60 Classmates in Miami

There were a good number of classmates and family at the championship game in Miami, and all agreed they had fun visiting friends and classmates. John Yost and daughter/son-in-law had a tailgater before the game. I saw Peter Giaimo and his daughter there. Pete Mootz and grandson Nicholas were in attendance. I ran into Joanne and Art Velasquez and saw Pat and Tony Walsh making their way up to their seats. We were saddened to report Tony’s sudden passing from a heart attack on Jan. 14. Please keep Pat and the Walsh family in your prayers at this time of sorrow. Also attending the game were Kate and Jim Lekin, Joan and Jim Driscoll, Drew Barton, Bill Roth, and Howard Foley. Congrats to Emil Herkert, who was awarded the Catholic Charities Caritas Award for convening at last year’s Catholic Charities Caritas Gala for the Paterson NJ diocese. Mr. Herkert, an active member of the ND Club, has contributed his talents to Catholic Charities programs in all three of the counties served by these agencies. He personally advocated on behalf of Catholic Charities Hope House, resulting in a significant service program to support that agency, as well as Sacred Heart School in Dover. Mr. Herkert is also a member of the board of directors of Kidspeace, a charity dedicated to serving the behavioral and mental health needs of children, families, and communities. Diane and Chuck Ladner have not spent time in Florida for two years, as they have been traveling to Vienna, visiting a son and family. Their son, Paul, works for AmeriGas, and has been buying LP gas companies in France, Austria, Denmark, Poland, and Hungary. In laymen’s terms, his job is to integrate these companies into the US system. Chuck was CFO of the parent company (UGI) for 25 years. Dick Meaney reports his new email address is rameaney@gmail.com. Deceased members since May are John O’Hara on May 21, 2012; Charles Olson on June 23; Robert Condon on July 25; James Naughton on Aug. 11; Roger Fuydal on Aug 30; and Anthony Achkio on Oct 10. Obituaries have been published and will soon be available on our Class website, 1960.undclass.org. Please keep families of all our deceased classmates in your prayers. Also keep our classmates and families who are ailing in your thoughts and prayers. Our Class Treasury needs a re-supply of dues/donations. Current expenses include Masses at ND for deceased classmates and for members of classmate’s immediate families who have died and for class mailings. Mail your dues/donations to Terry Keating, in care of Berry Moorman, 535 Griswald, No.1900, Detroit MI 48226. We had the pleasure of the presence of Chuck Lennon ’61, ’62MA at our classmate luncheon in Naples in February. What a terrific person. He is the assistant baseball coach at Ave Maria U and lives in Ave Maria FL. — Joseph F. Jansen; 9190 Southmont Cove, No.103, Ft. Myers FL 33908; 239-461-0980; cell 317-514-4478; jfjansen@aol.com

60JD Class Secretary

John DiNardo; 512-264-2027; johnadinardo.58@gmail.com

61 Active Retirement

The sister of Jerry Pape forwarded to me an email that Jerry, a real estate broker, is a rodeo roper at age 73. She remembers Arnie Leporati (I hope I spelled that right, Arnie) visited their home many times during our years at ND. He was Jerry’s roommate. Jerry lived in the Big Sky of Montana for 40 years. Retired Marine Corps Gen. Frank Hamilton offers some advice on retirement. He advises keeping an active travel agenda to avoid the underfoot and honey-do aspects of the husband being in the home. He also suggests afternoon movies, golf together, and being a hospice volunteer. I regret to report the deaths of Stanley A. Meithaus Jr., Charles R. DeJan, Todd K. Darrow, M. Paul Serve, and Sister M. Jane Adelsberger PhD. I have been advised by his family that Mike Curtin died this month. He was the co-captain of our fencing team, received an MBA from Chicago U Business School in 1965, and centered his career in international finance, notably as executive vice president of the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington DC, 1981-88. He was an early member of the Peace Corps and part of the first group sent to Chile in 1961. He was a Knight of Malta in the Church and a loyal son of ND.
As for me, as of Jan. 1, I have qualified as a state judicial officer of the great State of Texas, and am now a senior district judge (That’s the long version of a retired visiting judge down here). I have had a couple of dockets in January and hope to get more. I have been advised by the VA that I need hearing aids and I hope that does not get out into the legal community. Abbie gave me 13 sessions with an exercise trainer for Christmas and my body is sore. We go to daily Mass frequently and that fulfills a wish I have had for many years. I have not gotten back to golf since a slight tear in the meniscus of my left knee but hope to soon. The health plex where I exercise regards me in good health. I have reported on Abbie’s health issues. While she is doing well in her recovery, she has had some setbacks. She pulled a tendon doing her cardio rehab. She was prescribed PT to correct it. Then she came down with shingles (even though we have had the shingles shot), so she cannot go into the physical therapy rooms because they fear she is contagious and may infect those who have compromised immune systems. So please continue to pray for her recovery from all of these maladies. In spite of these interferences, she assures me that the latch string is out and she is waiting by the door for you to drop in while passing through South Texas going wherever you are going. — Joseph P. (Pat) Kelly; 2103 N. Wheeler St., Victoria TX 77901; 361-573-9982; jpkellytx@sbcglobal.net

