship Fund. Treasurer Ed Cosgrove (825 Delaware Ave., Buffalo NY 14202) thanks you for your contributions to the “ND56 Class Fund,” and enjoys hearing about you and yours; most recent funding came from Don Carlin, Walt Arnold, and Bernie Van Etten. Cosgrove was delighted with the 25th annual Retirement Fund for the Religious Luncheon in Buffalo Diocese on Nov. 30; he’s headed the affair since its inception with tremendous success. Deaths of classmates since the last issue include Robert P. Braun, who died in Redlands CA, on Jan. 15 after a prolonged illness; he is survived by his wife, Joyce, and his daughter, Kimberlee. Nicholas P. Triano Jr. died Nov. 14 in Framingham MA; his wife, Ida, survives with four children and five grandchildren. Thomas A. Cahill died in Madison WI on Nov. 20; he is survived by his wife, Mary Ann, five children, 10 grandchildren, and four great-grandkids. Obituaries are on the obituary link of nd56.org. A Mass was celebrated for each man by Holy Cross priests on campus. A survey was taken to see if any of our class had fathers in the Class of 1930. Dick Savage ’30 was the devoted secretary of that group and the sole survivor. He celebrated his 105th birthday on Jan. 7. The day after this column was prepared, Dick was called to the side of Our Lord at 1 p.m., Jan. 30, in his Chicago home, with daughter Florence at his side. This is the end of an era for Notre Dame alums. There were five ND56 men who proudly proclaimed their father a member of the Class of ’30: Joe Hennessy, Jack Riley, Jackson Sigler, Tom McIntire, and Joe Ruppe. Please refer to the Class of 1930 column for further stories. Juan “Johnny” Pacheco was in need of ND Band and Glee Club music, especially the Victory March and Notre Dame Our Mother. Who better to provide that than John “of the Desert” Schumacher in Sun City AZ; he operates his own radio station at live365.com. His station is Eclectic Waves, and he invites you to listen in anytime. Winter visitors to the SoCal desert with us included Sheila and Dick Brown and Nell and John Murray. — John Manion; 78402 Silver Sage Drive, Palm Desert CA 92211-1348; 760-772-6056; www.nd56.org

56JD Class Secretary

Lauren Sharkey ’08; cell 703-927-2089; lksharkey@gmail.com

57 Classmates in Miami

We were well represented by classmates who were in Miami for the BCS game. This included Pat and Ed Healy, Paul Flattery, Cyrus Freidheim, John Gibbs, and Bob Griffin. Also attending were Orlando Maione, Don Masini, Steve O’Donnell, Steve Penny, and John Quinn. Several indicated they were coming, including Don Barr, Paul Byron, Jim Cusack, Walter Nohelty, Frank Reilly, and Eric Spinosa. Dick Woods, who recently retired from U of Michigan and is now on the ND faculty, was there. Pat and Don McCrory were at the OU game in Norman. They have a grandson at OU and another at Alabama. Condolences to John Lucey, whose wife, Nancy, died suddenly on Nov. 14. On Dec. 14, Jack Zufelt died suddenly. Jack is survived by his wife, Emily, and their six children. Prayers are requested for Bill Brown Jones, who underwent compression and fusion of C3 through C7 on Jan. 4. His wife, Maureen, wrote that Bill will be in inpatient rehab for a few weeks, hoping to get him back to where he was using a walker. Matt Hicks has a new book, The Sheltering Tower. It is available through Amazon Kindle at a reduced price or in paperback at any bookstore. Dave Klocke continues to produce and display products of his paintbrush and easel. Dick Allen’s home on the Jersey Shore survived Superstorm Sandy except for three automobiles on the ground floor. The home is on pilings and the living quarters are essentially on the second and third floors. Dick has written the foreword in a new book, Farewell. Also, I received a report on our class scholarship fund and the students for whom this fund has made the Notre Dame experience possible. Consider designating the Class of ’57 Scholarship Fund on your next annual donation. You do not lose any of your perks by so doing. We will have our annual minireunion before, and maybe after, a home game this fall. I will let you know the game. — John A. Slevin; 456 Fulton St., Suite 425, Peoria IL 61602; 309-676-8986; fax: 309-676-4130; jaslevin@sbcglobal.net

