50 Members Thinning

Martha Rukavina called in February to inform me that I had overlooked a very important fact in the winter issue of this magazine about her marriage to Louis Rukavina, who died Sept. 8, 2012. That fact: She and Lou had 10 wonderful children. I publicly apologize for the omission. Lou’s memorable funeral Mass was celebrated at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Jack Morgan ’51 called March 1 to report the death of John Geller on Feb. 26. John originally was from Grosse Point MI, but had been residing in Birmingham AL, since he retired as an attorney for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan. Bob McDavid ’49 phoned April 4, asking for Peter Varda’s address in Brazil IN. If anyone else wishes to visit Pete at his fishing retreat, call him at 812-442-0742. Stan (Tsalikis) Stevens called to report his health is improved, and he has 80 email addresses on his internet system. Telephone him at 260-432-7980 to wish him well. Say a prayer for the repose of the souls of Joseph D.W. Davis (Jan. 15), William V. Denning (Feb. 5), and William P. Rooney (Feb. 1). And bless you all. — Zane Trinkley; 2418 Miami St., South Bend IN 46614; 574-289-8373

51 Cedar Grove Cemetery Story

By the time you read this column, we will be coming up on fall practice with great anticipation to another outstanding football season. I am requesting some help from each of you. Some of you know that I am working on another book. The story this time is a history of Cedar Grove Cemetery, and the future of this burial ground. I am asking each of you to contribute. If you know of any of our classmates or anyone who is buried there or is making plans to be buried there, I wish you would let me know. I want to mention these individuals in the book. Whatever information you can furnish me about the person or persons will be appreciated. It was wonderful receiving word from Bill Kelly, Louisville KY, and telling us of football game trips. He and wife Malcolm attended the Navy game in Dublin and the “Big One” in Miami. He visited with Mary Clare and Bill Anhut, Ypsilanti MI, at the Purdue game. Also, he has seen Don Grobmyer, Boca Raton, and Jerry Kerns, Portland OR, and, of course, Jim Hennessy, who is almost a neighbor. Bill added that Dave Driscoll, Louisville, is in a nursing home and needs our prayers. I received word from Jack McDonald that his father, Dick McDonald, a practicing attorney in South Bend, passed away last year. As always, it was nice hearing from Tom Brennan, Aberdeen WA. Tom has made another contribution to our Mass fund. Thank you. Greg Culligan ’92 stated that he is a nephew of our classmate, Robert E. Culligan, South St. Paul MN, who passed away last year but left a legacy as an outstanding artist. Culligan was a graduate of Saint Thomas Academy, a school specializing in advanced art. The academy is associated with Saint John’s U, Collegeville MN, which has established a scholarship in Culligan’s name. Thank you for this information, Greg Culligan. My bio for this issue is about a former track man and now a retired teacher and school administrator: Lou Lepry, from East Greenwich RI. Lou was recently inducted into the Rhode Island High School Athletic Hall of Fame. He attended LaSalle Academy, East Greenwich RI, prior to entering Notre Dame. In his senior year, in indoor and outdoor track seasons, he never lost a race as a high-school runner. As a member of the Irish track team. he ran cross country and anchored the mile-relay team. He and Joan have been married for 60 years and have six children. As I talked on the phone, he was packing for a trip to Ireland. Lou was very excited about the coming trip. Hope you had a good one, Lou. I enjoyed our visit. Guys, don’t forget my request for any names and a brief note on any individuals connected with or planning to connect with Cedar Grove. — Jim Gillis; 3267 Rossmoor Pkwy., No. 4, Walnut Creek CA 94595; 925-932-6454; jimjanegillis@aol.com