61JD Class Secretary

John N. Moreland; jnmnd1958@aol.com

62 Friendship Recalled

John Dailey noted that he and Ray Zickl, who died just before the reunion, had developed a friendship freshman year and that Ray’s father was borough president of Staten Island. At Easter freshman year, John went to New York, where he and Ray bummed around the city. “I don’t remember all the things we did, but we had fun. It was my first time in the big city.” In November, Chris Buckley was elected chairman of the Atlantic Salmon Federation, “one of the oldest conservation groups in North America,” and also serves on the boards of the Everglades Foundation and the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust. They have a home in Quebec, spending summers fly fishing for Atlantic salmon in Canada and Norway and winter on Islamorada in the Florida Keys. He says it is “home to the best salt water fly fishing in the world,” chasing tarpon, bonefish and permit with a fly rod. Dave Clarke completed his first 100 km bike ride. “It took me three hours, 53 minutes to complete; while in the greater realm of the bicycle world this is not an earth-shattering time, I take great pride in this accomplishment. Next on the list is completing a true century ride of 100 miles.” Maryellen and John FitzGerald celebrated their 50th on Dec. 29. They were joined for a family celebration in Florida by their three children, two of which (along with their spouses) are ’88 and ’90 Domers. Walt Osgood got married Feb. 2 to Sunni Popp. “We went to high school together. After my wife’s death, we met after not seeing one another for 50 years. Between us we have 17 grandchildren.” After 35 years, Clem McDonald left his position as distinguished professor of medicine and director of the Regenstrief Institute at Indiana U, “where we built the largest regional electronic medical record system (4 billion pieces of patient information) in the country, covering 30-plus hospitals, 15,000 physicians, most of central and part of northern Indiana.” He has a new job as director of the Lister Hill Center for Biomedical Communication within the National Library of Medicine at NIH in Bethesda MD. Clem bikes 60 to 80 miles a week in Washington and gets back to Indianapolis every seven to 10 days as a sort of commuter since his wife, Barbara, still lives there. Clem headed a project in Eldoret, Kenya, “home of most of the Kenyan champion marathon runners, and where there is a treatment center for more than 150,000 AIDS patients. It consisted of taking x-rays via low cost machinery moved around in a truck and then using the computer to help the medical AIDS professionals decide what patients needed immediate attention. Barbara traveled with me and helped teach kids in the pediatric unit while I worked on computer things.” Dick Gemperle has been named to the board of trustees of Seattle Opera. He and Mary Beth hosted an annual holiday opera soiree in their home to benefit the opera. Mike Hartnett retired after almost 45 years in the hospitality business and moved Sparks NV to be close to family. “I’ll do some contract work out of my home office but will have much more family time.” Mike welcomes getting together with any classmates visiting the Reno area. Since the last column, we learned that Charles Cuva died in 2008; Andrew Alex Schwab in 2009; and Herbert Hajicek in early 2012. Pete Rosi died Sept. 9, 2012; Tom Kern died Oct. 12; and Jim Zmigrocki *died of a heart attack Dec. 1. *Gene Tuite passed away Jan. 7 after triple bypass surgery. — Raymond Raedy; 5310 Rileys Ridge Road, Hillsborough NC 27278; 919-967-8816; ND62Secy@medicinemanremedies.com