57JD Class Secretary

Thomas S. Calder; 513-271-0560; thomas.calder@dinslaw.com

58 Forever Notre Dame

We begin with news of the passing of Harry K. Wasoff Jr. of Dallas on Sept.19, and Archibald W. Fees Jr. MD of Hollidaysburg PA on Nov. 17. Harry is survived by his wife, Bertha. Arch is survived by his wife, Susan, and seven children. Boodie Fransen, wife of Remy Fransen, died Jan. 10 after 48 years of marriage. She and Remy are parents of four children and grandparents of seven. May the Lord bless the departed with eternal peace and comfort their loved ones. Walt Huurman reports from Omaha on the dedication of a New York State Court of Claims courtroom in memory of Judge Donald J. Corbett Jr. of Rochester, who died two years ago. Don served on the court for 20 years, eight of which he was presiding judge. After graduation from Albany Law School, he began law practice in 1961, was elected to the Monroe County Family Court, and served for nine years. The Notre Dame Monogram Club, on April 20, presented the 2013 Moose Krause Distinguished Service Award to Marty Allen at its annual meeting in the Joyce Center. Marty, who served as head football manager during our senior year, is chairman emeritus and lifetime trustee of the Gerald R. Ford Foundation in Grand Rapids. After service in the Navy, Marty obtained an MBA from Michigan State and holds honorary degrees from Aquinas College and Grand Valley State U. In 1997, he retired as executive vice president of Old Kent Bank & Trust Co., in Grand Rapids. In 2009, he received the Gerald R. Ford Lifetime Achievement Award from the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame for his contributions to sports and the quality of life of the people of Michigan. The Cook County (Illinois) Board of Commissioners in December honored Richard J. Phelan by dedicating the Specialty Care Atrium Entrance of the John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital in recognition of his service as chairman of the County Board. We include this news from J. Patrick Doherty regarding our 55th Reunion scheduled for May 30-June 2. As of February, 244 people (including many spouses) plan to attend; 188 more may attend. A team of 50, assembled by Butch Hayes and Dave Immonen, continue to make phone contacts to promote attendance. Our reunion will feature private dinners on Thursday (O’Brien’s Pub), Friday (Monogram Club with Terry Brennan as featured speaker), and Saturday (Club Naimoli in the Joyce Center). At Saturday’s dinner, Joe Bride, former sports/politics writer for Life, will lead a panel of classmates offering humorous “flashback” anecdotes from our ND days or subsequent histories. Send your personal flashbacks to Joe at jobe@fuse.net. Memorial Mass arrangements are being coordinated by Bill Scanlon and wife Lou. Fathers Don McNeill and Dave Link will concelebrate. Music will be provided by Eddie Thomas and ’58 Glee Club and other choir members. Duncan Hall will be our hub for those who choose dorm accommodations. The Alumni Association has reserved rooms at nearby hotels for others. Travel on campus and to and from hotels and the residence hall will be available between 8 a.m. and late evening. This reunion has been customized for our class and probably will be our last “class” event. It will be distinct from the 50-year club and other classes and the University is not soliciting financial contributions; our class made a huge gift at our 50-Year Reunion, chaired by Dick Phalen and John McDonough. — Arthur L. Roule Jr.; 3725 W. Waverly Road, La Porte IN 46350; alroule@yahoo.com

58JD Plethora of News

Ann Louise and Jerry Curran and several family members enjoyed the Navy game in Dublin. Jerry still calls Rochester home but the whole family loves to summer at their Adirondack camp. Ray Drexler likewise enjoyed a long Irish vacation, albeit for a different purpose: to golf and sail. Ray and Jane escape Chicago winters at their Saint Simons Island GA retreat. Pat and Bill Engel recently welcomed their 10th grandchild, Nathaniel Joseph Engel. The Engels spend part of the winter at their condo in Siesta Key FL. Jack Snell and wife Butch are “snowbirds” as well, escaping Plattsburgh NY to spend nearly half the year at their Orlando location. Ed Denn sounds like he’s running his homeowners association in Saint Paul. He’s chair of the long range planning committee for the 300-unit complex. Ray Tam and Audrey recently completed their 21st trip to China. It all started 20 years ago, as an effort by the International Academy of Trial Lawyers to develop China’s judicial system and respect for the rule of law. I think it is more play than work now, as Ray raved about a local drink he discovered called Moutan, distilled in Guizhou China. Jack Callahan is a regular email correspondent. He and Sally winter in Naples FL, where we’ve visited several times. Nell and I recently welcomed our eighth grandchild, Liam Carter Murray. While none of our four children are Domers, we were pleased that our daughter, Kate ’89SMC, recently was elected to the Saint Mary’s Alumni Board. On a sad note, Denise Roemer, wife of classmate Chuck Roemer, advised that Chuck has been battling Alzheimer’s and is receiving care at their residence in Holy Cross Village, South Bend. Please keep Chuck, Denise, and all of our classmates in your prayers as we continue on our life’s journey. — John F. Murray; 2036 Cheltenham Ct., Woodbridge VA 22192; 703-494-2482; jonnel66@comcast.net