52 The Cutting Edge

Those of us on the Internet are kept abreast of interesting matters by George Heidkamp, who is particularly adept on the computer. He is alert to matters on campus, and with input from Jack Wagner on military items, Bob Dolmetsch on general issues, and others, he keeps us right on the cutting edge. Maurice Carroll, who has been basically a reporter since graduation, currently lectured on his 60-year take on NYC politics. He was in Dallas that fateful weekend working for the NY Tribune when we lost our president. He has written Accidental Assassin: Jack Ruby and Four Minutes in Dallas, self-published by Xilibris. Ed Vasta reports that Christian publisher Oak Tara has produced his fictional works, consisting of five novels and two anthologies ranging from children’s stories to fiction, and all are available in the ND Bookstore and Amazon.com. I caught up with Jack Hynes during his sojourn in sunny Florida, and, right after the atrocity in Boston, he advised that for years he reported on the marathon for his TV station from a booth at the finish line. Jack attended an ND luncheon and regaled us with yarns relating to New England matters. He and Mary seem to enjoy getting away from the Cape for this period. Joe Belton joins the group who are into the third generation of having progeny at ND. Jim Ebzert and Betty have left Connecticut and are enjoying Indian Wells CA, and are trying to decide whether to make it permanent. George Gossett, after retiring from PPG, splits his time between Sarasota and Pittsburgh. He still is an active golfer and has continued to have family members attend ND. Hughes Wilcox and Margie are spending winters in Palm Springs. Scholastic magazine, which we all remember as a campus source of information, is available on your computer. I came up with a September l951 issue showing classmates John J. Powers and John F. Meaney as editors and a “Welcome ’55” column by Jack Hynes. Paul Mazza graduated from Harvard Law School and returned to his roots at State College PA, where, besides his practice, he founded South Hills School of Business and Technology. The thrust of the school was to prepare young people for occupations that were attainable in the general area of where they lived. Thousands of people owe their career to the training that was available there. I did not know this until I saw it in Paul’s obituary. I cite this as a way of reaching out to all of you to advise us of your accomplishments in order that we may share the fine things that you have attained in your careers. Of the 907 of us that accepted degrees on that beautiful June day in 1952, 60 percent are deceased. So, I say, stay well and drop me a line when you get around to it. — Edward F. Foley; 212 Ocean Road, Spring Lake NJ 07762; 732-449-0753

53 Focus on 60th Reunion

With the delay between submission and publication, the 60th Reunion will be history as you read this column. Indications at this writing are for a solid turnout and, of course, we hope all who attend will be repaid for their efforts in participating. Chuck Doud, according to Joe Finan, will be present for the festivities. John Fortino, Tucson, called and made mention of the fact that to put together reasonable flight and car rental plans, the cost in money and time was prohibitive. Instead, he is arranging a gift to the class to defray the costs for those who do attend. What a wonderful gesture and welcome gift. As an aside, after John decided to save his efforts for the Chicago luncheon this fall, he was struck down by pneumonia and would not have been able to travel to the Reunion. His recovery is progressing well. Jerry Hammes, Lee Tavis, Father Ernie Bartell, and Art Midili are lending hands for the Reunion and I have received many generous offers from others to assist as needed. More details later. The good news is that John Wilkerson of St Louis, and Jim Gibbons of South Bend, are well on the way to recovery from their real health challenges. To use a sports analogy, each started deep in their own end zone, John with heart problems and Jim with throat cancer. John was hospitalized for seven weeks and described his release to that of escape from the netherworld. Jim lost a lot of weight. His survival was questioned twice, and he is again attending Mass at Holy Cross House, praying for us all. Thanks be to God for both. The bad news is that Dick Schreitmueller’s 42-year-old son, David, died at Snowmass CO, as a result of a skiing accident on March 22. Dick suffered the loss of his wife within the year and now David. Jack Clark reports that Jim Keogh of Cleveland died April 13. Jim was a WWII vet and hence a few years older than we. David Sponseller’s wife, Mary, died in Ann Arbor on April 21. Mary was very active in many charitable and church functions, while Dave continued to function with his own metallurgical lab, as well as joining Mary in her charity works. Tom Krug called to report that David Hayes died in Hartford on April 12. David was a sculptor of national renown, with some of his work adorning the Notre Dame campus. David’s expertise was metal sculpturing and some of his artwork was scheduled to be displayed during this Reunion. Thomas D. “Bud” Shea died March 18, in Naples FL. Tex McMonagle had an extended conversation with Chris DeCoursey, son of Jack DeCoursey, our classmate. Chris reported that his father died in April 2012, in Orange County. Jack lived in British Columbia following his retirement after 27 years of service with the Marine Corp. Tex mentioned that eight of our classmates opted for the Marine Commission via the NROTC and that he and *Dr. Dick McConnell, Kalamazoo, retired radiologist, are the remaining two Marines commissioned with the NROTC program. There is an abundant need for prayers for the living and deceased members of the class and their families. As can be seen from the death reports, the losses continue to mount. Intensify your prayerful efforts for the class. We need and deserve your prayers. Assuming the best, you will be receiving a complete report on Reunion sometime soon. Your secretary is a tad concerned that he underestimated the costs of some of the functions, so if you would care to send along a contribution, as did John Fortino, the contribution would be more than appreciated. — Jerry Mulvihill; 60413 Sumption Trail, South Bend IN 46614; res 574-287-3460; Domerhill@aol.com