62JD Class Secretary

Paul K. Rooney; pkr101@aol.com

63 One More Time

The year began with an electronically transmitted singing Christmas card from Carol and Marty Meeker from the “beautiful beaches of Cabo.” Then there was word that Randy Wise participated in a 16-way free fall formation skydive in Zephyrhills FL, that established a new state, national, and world record. As our 50th Reunion draws near, however, there is news of the passing of too many. Dr. Wayne “Moose” Krause died in May. He was a family dentist in Louisville KY and decades-long coach and umpire. He enjoyed playing cards at his club and spoiling the grandchildren. Jane, his wife of 46 years, survives, as do three children and numerous grandchildren. James J. Smith, Clarkston MI, also died in May. He was the husband of Rose Mary and father of two. Jim, a golfer and businessman, served as grand knight of the K of C. Col. Jim Peterschmidt wrote to tell me of the death of Bill Panagulis, on New Year’s Eve in Denver, after 40-plus years of suffering with MS and other illnesses. Jim said he was a great friend and colleague: “We visited every few days when I was in country and very often since retiring. I miss him greatly and was able to spend an hour with him the day before he passed.” Bill’s son and daughter said Bill, “could always bounce back and arrive home to his condo. We were his guinea pigs, sampling his homemade soups, stews or whatever was on the stove.” He also enjoyed reading history and political books. “Although he was a very sick man, he was very determined to make sure that we knew that he was there, if anything, to hear our problems.” Collins Edward (Ed) McGovern, the fifth of six generations to attend ND, and his wife, Jan, attended the funeral of Thomas J. Shallow, who died in April 2012. Tom and Ed were lifelong friends, having attended Malvern Prep and serving in the Pennsylvania Air National Guard. Tom was in the wedding party of Ed and Jan. Ed said, “It was an honor to be part of the choral group singing the alma mater at Tom’s services.” What a special year this was in football, particularly since we were the first class in the history of ND to have graduated never having seen a winning season. Jim Eide is reminded of watching USC stumble into ND Stadium in the December 1959 snow; the “excellence” rally as we were leaving for our first Thanksgiving break; the Road Runner cartoons, incentive for attending the movie fundraisers sponsored by regional clubs; trips to the Dunes during spring semester (in lieu of studying); watching the Cuban missile crises on one of the few TVs then available. I suspect that each of us has been tested more times and in more ways than we would have liked during the past 50 years. And we did “win overall.” For me, the 50th is just one more time. If I could only shake your hand, one more time. If I could, one more time, share Friday night prep for Milko Jeglic’s Saturday morning calculus test with Terry Kisch and Jan Tabaka; go to the dining hall in the jacket I wore every night for four years; bemoan my fate of having to take the LSAT on the Saturday ND played Pitt at home; sign in at 7 a.m. outside Keenan-Stanford chapel; crowd into the blisteringly hot Fieldhouse on a Friday night before a home game as the team filed in; catch Father Murray’s daily 11:30 a.m. Mass in Alumni Chapel with the sure knowledge that we could get communion and still make it to the dining hall ahead of the hordes coming from the classes that ended at 11:50 a.m.; wake to see my roommate reach for a cigarette before opening his eyes mornings in 124 Keenan; plug my extension cord into the light receptacle outside 104 Howard after the lights were turned off at 11 p.m.; chant “we want a library” while we became the first class to never have seen a winning season. If I could, one more time, fight through the bitter cold snowy winter of January 1963, to make my way from O’Shag to Alumni Hall after a late night study session. Well, no, I wouldn’t. And I can, one more time, listen to Father Ted’s call, “Come Holy Spirit” at Reunion Mass, and shake your hand and say, “it doesn’t get any better than this.” — Regis W. Campfield; 7534 Oakbluff, Dallas TX 75254; res 972-239-1141; fax 972-458-6928; rwcampfield@alumni.nd.edu

63JD 50 Years

Fifty is a big number in anybody’s book, especially when used to measure achievement, no matter the category. I know that all of us (28 surviving class members out of the 36 that received law degrees that spring day in 1963) continue to look upon ourselves as Notre Dame lawyers and wear that mantle proudly. Our Class Reunion Committee (Jim Lekin, Ed Adams, Ed Fillenwarth, Norm Matteoni, Bob Berry, and myself) will have been in touch with all of you before the gathering time on campus to encourage full attendance and participation in a class gift to say thank you to Notre Dame Law School. I recently heard from Tom Joyce in the “frozen north” of Minnesota (his description) on his plans to attend and I know from earlier contact that Bob Saxe plans to be with us. My next dispatch will report on the event and, I expect, will contain updates on all classmates, which I will garner as we gather. If circumstances dictate that you couldn’t attend, please contact me anyway to update us on where you are, what you’re doing. — Bernard P. “Bud” Malone; Mortgages USA; 4455 LBJ Freeway, No.1200, Dallas TX 75244; 972-720-0500 ext. 467; 214-393-5536 fax; budmalone@mortgagesusa.com; annette@mortgagesusa.com