59 Moving Forward

I am sorry to report the sudden death of one of our class leaders, John Thurin. John passed away in South Bend on Jan. 18. John was editor of our Dome yearbook; editor of the Notre Dame Alumni Magazine; a marketing professor for 18 years at ND; and held many leadership positions in the South Bend community. He is survived by wife Dixie and family. Two other leaders in South Bend, Pat and Bob Kill were honored by the Friends of the Snite Museum of Art on the ND campus. The Kills commissioned a painting by artist and faculty member Maria Tomasula of the Virgin of Guadalupe. It hangs in a side altar in the Sacred Heart Basilica. Joe Higgins and wife Cecily are enjoying retirement in Allegany NY, and at a new “cottage” in nearby Cuba Lake. Joe led a welding supply business and interacted with the late Jim Colosimo, who ran a similar business in the Detroit area. Jack “TV” Stewart and wife Ardell have been snowbirds between Castle Rock CO and Clermont FL but have now settled in a new home near Clermont in Summit Greens. All in the class are welcome. Joe Ryan has abandoned the south side of Chicago for the comfort of Holy Cross Village at Notre Dame. Jim Langford lives in Lakeville IN and his Corby Books venture has published two gems: Remembering Notre Dame, Part I: The Dome and the God Quad, which is dedicated to the late Father Jerry Wilson, CSC, ’32, and Two Million Bricks, an account of the construction of Notre Dame Stadium. Marty Kelly and Sandy report that life is good in Cincinnati. They have been blessed with five ND alumni and 15 grandchildren. Ed Ricciuti has his third-degree black belt and has begun a class of martial arts and self-defense for seniors in North Branford, CT. Paul Willihnganz (on drums) and Gene Bertoncini (guitar) had another successful reunion in July at the Titone Jazz Fantasy Camp in Bailey’s Harbor WI. Tom Londrigan and Jim Hilliard have sailed together in competition for years on Lake Michigan. Each of them now sails with their sons. Tom’s boat won the 2012 Mackinac Race (333 miles) up Lake Michigan. Jim keeps busy in the fall ushering at ND Stadium. Jim Cooney has been hosting the annual ND Club of New Mexico freshman sendoff at his South Valley ranch for the past 13 years. A few of you have asked about the Keegan story, so here it is. I was a native of Scranton PA, got a chemical engineering degree, spent two years in the Navy (USS Intrepid – CVA11) and 37 years with the DuPont Company. We moved to Wilmington DE in 1971. I retired in 1998 and had a “side job” as president of Ursuline Academy (pre-K to grade 12), 2003-05. Katie and I stay active with church, schools, and community commitments, while fitting in golf and time at a home in Avalon NJ. We have been blessed with five children and 16 grandchildren. Michael Manning died July 31 in Alpharetta GA. Rich Cornell died Sept. 16 in Mountain Home ID. Rich was cadet commander of our Army ROTC unit. Julie Cross, wife of Mike Cross, died Nov. 4 in Vail, AZ; Joe Ghegan died Nov. 18 in Maplewood NJ; Bob Hassenger died Nov. 30 in Albany/Saratoga Springs NY;
Tom McBride died Jan. 13 in Naples FL. His family resides in Lake Forest IL. — Jim Keegan; 1401 Clinton St., Wilmington DE 19806; 302-429-0545; keeganjm@dca.net

59JD Class Secretary

William J. Harte; wharte@williamharteld.com