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53JD Class Secretary — Robert Berry; 402-333-3522; yokeemup@aol.com

54 Finale

Faced with the reality of aging, it seemed like a good idea to study how we manage class affairs today and make changes as needed for the future. Active class officers and advisors were invited to participate in email and telephone conversations tagged as Brain Trust 1 then 2 and 3. Working together we ended up with an organization chart similar to a board of directors, led by a chief operating officer. Thanks to all. Gene Henry is our CEO. Along with Dick Her, Gene has been a class officer longer than anyone but me. Looking back, I never expected to be class secretary for 50 years. It’s been a labor of love, but it’s also time to call it a day. Brain Trust Three listed my successor as George Koch. George agreed to become our secretary immediately. Please send class news directly to him. George is also chairman of our football block seating minireunion. His email address is kochgnl@yahoo.com. His phone is 248-623-0973 and his street address is 4758 Curtis Lane, Clarkston MI 48346. For you to see our class organization chart, visit our web site at 1954.undclass.org. Scroll to the bottom and a search will find it. Planning is now in full swing for our 60th Reunion in 2014. Having served as class secretary for 50 of those 60 years, Marie and I are very anxious to attend and hope to see you there. Tom Campbell is chairman of this event and can be reached at 800-862-1777. Charles Allen is on Tom’s reunion committee. Over 50 years as secretary, your support has been incredible, and for that I say thanks to all. I did not keep a list but do need to mention a special few. Bob Wright was mentioned in a 1966 column and has been an advisor ever since. Ed Seim is another advisor. He lives a mile away and shares frustration. A classmate I forgot perhaps, because he was so important as to be in a special category, is Hugh Haggerty. Others deserving special thanks are Andy Corrao, Jack Mertens, Manny Sequeria, Joe Sassano, and Tom McHugh. Have you ever wondered how Marie and I could just get up and go, leaving St. Louis and friends behind and move to Keowee Key in Salem SC? If so, go to keoweekeysc.com and view the video. Besides beautiful Lake Keowee, the mountains, waterfalls, trails, golf, and tennis, Keowee Key is close to Clemson U, a major college in a small friendly college town. Clemson is also a member of the ACC and recently announced their intention to play Notre Dame in football in 2015. The stadium is just 20 minutes away. Perhaps we can organize a class minireunion here. It’s OK to laugh at that. It might be better to just stop by and enjoy a libation during the year instead of waiting. Just trace I-85 Northeast of Atlanta on your atlas, locate Clemson and Keowee Key, make a call, a plan, and stop by. Finally, if you plan to contribute to the Notre Dame annual fund, consider designating it to our class scholarship fund or to Notre Dame Magazine. Thanks for the distinct pleasure of serving as your class secretary. — Milt Beaudine; 14 Bowsprit Lane, Salem SC 29676; 864-944-1326; mmbeau@att.net

54JD Still at Work

Don Ward is still working hard with son Charlie in Indianapolis, despite having five bypass heart surgeries. He got up right away and back to trial work, for which he has received many awards. He rested only two weeks at home. Don has six children who live within an hour of him. How lucky can you be! He has 15 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. How many do you have? One of Don’s sons is a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the neck down for 32 years, and living with Don and his lovely wife. He has been mostly bedfast the last three years, and Don calls him a real trooper. But they have been caring for all his needs all these years in what he calls their nursing home. How wonderful those three are. Drop a line to him and me. Here is more on the tragic death of Jack Bradshaw, one of our Double Domers like me, ’52 and ’54JD. He was from Indianapolis also. He was very active as club president. He and wife Pat had five children: Catherine ’91, Ann ’92, John ’94, Thomas ’96, and David ’98. What a Notre Dame family. Jack had a brain tumor but was in such good health he was second in the world in doubles tennis in his 80s. He said he did not deserve the many blessings he received. I feel the same, living so long with so many serious health problems so I can help my disabled daughter, my family, ND, ND law, Denver ND. Remember our classmate, Joe Helling? His daughter, Nancy Gargula ’81JD, is the US trustee for southern Indiana and portions of Illinois. She is an NDLA regional representative. Let’s hear from you, please. Happy trails. — Carl Eiberger; 14330 Fairview Lane, Golden CO 80401; 303-278-0707; fax 303-278-0113 carleiberger@comcast.net