64 Great Party in Miami

Traveling to Miami with my son, Brad ’00, we enjoyed a welcome respite from the cold and rainy Northeast. It was great to see classmates who had traveled some distance to support the team. These included Patty and Jim Baker, Jackie and Sal Leccese, Maryann and Dick Russell, Marge and Dave Kostolansky, Darlene and Tom Sessi, and Jerilynn and Mike Ciletti. Brad and I ended up spending time with Barbie and David Ellis, who had driven down from Hilton Head, where they reside full time. I received an update from Jon James regarding his work at the Premananda Centre in India. Jon co-founded this center, which cares for 125 children, with 33 in higher education at various institutions. Jon has an extensive donor/sponsor network throughout Europe and the United States, and is particularly proud that so many of his students are continuing on for college degrees. My Navy buddy, Jim Oliver, writes from Norfolk that he and Mary just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Jim reports that he has “three wonderful, truly Catholic daughters, who all have Catholic families.” Jim could write the book on managing municipalities as he has served successfully as city manager in Norfolk, Portsmouth, Hampton, and James City County. John Nelson writes that he and former roommate Tom Goehl stay in touch. John practiced law in Phoenix for 32 years, being one of the first family law specialists and later serving as a volunteer Maricopa County Deputy Sheriff. In this role, he appeared on Cops, America’s Most Wanted, and a French television special. He moved to southwestern Colorado in 1999, and he now spends his time as a civic activist and volunteer. It sounds like John and his colleagues have done a great deal for the city of Montrose, where he now lives. Bruce Tuthill had hip replacement surgery last fall. He will be back on the golf course by the time you read this column. And 70th birthday celebrations abound. Paul Tierney had his in a spectacular New York City venue in early February. Attendees included Charron, Tuthill, and Carey from our class, Jack Walker ’63, and Frank Gaul ’65. I had lots of family, friends, and business associates for a Connecticut shore birthday last summer, with the Tierneys and Gisela and Mike Carey representing the Notre Dame contingent. Sadly, Ray Meyo passed away last fall in Richfield OH. He is survived by Marie and three children. John Boylan, a New Jersey architect and real estate developer, also died last fall. He is survived by Dianne and three daughters. Mike Bohan of Cleveland received word that Bill Wittenbrook passed away in Austin after a two-year battle with leukemia. Bill had a long career at IBM, ending up in Texas, where he and Linda settled for nearly 40 years. For the last eight years of his career, Bill worked for the Texas Department of Health. Linda and three children survive. Tom Calpin reports that PJ Shelley lost his wife, Lois, suddenly after 46 years of marriage in January. PJ is in Winchester CT. Note the change in my email address. — Paul R. Charron; 44 Contentment Island Road, Darien CT 06820; 203-655-3930; paul.richard.charron@gmail.com

64JD The Journey Continues

A tool to facilitate intra-class communication for law school classes is available to us at law.nd.edu. Click “Alumni” (near the top of page), then “Directory and Networking” (top left of page), and our law class group and class hyperlink. Tech help is available at 574-631-1579. The first order of business is to acknowledge those who have gone before and now rest in the Peace of the Lord, with a special salute to my close friend, Mike Stepanek, whose courage, warmth, and humor throughout a lengthy, difficult illness were inspirational to many. Those who also have passed are Harry Creager, Robert Findlay, Glenn Hackett, Thomas Kern, Joseph Killian, Charles MacFarlane, Joseph McDonald, Eugene (Mike) Miller, Joseph Mylotte, Charles O’Malley, Paul Pollard, Michael Ryan, James Sutherland, and James Zmigrocki. Charles Sacher still hasn’t retired but remains a luminary, especially in estate planning, taxation, and various forms of business organizations with his Coral Gables firm. Luckily for Sharon and me, Charles and Dorothy head our way in connection with his long-standing service on the Law School Advisory Council. Larry Gallick and Betty have relocated from the Buffalo area to Venice FL, while maintaining a summer place on Lake Ontario. Larry stays engaged professionally with projects from his firm. He advises that Bob Cash and Islene also are in Venice (and in fact live on the same street), as are Suzie and Ernie Zavodnyik. Nancy and Jim Mercurio reside in Chevy Chase following his retirement from Arent Fox in 2000. Jim and I served together as JAGS in Washington and were co-counsel for the US on the appeal of a case involving the legality of the Vietnam War. Bob Frost reports that life is amiable in Worthington OH, following a career as a defense litigator, and more importantly, after a successful bout with lung cancer resulting in remission. A judicial element of our class is led by Pat Weir, Jim Slater, and John Leahy. Pat and Diane reside in Medora ND, close to Roosevelt National Park, and he has attained senior status in the ND judiciary, occasionally sitting on a panel of the Supreme Court. He’s also chaired the state Horse Racing Commission. Jim and Sue Slater are in Santa Barbara, where Jim has also reached senior judicial status and continues to preside in selected cases. John and Sheila Leahy reside near Lake Arrowhead CA. John has served as a municipal court judge and a superior court judge, along with a number of years in private practice. Carol and Lou Pfeiler live in Dubuque IA. He is retired from the practice of law and devotes most of his time to veterans’ affairs. Laudably, he has led the construction of a war memorial there and also has organized a military cadre providing full burial honors to fallen veterans; last year, more than 50 details were provided. Gene Kramer is in Lakewood OH, and is semiretired after years of bond practice with Squires and Dempsey in Cleveland. Bill Flaherty and family are in Rockford IL; he is essentially retired after a varied career with INA, the American Bar, the Santa Fe Railroad, and his own practice. Mary and Jack Rammel live in Long Grove IL, where much of his time is spent lecturing on operas. He claims to be our youngest class member and is an entrepreneur who retired very early after selling one of his businesses. Dorothy and Jack Jiganti remain in Chicago (and in southwest Michigan and Naples FL). He continues to practice in his firm, while increasing his business focus as a top executive in a large national medical services company. Mary Ann and Ron Fakler reside in Springville UT, where Ron operated and sold a multi-store tire business after practicing for a couple of years. Cathy and Bob Hanlon are in West Long Branch NJ. Bob continues to specialize in product liability defense litigation, representing Chrysler. Suzie and Ernie Zavodnyik enjoy Venice FL with the Gallicks and Cashs. Ernie practiced in Chicago, then was associated with the ABA and has been a city council member in Venice. — Richard Balfe Wagner; 1204 Erskine Manor Hill, South Bend IN 46614; 574-299-9888; rs-wag@sbcglobal.net