55 Generation Challenge

Brian Gaffney wonders if anyone else has a fourth generation Domer? The Gaffney family legacy spans an amazing 100 years. Dick Huether has his father’s copy of the 1922 yearbook. Larry Harrison heartily recommends the Martin Luther King Memorial in Atlanta. Al Cowles took his two sons to El Salvador to hunt and then went to Nicaragua to fish. Max Roessler is looking forward to his 45th annual Canadian fishing trip with all the guys in the family, including Max V. Place kicker Bob Arrix, who just returned from three months in Florida, and got a kick out of visiting his granddaughter, who is studying in Rome. Frank Tonini was delighted with a family reunion on Maui. Hugh Schaefer got tickets to a papal audience on April 24. After a trip to Florida in February, Tom May headed to Nassau for six days. Historian Jim Bergquist checked off another item on his bucket list with a March cruise through the Panama Canal. Don Totten, who recently welcomed his first great-grandchild, is heading for Napa Valley in July. Despite a 2011 heart attack, Ed Rhomberg continues his active travel and now has visited 96 countries, possibly topped only by Dick Callahan, who claims to be over the century mark. Leo Callaghan will be returning to Haiti in June to continue working with his sister parish. Larry Brehl sweated for two hours until learning that his granddaughter completed her second Boston Marathon unscathed. Bill May claims every day is a blast in Miami and welcomes ’55ers to call when they are in town. Kevin O’Donnell missed the Florida Fling because Deirdre fractured her pelvis. They plan to see fellow Michigan refugee Jim Stevens, to catch up on things before heading north and avoiding the Sunshine State’s heat. One of Don “Czar’ Shanley’s traditions is to name his hunting dogs after legendary Notre Dame people. His new dog is Muffet, or Muff for short. Father Joe O’Donnell and Jim Hesburgh were delighted when the Navy honored Father Ted with an honorary chaplain designation. Father Jim Blantz will be performing at Hollywood’s Magic Castle the week of Aug. 5. Fran and Emmet Root tore up the Mirabel course in Arizona before heading back to Omaha. Fran won the ladies’ first flight, shooting an 81 on the final day. Emmet captained the winning team in the closing foursome event. They are both looking forward to following the USGA senior open at OCC in July. John Murphy continues to publish his Cold War Warriors series in the Emmitsburg (PA) News-Journal. Jerry Hughes was happy to learn that son Mike was promoted to SVP at Wells Fargo. George Vosmik’s oldest grandson graduated from Vanderbilt with a double major in bio-engineering and economics and is ready to start med school at Baylor. Bill Richardson, who enjoyed following his grandsons’ high school track team that won the Indoor National championship, still is waiting for a building permit to reconstruct his ocean-side home after it was battered by Sandy. Pat McCann is in pretty good shape now, although they lost everything in their cellar to five feet of water. They moved out of the New Jersey shore house for two weeks because the place next door lost its foundation and threatened to collapse. After battling through triple by-pass surgery, Harry Niemann is building a swimming pool in his backyard for the 11 grandkids. John Murnane, still one of South Florida’s top real estate agents, reports that daughter Patty’s three Pelican Larry’s restaurants are doing well. Jack Flynn wrote that 13 ’55ers attended Bill Kilburg’s funeral. I had a great lunch with Art Sullivan and Bill Tice on a recent trip to Atlanta. Tice, who recently had surgery to clear up a 95-percent blockage situation, feels better than ever and claims to be working six and a half days a week on an exciting new project. Mark Healy celebrated his 80th with all five kids in Orlando. Frank Lundy bumps into Howie Hart and Jim Vachris at morning Mass in Florida. Bob Voyt is plotting a Lake Superior cruise on his boat this summer. Jack Battel led the ND Club of Hilton Head on an emotional visit to a nearby veteran’s facility. After 51 years in academic medicine, John Queenan is retiring from Georgetown and his editing duties at Obstetrics and Gynecology. Memorial Masses have been requested for Tom Galligan, Bob McAuliffe, Bill Kilburg, Pat McAward, and Phil Collins. — Paul Fullmer; 87 Heatherdowns Lane, Galena IL 61036; 815-777-2008; psfullmer@gmail.com