65 Always a Sailor

After returning from the Navy as a Rear Admiral, Phil Dur served in leadership positions with Northrop Grumman and now has retired from his corporate career as well as his tenure as a visiting professor of economic development at the U of Southern Mississippi. He continues to consult on strategy and Navy force structure, and serves on the board of two publicly traded companies. Phil and his wife reside in Mississippi and Florida. They have found time to cruise on their boat around the coast of Florida, up the eastern seaboard to Annapolis, and back home to Destin FL. Tampa is home to Tom Deal, who is a retired cardiovascular surgeon, and Jim Hillman, who is an ER physician. Many of our class were in Miami for the BCS game. Don Zone, a cardiologist, organized a dinner that was attended by Pat Ford, Louie Jepeway, Jerry Houlihan, Margot and Bob Lee, Sheila and Bill Baker, and me. Louis, Jerry, and Pat are all lawyers, but Pat has also evolved into a well-known fly fishing photographer. Don inadvertently picked the hotel that was hosting the Alabama team and fans. Our ND apparel was quite a contrast. In 2006, Bruce Balha retired from fulltime employment and now owns his own company that consults on health insurance. Bill had earned his JD at St. John’s U. He and wife Susan live in Clayton CA, in the Bay area. Margie and Bill Grace have four children and seven grandchildren. Two daughters are ND grads: Amy ’02 and Marjorie ’97. Bill is an oncologist and was the chief of oncology at St. Vincent’s Hospital, NYC. He now has a practice on 5th Ave. They live in Manhasset, Long Island. — James P. Harnisch MD; 6759 West Mercer Way, Mercer Island WA 98040; jphnd65@hotmail.com

65JD Class Secretary

John D. O’Shea; pelagius@qconline.com

66 Another One for the Good Guys

During my January trip to Florida for the BCS game, I bumped into Tom Talaga and Doug Ford in the lobby of the Doral and heard that Arunas Vasys was also in town. I saw Denny O’Toole on campus at the WF game. He is enjoying retirement and splitting time between DC and Rehoboth DE. I heard from Tony Andrea that he and Barb live in West Palm and keep a summer home in southern Vermont. Tony retired three years ago but started a consulting business and works with a sports and entertainment company in NYC. Tony bumped into Billy O’Donnell in Florida a year or so ago, keeps in regular touch with Bob Basche and Bob Lombardo, and hears periodically from Tony Rivizzigno. Tom Gorla wrote and reprised that he and Denny O joined their group for the 50th at St. Louis U High School and Tom subsequently met up with Sam Buonaugurio and Chuck Cronauer, both of whom started with us but finished after graduation, at the Stanford game. Lots of back and forth between a big group: Pat Cashill, Greg Rust, Jamie Toohey, Gus Rini, Tim Streb. Something about a Halloween bash years ago in SF at Pearl’s Jam House, at which Mr. Streb showed up dressed as Jiminy Cricket. Cashill says no one realized Tim was actually wearing a costume. I heard through Class Prez Cap Gagnon that Ed Schaffler retired Dec. 31. Cap also saw Dick Garrett and Dave Cappelletti at the football luncheon in South Bend in November. John O’Hearn has been ailing here in Chi-town. Gar Isacco touched base from Maryland, reporting attendance at his 50th at the former South Hills Catholic in Pittsburgh, along with Frank Tetlow, Dave Vietmeier, and Bob Bodnar. They shared good thoughts about classmate Dan Broderick, who was murdered by his former spouse 20 years ago in San Diego. Gar made it to the Purdue and BC games. Jack Gerken continues to deserve super credit for the class website (1966.undclass.org). Jack sends word that Ray Neihengen chaired the 50th at ND High School in Niles IL. Some 21 of 32 living Irish Dons made the soiree, including Jack, Jim Blum, John Devona, Terry Kiwala, Alan Loboy, Ron Schmidt, Jim Starshak, Steve Aufmuth, Bob Basche, Terry Casey, Jim Cullen, Chuck Datz, Jerry Erbach, Rev. Mike Geisler, Tom Gorman, Rev. Joe Landauer, Chuck Reali, Bill Scanlon, and Don Stevens. Mike Strubel had to cancel late. The gang is looking for two missing Dons: Dick Harrer, last seen in Arizona, and Robert Courtney, supposedly in Chicago. If you know these guys, let Ray or Jack in on it. We lost John McCuen, of Bloomfield Hills MI, to leukemia in September. His wife, Christine, reports that John spent his last hours watching the Irish defeat Purdue and that his last word, uttered at the conclusion of the game, was “wonderful.” Former Republican US Congressman and great guy David O’B Martin passed on from cancer at his West Virginia home. Dave had represented the district around Watertown NY, for six terms and was deemed responsible for persuading the Army to enlarge Fort Drum. Dave roomed at ND with Paul O’Brien, Bill Zloch, and the late Pete Andreotti. Following his stint in government, Dave served as VP for the National Soft Drink Association. He was buried at Arlington on Jan. 4. Mike Gilman sent word that Dave was a true leader in the USMC and a “remarkable character.” I heard from Bob Schmitt of Burbank CA, who served with Dave in Vietnam and wanted folks to know what a special individual he was. Bob returned to Chicago in May for his 50th at the now-defunct St. George HS and spends his time tinkering with sports cars. — Tom Sullivan; 2028 Elmwood Ave., Wilmette IL 60091; cell 773-454-4343; tsullivan@luriechildrens.org