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55JD Class Secretary — John Coyne; john.coyne@abm.com

56 Minireunion, Finances

Co-presidents Mark Burns and Gordon DiRenzo arranged for our annual minireunion at the Sept. 18 Michigan State game. They received a commitment from the Alumni Office for 50 tickets. Mark explains, “Mass will be celebrated by Father Tom Chambers, CSC, at the Welsh Family Residence Hall Chapel at 11:30 a.m. Lunch will be served in the South Dining Hall upstairs dining room at 12:45 p.m. Kickoff is 3:30 p.m. If you plan to join us and have a ticket application, please get your own ticket. If you do not have a ticket application, please email Mark Burns and we will set aside one of our 50 tickets.” Added details will be provided in the ND56 e-newsletter and website, nd56.org. Larry Kennedy, chair of the ND56 Endowed Scholarship Fund reports it continues to grow; the invested market value as of Dec. 31 was $1,113,995. Book value of total gifts since inception on June 1, 2000, to April 2, 2013, was $846,333. A total of $53,100 was paid in 2012, to three recipients. Please continue to keep the fund in mind in your annual giving to Notre Dame. Specify ND ’56 Scholarship Fund on the memo line of your check, the reply card to the ND Office, and a Post-it note on the check as well. Gifts designated to the ’56 Fund count toward your annual giving record and eligibility for the alumni football ticket lottery. Treasurer Ed Cosgrove (825 Delaware Ave., Buffalo NY 14202) thanks you for your contributions to the fund, and enjoys hearing about you and yours. Recent funding and notes came from Don Fiaush, John O’Connor, John Brown, Dick Carroll, and Carl Belin. Deaths of several classmates were noted since the last issue. Henry M. “Hank” O’Bryan died March 22, 2012, in Summit Hill PA (Joan O’Bryan, 988 Boulevard of the Arts, Apt. 616, Sarasota FL 34236-4840). Terry Milostan died in Tampa, on Jan. 2 (Nancy Milostan, 9921 Tanbark Trail, Mentor OH 44060). Warren C. Kelliher died in Hampton VA, on Nov. 29, 2010. Richard E. “Dick” Prather died March 26, in Eustis FL (Mrs. Norene Prather, 19134 Park Place Blvd., Eustis FL 32736). Henry B. “Hank” Olbright died in Solana Beach CA, on Oct. 25 (Dorothy Olbright, 726 Santa Rufina Dr., Solana Beach CA 920750-1622). Thomas W. Mullarkey of Spring TX, died March 3 (Madeleine Mullarkey, 1110 Wealden Forest Dr., Spring TX 77279-5648). George P. Blake died Feb. 2, in Northbrook IL (Mary Blake, 2541 Partridge Lane, Northbrook IL 60062). Dr. Martin Donald “Don” Bomalaski died Dec. 22, in Indialantic FL (Julia Bomalaski, 1177 North Highway A1A, No. 301, Indialantic FL 32903). Mrs. Mary Lou Yeager ’56SMC went to her eternal reward on Good Friday, March 29, in Penney Farms FL. Her dedicated work with her husband, webmaster Dick Yeager, in helping folks in her community merited them the Father Louis Putz Award from the Alumni Association. She was an invaluable member of the ND ’56 family. Obituaries of all classmates are on the obituary link of nd56.org. A Mass was celebrated for each man by Holy Cross priests on campus from their classmates. Visitors to Palm Desert CA this past winter and spring included Nell and John Murray, Carolyn and Jim Brungardt, Sheila and Dick Brown, Judy and Dave Collins, and Jacky and Andy McRoberts. Enjoy our web page, made possible by webmaster Dick Yeager. If you would like to receive the daily ND56 E-Newsletter, call or email me. I have a new email address: johndomer56@verizon.net. — John Manion; 78402 Silver Sage Drive, Palm Desert CA 92211-1348; 760-772-6056; johndomer56@verizon.net