66JD Sad News

Steve Seall reports that Sam Bernardi passed away on New Year’s Day. He had been a partner in a large firm in the Valparaiso IN, area and had recently been the treasurer of the Indiana State Bar Association. Al McKenna has written with the further sad news that Tom Kenney’s wife, Julie, died on Jan. 29, after a three-year battle with cancer. Tom retired a year ago in order to spend more time with her and be her caregiver, so that Julie could remain in their home until the last few days. In view of my own semi-retirement status, I’m beginning to have some of my emails redirected so please note the changes in my address. — Philip Ruddy; 241 LeGrande Blvd., Aurora IL 60506; 630-896-2695; rudds241@aol.com

67 Miami for Some

Several classmates were in Miami. Jim Lynch, Dennis Hogerty, Bob Denvir, and Jim Purcell were all in South Beach. Jim has been recovering from hip replacement surgery. Dennis is fully retired from the wealth management business and looking for golf courses worldwide to occupy his time. Pete Mavrelis and Bob Dowdell were also in Miami but in a more sane part of Miami than South Beach. Notice was received of the passing of Happy Fox’s wife, Kathy O’Brien Fox ’68SMC. Happy had been a patient and constant care giver to Kathy for a long period of time. — Bert Bondi; bert.bondi@rubinbrown.com

67JD Hang It Up or Hang in There?

After 46 years at the same firm, Kip Roe finally hung it up on New Year’s Day. Of course, he’s still Of Counsel, which means he has plenty of time to enjoy late weekday lunches with his wife, Mary Jo; spend time going to lacrosse games and soccer games at 4:30 in the afternoon; take little grandchildren to kids shows and to lunch without worrying about clients and to take side trips to see out-of-town family on short notice. John Nelson hasn’t quite retired from the law but he wears a cowboy hat over his legal hat, mounts his trusty stallion and does battle in DC. But John has a tender side and he worries that the many charities he actively supports are facing a decline in fundraising because of the poor economy in his part of Colorado. Ted Sinars and Lynn will make their annual spring training trip to Phoenix to assess the Chicago Cubs baseball team. Their beloved Cubbies are sure to improve since it would be really difficult to get any worse. Ted predicts they will win the World Series this century just like they won once last century. They have also planned a two-week land and cruise trip to Alaska in June. Jerry Berthold retired more than a decade ago and with his wife, Margaret, will travel to Ireland for their 45th anniversary. Both have their roots in County Sligo, and they plan to track down some distant cousins. Jerry, ever the romantic, still celebrates the Great Blizzard of 1967 in South Bend that resulted in him and Margaret meeting in Sweeney’s on a fateful Wednesday night. Personally, I love to travel, but Flo, not so much. This year I’ve planned a cruise from England to the Canary Islands (off Morocco) and then a trip to Scotland after the cruise. I’m just not sure with whom I’ll be travelling. — Jim Heinhold; 1200 Carmel Lane, New Bern NC 28562; res 252-638-5913; im4irish@aol.com

68 A Primer for Our 45th Reunion

Our 45th Reunion will be Thursday, May 30, to Sunday, June 2. Details, including registration connections and our lodging at a new-fangled hall named O’Neill, will be at reunion.nd.edu. Other information will be at our class blog, ndclass1968.com. Bob Smith, asked for news of himself and his Southern buddies, responded with a generous, witty abundance of notes that appear in full at ndclass1968.com. Among the many named in Bob’s report are Ron Scotti, Len Niessen, Jerry Niederman, Brian Peters, Chuck Belding, and Brian Muskus. Paul Robillard and Lyons Hall roommates Ron Droste and Paul Rittman met in Seattle last August. Paul says the three were part of a group of 10 living in a so-called “ghetto” of three rooms over the arch in Lyons Hall. They included Tom Jansen, Frank Melewicz, Tom Theis, Phil Morrow, Doug Heisler, Jim McCoy, and Ralph White. Paul, who is executive director of World Water Watch in Portland OR, is trying to get the group together for the June reunion. Brian Schanning, who will be at the reunion with Susan in June, calls attention to Pete Kogge’s receipt of the IEEE Computer Society 2012 Seymour Cray Award. The award, a significant one, is only a recent adornment on the career of Pete, who is on ND’s electrical engineering faculty. Rick McPartlin, who had not seen many of his west suburban Chicago classmates in days, organized his annual late January gathering at a Rush Street spot. John Walsh was there, along with Tom Gibbs, Ted Nebel, Bob Ptak, Mike Tyrrel, and Rick. Out of this correspondence came a powerful note from Mark Lies, another west side pack member with the common Fenwick High School, Notre Dame credentials. “My dad is ND ’43, a WWII Navy veteran, who survived the sinking of his destroyer off of Okinawa in 1945 when it was hit by Japanese suicide planes and the ship sank in minutes, with the loss of half the crew. The story has a happy ending. He was rescued by another Navy ship. When he went aboard the rescue ship, an officer greeted him, his ND roommate Bart Ramsour. I followed his lead and went through ROTC at ND and served on a destroyer off Vietnam and also sailed off Okinawa.” Jim Hutchinson and Jerry Murray were among those who got to Miami for that game, along with Ken Beirne and Susan and Jay Schwartz and his daughter, Megan. At the blog, you can read the banter and see the photos Jerry sent. The rest of this report contains tough news. Please remember our friends and their families. Roger Guerin says that John Tracy is in hospice in Michigan City, ready for communication by phone (312-343-2723) and email at johntracy68@gmail.com. John Flemming and Zoli are heading a March 2 afternoon at New Orleans’ Tipitina’s for celebration of Eddie Kurtz, who was the life of the party in New Orleans and many at Notre Dame. Eddie died Jan. 12 with his usual set of exuberant, fantastic creative projects in progress. He had been working on a sequel to Hair, a follow-up to the five novels he completed in the past year or two. The Facebook site Eddie’s Exes (and other lifelong friends) is worth following, since lots of the anecdotes have weavings of Notre Dame. Eddie died not many months after his father and a couple of weeks before his mother Marilyn. Carl Frank of Riverside IL died at the beginning of January, leaving wife Ruth and children and grandchildren with memories of a “Bumpa” whose legal career had been a series of accomplishments. Al Berryman, who started his Notre Dame years as a lanky beanpole from Bellevue WA and went on to practice law in Fresno CA, died Oct. 5 with his family around him. Al asked to be remembered with a smile and a raised glass. Gary P. Verleye of Mason OH passed away Sept. 22, survived by wife Linda and son Michael, who will graduate from Notre Dame in 2013. Gary headed his own accounting firm in Cincinnati. John Pearson, CSC, who will be working the reunion as celebrant of a 50-Year Mass at Notre Dame and a 25-Year Mass at Saint Mary’s, sent word of the death on Dec. 9 of former Cavanaugh Hall Rector Rev. Matthew M. Miceli, CSC. He came to Notre Dame in 1954 and held all kinds of meaningful teaching and administrative. — Tom Figel; 1054 W. North Shore, Apt. 3-E, Chicago IL 60626; 312-223-9536; tfigel@lake-effect.com

68JD Still Together

From May 30 to June 1, we will join other classes in celebrating our 45th Reunion at ND Law School. Please plan to attend and register when you receive the invitation. Thus far I know that the following will attend: JC Coyle, Pete King, Charlie Weiss, Lew Laderer, Mike Williamson, Bob Sidman, John Pusey, and me. Rosemary and Pete King, Carol and Jack Sandner, a healthy Bob Wilczek, his wife Shirley, and I were at the National Championship Game in Miami. Mike Williamson retired as general counsel for Siemens and since retirement he and Juanita have spent time traveling to Australia and New Zealand and enjoying their grandkids, five girls and a boy. Mike volunteers at the local hospital and does commercial arbitration for the AAA. Mary and Bob Sidman will celebrate the marriage of daughter Christa in August, and to celebrate his 70th birthday they plan a cruise to the Panama Canal. JC Coyle will celebrate the same birthday in May and under Hoynes law must retire as a New Jersey Superior Court judge. Patty and John Pusey plan to travel to Ireland in May. Our sympathy to Patty on the passing of her sister from cancer. John had a rough time with health issues, including prostate cancer and heart surgery for blockages. He’s feeling better. He and Patty had the entire family for Christmas, and Peoria was crawling with Pusey grandkids. He will be at Reunion. Please plan to attend. — Tom Curtin; tcurtin@grahamcurtin.com