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56JD Class Secretary — Lauren Sharkey ’08; cell 703-927-2089; lksharkey@gmail.com

57 Minireunion Aug. 31

The class will have its annual minireunion Aug. 31, prior to the Temple game, at the JACC Gym 1. A cold sandwich buffet with cash bar will commence at 12:30. Kick off will be at 3:30. This is the senior alumni game, so our tickets are guaranteed if you applied for them. Tom “Huggy Bear” Hughes wrote to congratulate George Groble, who was inducted to the St. Ignatius High School Hall of Fame. Peter Raffetto had a stroke on Christmas Eve, while visiting his children in New Jersey. He returned home to Raleigh but prayers are requested for him and wife Carol. Also remember in prayer Joan Dunlay, wife of Dick Dunlay, who suffered a serious stroke earlier this year. Also remember in prayer Margaret “Markie” McKaig, wife of Dr. Brad McKaig, a psychiatrist. Markie, who had a series of medical difficulties, fractured her hip on Feb. 19. The second surgery, a hip joint replacement, was required because of Markie’s osteoporosis. Also in need of prayers is Dean Studer. His wife, Connie, passed away in April, and Dean is ill with Alzheimer’s. *Tom Hughes confirmed that and wrote, “I talked to him … say a prayer.” Moore McDonough stays in touch with Father George Bernard, CSC, rector of Breen-Phillips our freshman year. Father George wrote that he is still able to get out on a golf course, walk 18 holes, and manage to shoot his age, 90. I thought I would be able to shoot my age if lived to be 140, but my golf days are over. John T. Murphy died on Feb. 20, after being ill for many years with Alzheimer’s. John’s widow, Patricia, wrote, “He died unexpectedly of pneumonia, which mercifully shortened the battle.” John was the father of Maura Murphy ’83 and son Patrick. Joseph Blazina was buried with full military honors in Arlington National Cemetery on May 30. Jack “Bird Dog” Casey of Venice FL passed away peacefully on March 14. Joan, his wife of more than 49 years, two sons, and two daughters, survived him. His high school classmate, Don Stuhldreher, sends in this sad news. Stu Richardson died suddenly Feb. 27. Stu was a CPA and worked for the Deloitte CPA firm for 40 years before retiring 15 years ago. He was on a cruise in January, came down with pneumonia on his return, and in the hospital developed ARDS. Stu was survived by Mary Jane, his wife of 56 years, three daughters, and a son. The family requested that any memorial be sent to Rose Hill Center, a mental treatment center founded by Dan Kelly and his wife. Dan was a partner with Stu in the Deloitte firm and Stu’s roommate for two years at ND. Our condolences to Richard F. Tobin Jr. of Centerville MA, on the loss of his wife, Patricia. Dick’s grandson, Peter Tobin Sullivan ’13, graduated from ND this spring. Robert “Bob” F. Emens of Hingham MA died April 6. He was survived by his wife, Eileen, four daughters, and a son. This sad news came from Ray Brennan of Rockaway NJ. Throughout the years, Bob remained close to him, Ray Capitanini of Chicago, and Bob Kaufman of Manitowoc WI. John Walsh, who had to have his left leg removed at the hip due to necrotizing fasciitis and had been battling cancer for a number of years, died April 21 in Florida. His wife, Helen Cavanaugh Walsh, two sons, and two daughters survived John. The class is having a Mass offered on campus for each of our deceased and his family. More than ever, take time to smell those flowers and to tell someone you love them. Peace. — John A. Slevin; 456 Fulton St., Suite 425, Peoria IL 61602; 309-676-8986; fax: 309-676-4130; jaslevin@sbcglobal.net

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57JD Class Secretary — Thomas S. Calder; 513-271-0560; thomas.calder@dinslaw.com

58 Fondly Remembered

We begin with news of the passing of three classmates. Hon. Jerome T. Burke died of a heart attack on Feb. 27. Jerry, a resident of Elgin IL, is survived by his wife, Patricia, four children, and nine grandchildren. He received a law degree from Chicago Kent College of Law, practiced with the firm of Arvey Hodes before going on the bench in 1973, and serving as a Judge of the Cook County Circuit Court until his retirement in 1998. Thomas J. O’Regan of Northbrook IL died on Dec. 10. He is survived by his wife, Kathleen, and three children. Tom was an attorney, having received his JD degree from NYU in 1962, and having been employed by AonHewitt prior to his retirement. Dan Kavanaugh DDS died on April 12, after a prolonged battle with metastatic kidney cancer. Dan resided in Hickory Corners MI and practiced dentistry in the Kalamazoo area until very recently. May the Lord bless them with everlasting peace, and comfort their loved ones. Happier news follows. Bill Hickey, former ND assistant football coach, received the American Football Coaches Association Outstanding Achievement Award in March, at the annual AFCA convention in Nashville. Bill served under Ara from 1970 to1974, assisting with the offensive line. He has been volunteering with the Boise State program since 2006, and previously coached at Colorado State, Princeton, Wyoming, Army, the Coast Guard Academy, Yale, Fort Hays, and Swarthmore. Pat Doherty reports that the sixth annual ND ’58ers Spring Luncheon, held in March at the Tiburon Golf Club in Naples FL, was a great success. Some 35 classmates attended, including many who winter in South Florida, as well as some who came for short visits. Plans are under way already for next year by a committee consisting of Bill Rees, Bill Geary, Jery Dahle, Jim Indiveri, Roy Williams, John Higgins, and Pat Doherty. Congratulations to the organizers, and special recognition also is due to Pat Doherty, who worked for months in heading up the planning committee for our 55th Reunion, held in June. We will have more to say about that event in the next issue. — Arthur L. Roule Jr.; 3725 W. Waverly Road; La Porte IN 46350; alroule@yahoo.com

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58JD Class Secretary — John F. Murray; 2036 Cheltenham Ct., Woodbridge VA 22192; 703-494-2482; jonnel66@comcast.net

59 Live Today Well

We have been blessed in many ways since setting foot on campus in 1955. Let us all continue to pray for each other as we go forward. There have been a number of inquiries about our 55th Reunion in 2014. It will be May 29 to June 1. We have the opportunity to stay in the newly renovated Morris Inn. Call 574-631-2037 (reservation line) or Shannen McKaskle (574-631-2033) of the Morris Inn staff. I hope you can make it. Richard Loarie has been a practicing architect for more than 55 years in many states and countries. His last move was from Redmond WA to Boulder CO, to live permanently on his ranch that looks over the front range of the Rocky Mountains. His favorite memory was seeing Father Hesburgh kneeling in prayer at the Grotto each day. Ed Ricciuti has a new book contract and has written more than 80. He continues to teach and study all kinds of martial arts in Killingworth CT. Phil “Gus” Ludwig reports life is good in Manhattan Beach CA. He is still working part-time as a wine steward and celebrated his 75th birthday performing with his granddaughter in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. Harry Leinenweber is sitting as a federal judge in Chicago, which he has been doing for 27 years. He and Lynn have 19 grandchildren. They spend their time in Chicago, Hobe Sound FL, and on Lake Michigan. John Beliveau is still in Lewiston ME, and working as a Maine district county judge. He focuses on family matters and administers the family treatment drug court. He plans on continuing to work through his term, which ends in March 2016. Bob Ghelardi moved several years ago to the high Rockies, but not to retire. He has been an economics writer for more than 50 years and is more fascinated by the subject than ever, and is in good health. If you would like to interact with Bob, his email is rghelardi@basicisp.net. Father Dick Berg, CSC, has just published a book, Scars: The Effects of Post-traumatic Stress on Family Relationships and Work. It is published by Corby Books, which is directed by Jim Langford. We recently heard about a number of interactions in which our late friend, Gene Duffy, was the focal point (Gene died March 24, 1972). Tommy Hawkins hosted a dinner in Los Angeles for Colleen Duffy Heeter, daughter of his best friend, and her family. She was 5 when Gene died and she now leads a nationwide medical firm. Ron Gordon, who lives in Omaha, was visiting family in Kansas City this past Easter and found out that his 17-year-old grandson has been friends with Gene’s granddaughter since grade school. It turns out that Ron’s daughter, Beth, is a friend with Gene’s daughter, Terry. They all had a great time together talking about Gene and how Tommy has stayed in touch with them over the years. Bob Cowhey is semi-retired, spending time in Naples FL (connecting with John Brunner, Ralph Dangelmaier, Barrett Gleixner, George May, and Len Trotta) and Northfield IL. He has 14 grandchildren.
I am sorry to report the passing of Ed Fixari on Dec. 2, in Columbus OH. Bill McCullough died on March 22, in Scottsdale AZ. He also had a home in Chatam MA. Don Shoulberg passed on March 26, in Lawrence KS (He was in our class until he entered the Holy Cross Novitiate). Wayne Faist died on April 20, in Indianapolis. We owe a big “thanks” to Joe Mulligan for keeping us informed about “everything” that is happening at ND and elsewhere. Please visit “Faith ND,” faith.nd.edu, and the Senior Alumni, ndsenioralumni.org, websites. Peace and good health. — Jim Keegan; 1401 Clinton St., Wilmington DE 19806; 302-429-0545; keeganjm@dca.net