69 Turning 66

2013 is the year that most of us turn that magical age, as Bill Chapman says, “smooth 66.” As to the BCS Game, fortunately there were similar groups there as met during the regular season. Susan and Dr. Tom Phillips, their daughter Brooke ’04, and her husband Mark, set up a dinner on Sunday at Smith and Wolensky’s at South Miami Beach, attended by myself and my daughter Meghan ’00, Pete Maich, Susan ’69SMC and Tom Ladke, and Sharon and Ed Weinlein. Also coming by was Matt White and his daughter, Amanda ’01. Also attending were classmates Tim Roddy (northern Virginia), Dan Merritt (Milwaukee), Terry Fiorina (Warren OH), and Mike Fogarty (St. Louis), who had a blast for four days in Florida. While they could no longer drink as much beer or stay up as late, they had a great time retelling stories of their four years at Notre Dame and especially their senior year on Cedar Street. Pat and Kevin O’Brien celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary on Dec. 28. Joan and Tim Meskill celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary on Jan. 31. Cheryl and Dean Benner also celebrated their wedding anniversary on Jan. 31. Congratulations to all. Michael Brennan writes that he hosted Fritz and Mary Gast for the Miami game in Chicago. Friday night they held an impromptu pep rally at their house with Ebby Moran, John Lynch, Eric Ellinghaus, Tom Hock, and Steve Hext, plus wives. He saw Ernie Gargaro and Jerry Teagan after the Pittsburgh game at the Badin Guild dinner in the Jordan Science Building. His son Drew ’00 tailgated and celebrated with Dave Farrell before and after the USC game. He had a Thanksgiving lunch with Carl Marhoefer, who is lining up his winter golf tour to the south. Lastly, he spoke with Tim Mannion, a Breen Phillips classmate, in Springfield MA, who is splitting his days between his law practice and the golf course. He recalled specifically his sophomore year in France with a great group from ND and Saint Mary’s. Edward A. Tuck passed away in March and Jacob M. Reichenstein passed away in August. Our condolences to their families. — Tom Ryan; 248-334-9938; sylvanlawtr@gmail.com

69MBA Minireunion

We had another great minireunion during the Stanford weekend at the LaSalle Grill. The following classmates, spouses, and friends attended: Linda and Joe Cavato, Ken Samara and his sister Diane, Sara and Nick Walz, Sue and Tom Sanna, Mary Ann and Will McGuire, Rita Knittel and daughter Colleen, Sue and Ron Jerutis, Vinny George, my wife Beth and son Brian McCarthy ’98, and me. Please mark your calendars and join us on Sept. 28 for the Oklahoma game. Harlee and Joe McCourt are doing well in Houston. Their business, Harlee Medical Technologies, is doing well, and Joe has no plans on retiring. Joe’s son, Jack, just graduated from the U of Texas in Austin with a major in economics and minors in business and Spanish. Joe’s second son Hank is a senior at U of Texas. Rick Yarborough hopes to attend the minireunion next year and gives his best to all. Please keep Ken Samara in your thoughts and prayers. Ken is dealing with a cancerous tumor on his thigh. Ken had surgery on Jan. 28 and was discharged on the 31st. The tumor was removed and Ken is recuperating at home. He began physical therapy in February and chemo treatments in March. You can email Ken at kensamara@sbcglobal.net. Ron Jerutis sold his Stan Anderson Company in early September and retired Sept. 28. He had a wonderful career and is enjoying his family and travels. Linda and Peter Smith have suggested a minireunion in Boston in 2014 when ND plays U of Connecticut at Fenway Park. I received a card from Joyce and Cliff Fleming. All is well with the family of at least 21, if everyone was in the Christmas photo. It is a great looking family. I can understand why they are extremely busy. — Dennis B. McCarthy; P.O. Box 246, Bear Lake MI 49614; bus 231-864-3111 ext. 115; dbmc2@blarneycastleoil.com

69JD Aloha, Al

I am sad to report that our classmate, Al Lehrer, passed away in December. Besides being an all-around good guy and friend, Al was noted for his accomplishments as a judge and attorney. He had a sense of humor that was unique. The responses I received to my email after his death were a tribute to Al and how much he meant to members of the class. — Jim Starshak; 889 Kaohe Place, Honolulu HI 96825; res 808-395-0443; bus 808-523-2515; jstarshak@carlsmith.com