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59JD Class Secretary — William J. Harte; wharte@williamharteld.com

60 Happy Birthday

From Don Clark: “My family decided my 75th birthday on April 24 deserved a formal bash here in Lewes DE. Among the attendees were George Ryan, Keith Anzilotti, and my daughter Susan ’02 and her husband, Joe Schwartz ’02. Joe’s father, Joe ’61, also attended with his wife. Susan and Joe’s first child, Joseph Patrick, will be christened in the Log Chapel on Sunday following the Temple game. I hope to see some of you there. Daughter Colleen ’06 and son Kevin ’06 also attended the party.” Bob Keeley reports he was “a marching band glockenspiel player who tried to play right notes up against Bob Wisne and Bernie Fliege. I now teach band at Chicago’s Mt. Carmel High School, and after a 21-year hiatus without a band, I am open to former ND band members sitting in on a rehearsal. Call me 773-255-7523 or bkeeley@onebox.com.” And more info from Bob from a couple years ago: Dick Kelly is very sick. Each Sunday, Sally and Phil Allen grace their church, St. Barnabas Parish. They sit two-thirds of the way back on the right side with as many of the kids and grandkids as they can roust up on Sundays. Bill O’Neill, a transfer from a pre-engineering local college, a two-three program, two years at the college and then three at the university, is still holding down his teaching position as a full professor at the U of Illinois at Chicago. Before he died, our Carmel classmate and ND classmate Brian Shannon donated to St. Xavier U in Chicago, and the school built a beautiful athletic and convocation center. The Brian Shannon Center is a bright tribute to a fine ND guy. It is always fun to see former band members at the games, such as Paul Marto, Jake Marhoefer, Dave Roller, John Maher, Rivers Patout, and Bruce Cosacchi. Jim Radde says he was heading for his car in a parking lot and had his first fall of the year on black ice. He says that the ND Glee Club sang at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School recently and “I’ve been elevated to chaplain of the Notre Dame Club of Minnesota. This was done without recourse to a conclave. It was too cold out. I attended the annual Nobel Peace Prize Forum at Augsburg College. I just heard Muhammed Yunus, the microfinance expert and Nobel Laureate.” If you have email, you have received the obituaries of our deceased classmates. The actual obituaries will soon be on our class website, 1960.undclass.org. We have recently added an updated listing of Notre Dame Magazine articles, our most recent class newsletters, and the recently updated class deceased list. We will soon add pictures of classmates taken by other classmates in various venues. The recent listing of deceased classmates includes: Roger Fuydal, Aug. 30, 2012; Tony Achkio, Oct. 10; John Yankoviak, Oct. 27; Tony Walsh, Jan. 14; Jim Carney, Feb. 23; Don McGann, Feb. 28; Tom Medland, March 7; Kevin Whalen, April 1; Phil Allen, April 3. Let’s keep all these classmates and their families in our prayers. At the recent Leadership Conference at ND (formerly the Alumni Senate Meetings) the greatest class ever, the Class of ’60, was named Class of the Year. Congratulations to all. — Joseph F. Jansen; 9190 Southmont Cove No.103, Ft. Myers FL 33908; 239-461-0980; cell 317-514-4478; jfjansen@aol.com